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Capitol Punishment 2011 PPV Results & Recap

Welcome to WWE Characters the Blog coverage of 2011 Capitol Punishment PPV results. Tonight's pro wrestling Pay-Per-View is being held in Washington, DC, at the Verizon Center with the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships on the line. In addition, both the Intercontinental and United States Championships will be defended in the ring tonight.

How to View Capitol Punishment PPV

John Cena will defend the WWE Championship against R-Truth tonight. Also, Randy Orton will put the World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Christian. Ezekiel Jackson is defending the Intercontinental Title against his former Corre ally, Ezekiel Jackson. Also, Dolph Ziggler will attempt to capture Kofi Kingston's United States Championship.

Of note, former apprentice to The Miz, Alex Riley, will get his first Pay-Per-View match tonight. He's previously appeared on PPV's as Miz's sidekick, but tonight he's going to face his former mentor. Also, the Big Show will try to get revenge on Alberto Del Rio for being run over by his car several weeks ago on Raw. Rey Mysterio and CM Punk are scheduled to go toe-to-toe in a best of 3 falls match.

WWE Characters Blog will be bringing all the match-by-match recaps for tonight's event. Full results will be available below starting at 8PM EST. Make sure to bookmark (Control + D) and refresh this page after 8PM EST to get the latest Capitol Punishment results!

A video package opened ahead of the Pay-Per-View. The emphasis was on R-Truth and his crazed mental state including John Cena conspiracy theories and "Little Jimmy." John Cena was included talking about how fans aren't "Little Jimmys" but the greatest in the world.

Pyrotechnics went off from a DC-themed set on stage as commentator Michael Cole wished fans a happy Father's Day and welcomed everyone to Verizon Center in Washington, DC. Four championships are on the line tonight in the nation's capital. First up, Kofi Kingston's US Championship. Booker T and Jerry Lawler are with Cole for commentary.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston
US Championship Match

Early on, Ziggler with a big legdrop on Kofi as Vickie screamed instructions from ringside. Cole talked about how Vickie can see the money factor of becoming champion. Booker agreed when you're champion, that makes you in demand. Kofi had a nearfall on a backslide pinfall. Ziggler gained control and settled into a chinlock, but Kofi soon got to his feet. Later still, Ziggler had a sleeper but Kofi countered and just barely escaped.

Kofi went for Trouble in Paradise with Ziggler able to escape. Kofi got him with SOS and had the pinfall but Ziggler managed to kick out. Ziggler went for the Zig Zag, but Kingston countered then hit a dropkick on Ziggler on the mat.

Later still, Kofi climbed the corner for a high risk move, with Ziggler climbing to battle for the Superplex. Kofi dropped Ziggler to the mat, then did a flying lateral press. Dolph kicks out again. As the match continued, Vickie was able to get involved from ringside by grabbing Kofi or poking his eye. Ziggler got the sleeper hold on because of that. He kept it on down on the mat, and Kofi couldn't grab the ropes. Kofi eventually passed out causing the bell to ring.

A bit of post-bell confusion ensued, but the belt was handed over to Dolph Ziggler who is the new champion.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler wins due to submission over Kofi Kingston to become the new United States Champion.

A limo pulled up backstage and out stepped R-Truth, still carrying the WWE Championship. Josh Matthews tried to interview him. Truth kept walking and saw Eve Torres. He said they need to go kick it like back in the day. Eve said she doesn't know him anymore. He said she's right, and told her tonight's win is for all the Little Jimmy's and Jenny's. He told Eve "Be gone" and left.

Todd Grisham interviewed The Miz backstage. He said he's sick of hearing about Alex Riley this or that. He said he saved him from NXT rejects, and all Riley was good for was carrying the MITB briefcase. Miz noted that he was the won who won Wrestlemania and the championships, while Riley just carried the briefcase for him. Miz said after he wins tonight, Riley can go back to carrying someone's bags.

They showed a video package about The Miz and Alex Riley ahead of their match. It included Riley's mess-up when he raised Miz's arm and revealed the championship belt that Miz used to knockout Cena in their Raw title match.

Alex Riley vs. The Miz

The Miz started the trash talk before the bell, but Riley responded by beating him into the corner. The bell rang to start the match. Miz tried to run around outside the ring and get back in. Riley went in after him, ducked a clothesline and stayed in control.

Miz gained control moments later and began to talk down to Riley as he beat on him. Miz had a near fall, then continued pounding away. Riley tried to take control back but missed on a running move to the corner and hit the ringpost shoulder first. Miz went outside the ring and delivered a running boot to Riley's head. Booker said the ref might have to stop this one, but Lawler said they're selling Riley short.

