Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wrestlemania 27 & Undertaker's WWE Return

Wrestlemania 28 is the first ever to have its main event announced and promoted as much as a year ahead of the big Pay-Per-View. John Cena and The Rock will finally meet to determine the top dog in the ranks of WWE legends, or wrestlers-turned-movie stars-who-came-back-to-wrestle-again.

Several more potential matches have been speculated on, including Undertaker's return to the ring to defend his legendary undefeated streak. The current rumors have Chris Jericho facing The Undertaker for his 20th Wrestlemania match. Jericho would go from "Dancing With the Stars" to "Dancing With the Deadman" in the ring.

What about Undertaker's return to WWE in 2011, will there be one? There's also rumors that Undertaker is going to be back to the ring, as well as Triple H in the coming months, so the two can have a rematch at Summerslam 2011. This could certainly renew interest in the product right now.

Other suggested Wrestlemania 28 matches right now include Rey Mysterio versus Sin Cara, Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton and Triple H facing The Miz. These are certainly compelling, but remember there's about 10 months until the big event happens. A lot can change in that many months including wrestler injuries, plans to leave, or the WWE dumping talent for various reasons. Right now, the John Cena vs The Rock match seems to be a sure thing, assuming both guys will be healthy for the event.

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