Later in the ring, Miz hit a huge DDT with Riley able to somehow kick out to Miz's dismay. Miz sized up Riley as he started to get up then hit his running clothesline in the corner. Miz went to the top rope and hit a huge axe handle smash for another near fall.

Miz hung Riley upside down in the corner, but then missed on his baseball slide dropkick. Riley responded out of the corner with a huge tackle takedown and beat on Miz from corner to corner. He hit a big Spinebuster for a pinfall with Miz kicking out of that. Riley called to the crowd for support. Miz managed to toss Riley to the floor, but Riley got back to his feet and did a jumping kick to Miz's head through the ropes.

Things went to the outside with Michael Cole getting involved and yelling at Riley as he beat up Miz near the announce table. Riley grabbed Cole and shoved him down to the floor. Miz was able to get into it and kicked Riley in the gut, then sent him back in the ring. Miz grabbed the MITB briefcase and got in the ring to use it. The ref snatched it away and went to get it out of the ring. Riley took advantage of the incident and hit a huge DDT on Miz. Riley with the pinfall victory!

Winner: Alex Riley wins via pinfall over The Miz.

Sgt Slaughter was backstage with a Barack Obama look-alike and mock security guards. The Obama look-alike talked about a big Mexican hitting a giant with his car and said it's covered under Obama-care insurance policy.

Vickie Guerrero came running up and told the President she's so happy that Dolph Ziggler won the US Championship that she wants to sing. She started to sing "Happy Father's Day" to mock the "Happy Birthday Mr. President" song Marilyn Monroe did back in the day. Eventually the security guards hauled Vickie off screaming. Sgt. Slaughter and Obama laughed about it.

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio came driving out in a 63' Mercedes Goldwing worth $250k. No Ricardo Rodriguez to announce him tonight, instead it was Justin Roberts. Cole said Del Rio is dedicating this match to Ricardo for Father's Day.

Big Show came rushing out onto the ramp as Del Rio was making his entrance. Show knocked Del Rio down and beat him to the ring and then outside the ring before throwing him hard into the barrier near the time keeper.

Out of nowhere, Mark Henry came to ringside to attack Big Show. He beat on Show then tossed him across the commentators table. Henry was able to pick up Big Show and hit World's Strongest Slam through the Spanish commentators table to smash it. Cole and the US commentators couldn't believe it.

In the ring, Del Rio demanded the ref start the countout. The ref started checking on Show, but Henry went over and attacked Show's previously-injured leg that got hit by Del Rio's car. Show held his knee and writhed around in pain.

However, the ref didn't start the count until Show started to pull himself up near ringside. Booker pointed out the bell never rang to start this match. Show managed to roll into the ring anyways. The ref talked it over with him asking if he was ready. Show got to his feet. The bell finally rang.

Del Rio took advantage of Show's hurt knee, focusing the attack there. Show managed to still get to his feet and hit a chokeslam. Show fell to the mat as Del Rio rolled to the outside. Del Rio went for a move off the corner with Show grabbing him around the throat. Del Rio kicked him in the hurt knee. Del Rio tried for the Cross Armbreaker with Show lifting him up and slamming Del Rio backwards.

Moments later Del Rio pretended to be asking for mercy, suckering Big Show towards him. Del Rio put his cross armbreaker move onto Big Show's injured leg. He kept it locked tight and Show refused to quit. Booker suggested he should quit, but Show managed to grab the rope.

The ref kept asking Show to demonstrate he could continue to fight and defend himself. Show got to his feet again but then fell down to the mat. After Show stayed on the mat holding his leg, the ref called the match. Del Rio started to celebrate the big win as he jumped up on the corner drawing boos from the crowd.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins against Big Show after the referee stopped the match. Show couldn't continue (leg injury).

Backstage, R-Truth told a photographer to start taking pictures of him with the WWE Championship right now before he's sweaty. The photographer said the nameplate doesn't say R-Truth, it says John Cena. Truth got angry and grabbed the guy, then shoved him up against some lockers. He told him he is going to beat John Cena, then he'll have to take his picture.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett
Intercontinental Championship Match

Matt Striker talked to Wade Barrett, or tried to, backstage. Barrett took the mic away saying he'd take it from there. Barrett started to walk off and talking on the mic, arrived out to the arena saying DC needs a King or Queen. A small U-S-A chant started. Barrett brought up the Weiner issue, and the national debt. He said give it time and the Chinese will have taken over. Wade remarked that USA is nothing but a hollow shell just like tonight's opponent Ezekiel Jackson. A bigger U-S-A chant started up to interrupt Barrett.

After Barrett had control for some time, Jackson went on a rampage, exploding with moves including a big clothesline in the corner. Wade reversed an Irish Whip, but Jackson avoided his corner charge. Ezekiel Jackson prepared to finish Barrett, but Wade countered and somehow got Zeke up on his shoulders. He hit Wasteland and took the pinfall, but Jackson kicked out of it. Barrett tried to get a running boot, but Jackson caught his foot and then took over. He bodyslammed Barrett multiple times on the mat, then got riled up.

Jackson put Barrett up in the Torture Rack and kept it locked. Barrett quickly said he gave up and the ref called for the bell. Jackson is the new Intercontinental Champion. Jackson celebrated in the ring. Jerry Lawler went into the ring to get comments from Jackson about the victory. Jackson said it has to be the greatest day of his life. Zeke talked about gaining his independence from The Corre in DC tonight. He said he's going to show the most important things are liberty and the pursuit of domination. Jackson left the ring and slapped fans' hands on the way up the ramp.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson wins via submission over Wade Barrett to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Backstage, Beth Phoenix, Santino Marella and Kelly Kelly all introduced themselves to the President. Santino showed the Pres how to do the Cobra. He got the Cobra ready and three security guards tackled him down, while another rushed the Obama look-alike out of there.

Josh Matthews interviewed CM Punk backstage. Punk said Washington is known for the scum and villany of politicians. He talked about how Rey Mysterio is lying through his mask and he's trying to get rich like everyone else. Punk said he admits he's using everyone, but Rey and the others don't. Punk said after he wins tonight, he'll go on to do the most honest thing the WWE Universe has ever seen.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

Early, Punk and Mysterio traded pinfalls near the ropes. They traded shots on their feet with Rey sending Punk into the ropes and almost getting the 619. Punk rolled to the apron so Rey hit a baseball slide to kick him to the outside. Rey tried to jump on Punk for the headscissors. Punk caught him and then dropped Rey neck first onto the crowd barrier. Booker talked about the barrier having steel running up underneath it.

Back in the ring, Punk used a surfboard submission. Rey managed to spring out of it and splash onto Punk for a near fall. Punk quickly regained control though. Later still, Rey once again set up Punk for the 619. Punk got up and charged at Rey clotheslining him down for a near fall. Punk put an abdominal stretch on Rey. Rey fought out of it, then managed to get a drop toe hold on Punk when he charged him in the corner.

The match continued with impressive offensive strikes and near falls by both competitors. Punk seemed to have hurt his elbow or forearm, but hit a running knee on Mysterio in the corner. Punk missed on the corner move and hit the ringpost shoulder first. Rey connected with a 619 with Punk hanging around the ringpost. Punk fell to the outside, but Rey went outside to push him back in. Rey climbed the corner and went for the big Splash. Punk put both knees up to counter and thought he had the win, but Rey kicked out. Rey countered a GTS by turning it into a pinfall attempt but Punk escaped.

Rey countered Punk's attempt at a GTS by grabbing his arm and sent him against the ropes. Rey rushed for the 619, but Punk managed to duck it and put Rey on his shoulder. From there Punk finally connected on the GTS to win it.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall over Rey Mysterio.

They rolled a video package about Christian losing the World Heavyweight Championship just 5 days after winning it. Christian talked about being screwed out of the #1 Contender's spot and how he is through with the Peeps.

Christian vs. Randy Orton
World Heavyweight Championship Match

In the early part of this one, Orton beat up Christian outside the ring early on, and went for a DDT from the steel steps. Christian escaped it and smashed Orton itno the steel steps head first. Cole and the commentators kept mentioning the concussion Orton suffered.

Back in the ring, Christian tried to put Orton away with a reverse neckbreacker for a near fall. Christian stayed in control and hit a huge Spinebuster. The ref had to check on Orton who looked groggy and like he was trying to figure out where he was. Orton pretended he was trying to figure out where he was in the ring. Christian tried for the whip, but Orton did a reverse and sent Christian to the corner. Moments later, Orton hit a big backdrop, then pounded on Christian's chest repeatedly. Later, Orton hit the trademark scoopslam then the belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall.

Later on, Orton countered Christian who was on the apron. Orton with the DDT through the ropes, and then tried for the RKO in the ring. Christian countered and DDT'd Orton down for a near fall. Christian prepared for a Spear from the corner. He rushed at Orton, but Orton leapfrogged it and went for the RKO. Christian shoved him off and then hit a Spear. Orton kicked out of it though.

Christian hit a pendulum kick on Orton from the corner, making Orton stagger back in a stupor. He looked to be suffering from his concussion. Christian went at him with a move, but Otton surprised him with the RKO. The pin took place right near the ropes with Christian's leg clearly under the bottom rope during the winning pinfall. The commentators didn't mention it.

As Orton celebrated his win, Christian complained to the ref that his leg was under the rope. Orton kept complaining to the ref, so Orton came up behind him and then clocked him in the head with the championship belt to KO Christian down on the mat. Orton walked up the ramp, then stopped and stared back at Christian in the ring.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over Christian to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

The showed a promo for the 2011 Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View. It was a fairytale edition with Big Show reading a bedtime story to Hornswoggle about the MITB. July 17th will be the date. Lawler was distracted as the Bella Twins came to ringside area. Cole introduced a video package on R-Truth vs Cena, the same one shown before the PPV.

Justin Roberts introduced a "special bonus attraction set for one fall." Jack Swagger was introduced first.

Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger

Late in this one, Bourne leapt off the corner at Swagger who avoided him. Bourne landed on his feet though. Swagger grabbed him and went for the Gutwrench Bomb. Bourne countered that and managed to roll up Swagger for a pinfall. However, Swagger countered it and put him in the Ankle Lock. Another counter as Bourne flipped forward and turned it into a pinfall, and the winning one!

Winner: Evan Bourne wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger.

The fake President Barack Obama arrived out to a fake podium and kept saying "thank you" and pointing at people in the crowd. Lawler chuckled about that. The fake Obama talked about how he watches Monday Night Raw every week from the Oval office. The crowd kept doing a "What?" after everything he said. Obama said he's not the anonymous GM because if he was he'd have less Michael Cole, more Jim Ross. He followed with "God, I love that fat bastard." Obama then compared R-Truth to Joe Biden saying he can never understand what he's saying but he's a hoot. Fake Obama joked about Teddy Long and George W, then got everyone hyped for the main event.

Booker T stood up and told the president "hold up homie!" before he could walk backstage. Booker asked the fake pres to join him in the ring. Booker talked about the president's accomplishments like winning the Peace Prize but asked "can you do the spinarooney?" Booker showed him how to do one as his theme music came on. The fake pres told Booker that was pretty cool, so Booker asked the pres to do one. He did some dance moves then a spinarooney. Booker asked the fans to give it up for the pres.

R-Truth vs. John Cena
WWE Championship Match

R-Truth arrived to the ring first, still carrying the WWE Championship belt. The referee took it away from him right before John Cena made his big entrance for the main event.

After the bell rang, the "Let's go Cena" and "Cena Sucks" alternating chants went throughout the arena as Truth and Cena faced off. Early on, Truth left the ring to recollect himself. He got back in with Cena trying to grab him around the waist, but Truth responded with an elbow to the face. More Cena chants erupted.

Truth left the ring yet again and then rushed back in after "Little Jimmy" chants started up. Cena almost got him in the Attitude Adjustment, but Truth countered to slam Cena down for a near fall. Truth followed up with strikes and kicks in the corner. The ref had to warn him about choking Cena with his foot in the corner. Truth was able to get a huge kick on Cena as he came off the ropes for another near fall. Truth continued trying to put away Cena with move after move and near falls.

Truth missed on a leg drop later on and Cena started up his comeback with the shoulder tackles and slam. He went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle and hit it, then tried for the AA. Truth slipped out and kicked Cena in the gut. Truth hit a unique inverted DDT type move for another near fall. Booker said a crazy person wouldn't have done that sort of move.

Cena managed to hit a drop toe hold and brought Truth down for a STF. Truth grabbed the rope and the ref demanded Cena break the hold. Cena finally did after 5 seconds. Cena was staggering to his feet and was hunched over, so Truth came against the ropes and hit the scissor kick which Booker made famous. Truth with another near fall.

Truth tried for a flying lateral press from the corner. Cena rolled through with the move and stood up with Truth. Truth escaped that and managed to put Cena onto the mat for yet another near fall. Cena escaped and rolled to the outside.

Truth left the ring and kept talking to himself, then walked over to where Cena was. Truth became pre-occupied with a Cena fan in the front row. He took his hat off and put it on, then took the little kid's cup to drink from it. He handed it back to the kid laughing. The kid took the cup and splashed the drink in Truth's face.

Truth's face was completely dowsed from the kid's drink. As the crowd laughed at it, Cena was back up and went over to grab Truth. He tossed him into the ring and did the Attitude Adjustment for the big win.

Post-match, Ccena left the ring and picked up the kid from the front row and brought him into the ring. Cena gave the kid his hat back and posed for some pics, then brought the kid back to his father in the front row. As Capitol Punishment ended, Cena posed with some US soldiers in the front row doing the salute.

Winner: John Cena wins via pinfall over R-Truth to retain the WWE Championship.

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