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Raw Results 06/20/11 - Power to the People Recap

Raw Results from Baltimore, MD:

Michael Cole opened on commentary for the special 3-hour "Power to the People" edition of Raw, where the fans get to vote on the matches for the night. To participate, fans have to text their choice, either A, B or C to 46993. #RAWP2P

CM Punk arrived out to start the show. Punk demanded the Raw GM spit out an email declaring him #1 contender for the WWE Championship at the Money in the Bank PPV in his hometown in July. Punk said he will remain sitting in the ring until an email comes through. One finally came through, so Cole stood up. Punk interrupted him on the "can I have your attention please" and said to get on with it. The Raw GM said they'll take Punk's demands into consideration, but asked that he leave the ring now.

Lights flashed again with the GM emailing they "suggest he leaves the ring right now." Punk said he'd start doing snow angels in the ring instead. The Raw GM said he feels disrespected so Punk will have to earn his spot against Alberto Del Rio later tonight. Punk laughed at that saying Del Rio has one fluke win against Big Show. The GM said now his match will be a Triple Threat involving third competitor, Rey Mysterio.

Cole announced the first fan vote of the night. Who will Brie Bella defend the Divas Championship against? A)Eve, B)Kelly Kelly or C)Beth Phoenix Lawler started to vote on his handheld device/smartphone. They showed Eve, Kelly and Beth backstage.

Brie Bella vs ???
WWE Divas Championship

The Bellas arrived to the ring. The vote went as follows: Eve 11%, Kelly Kelly 53% and Beth 36%.

Late in this one, Brie whipped Kelly into the corner, then charged at her. Kelly got a boot up, then sat on the corner. She got on Brie's shoulders for a move, with Brie countering and pinning Kelly on the mat. Kelly was able to reverse the pinfall and held Brie's legs to secure the pin, winning the Divas Championship.

Post-match, the Bellas argued about the loss, while Kelly was emotional in the ring crying about the win. Lawler interviewed Kelly in the ring where she thanked all the fans for this, her first championship.

Winner:Kelly Kelly wins via pinfall over Brie Bella to become the new WWE Divas Champion.

Cole told fans to set their DVR's because up next it's the magical Evan Bourne in action. They rolled the Evan Bourne video package. Fans got to vote for Bourne's opponent, A)Jack Swagger, B)Mason Ryan or C)Sin Cara

Evan Bourne vs ???

Bourne arrived to the ring with his three possible opponents backstage. The vote went as follows: Jack Swagger 19%, Mason Ryan 51% and Sin Cara 30%

Late in this one, Bourne had mounted a comeback. He tried to roll up Ryan in a small package but couldn't secure the pinfall with Ryan kicking out. Bourne got up on the corner and jumped at Ryan. Ryan caught him though and then powerslammed him with one arm to the mat for a pinfall.

Post-match, Cole thanked the WWE Universe for what they did to their beloved Evan Bourne tonight.

Winner: Mason Ryan wins via pinfall over Evan Bourne.

Next match to vote on, Kane vs Mark Henry. A)Body Slam Match, B)Arm Wrestling Match or C)Over the Top Rope Match

Next week's WWE Raw will be "Raw Roulette" on USA Monday night. Cole, Booker and Lawler reviewed Big Show beating up Mark Henry on last Friday's Smackdown, requiring a stretcher be brought to the ring to get him. Henry interfered in last night's PPV match, crippling Big Show's injured leg and allowing Alberto Del Rio to get the win.

Kane vs. Mark Henry

Henry arrived to the ring first and did a speech in the ring about how Big Show got what he had coming after he punished him on Smackdown. Henry said the difference between them is when Show walks the earth shakes, but when he walks the people shake. The fan vote was revealed to be Body Slam Match 13%, Arm Wrestling 52%, Over the Top 35%.

Kane arrived to the ring and they had the arm wrestling table set-up. Henry backed away from it several times complaining to the ref. Finally he locked up with Kane, but this time Kane pulled away, then walked back up and locked hands. Both guys went back and forth with the upperhand. Henry appeared to be winning at one point, but Kane withstood it and started to gain some strength. Suddenly, Henry just bashed Kane in the head and started beating him up.

Kane fought back though and tried to chokeslam Henry. Henry got out of it and clotheslined Kane down, then used the arm-wrestling table to bash Kane. Kane fell out of the ring where Henry kept beating him up. Eventually he hit the World's Strongest Slam to drive Kane through the commentators table.

Winner: No contest/disqualification due to Henry punching Kane during the arm wrestling match.

The show returned with the camera showing the three commentators and the destroyed table. They introduced the R-Truth video package which was shown several times during last night's PPV.

R-Truth arrived out from backstage with no music and a mic in hand. Truth came to the ring talking about last night's Capitol Punishment results. The fans started doing the "What?!" thing and truth said "Don't What Me." The fans kept doing it and Truth got angrier. He finally said last night he got got by Little Jimmy. Truth said he knew it was a conspiracy by all the little and big Jimmy's. Suddenly, he was interrupted by Christian's music as Captain Charisma arrived out.

Christian said he can feel where Truth's coming from. Christian said "Power to the People" is a joke, reminding everyone that he lost his championship after 5 days because these people chose for him to face Randy Orton. Christian said horrible crowds make bad decisions, just like the one there in Baltimore. Christian blamed the referee for last night's decision. He had Truth look at the still image from last night's finish with his foot under the rope as Orton pinned him. Truth agreed Christian shouldn't have lost due to that.

The Miz arrived out to interrupt their discussion calling them whiners and cry babies. Miz said his gripes are legitimate, because Alex Riley had a victory handed to him on the silver plate. Christian reminded him that he and Truth were in title fights last night and Miz was just fighting his apprentice. Miz started his "Really?" bit with the audience coming back. Christian and Truth did some "Really" as well, then it becamse Christian and Miz saying "Randy" or "Riley" back and forth. Truth jumped in with "Jimmy!"

Finally, Teddy Long came out and told them to shutup. He said the three of them will team up as a tag team in the main event against Alex Riley, Randy Orton and John Cena. The people will choose the type of match it will be later on.

Up next, fans vote on the Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler United States Championship rematch. Will it be A)2 out of 3 Falls, B)Vickie Guerrero Banned from Ringside or C)Submission?

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler
United States Championship

Vickie arrived out to introduce Dolph as the new US Champion. Fans voted as follows for the match, A)2 out of 3 Falls 51%, B)31% Vickie banned from ringside and C)Submission 18%.

The first fall went to Ziggler who hit a Zig Zag on Kofi outside the ring, then rolled him back inside for the pinfall. The second fall came later when Kofi blocked a Ziggler punch then hit the SOS for the pinfall.

Later, Ziggler left the ring to grab his US championship belt and tried to leave the match. Kofi came out after him and hit Trouble in Paradise. Kofi had to bring Ziggler back in the ring for the pinfall. Ziggler managed to grab the bottom rope to break it. After that, Ziggler tried to leave through the crowd. Kofi grabbed him, but Ziggler snatched a nearby mic and clocked him. The ref called the third fall a DQ so Kofi won the match but not the title.

Post-match, Ziggler tried to put Kofi back in the ring for more damage. Kofi kicked him with another Trouble in Paradise to KO Ziggler.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins the 2-of-3 falls match due to DQ of Dolph Ziggler on Fall 3.

They showed the highlights of Stone Cold getting PO'd by the anonymous Raw GM constantly beeping and flashing lights, so Austin smashed the laptop, poured beer on it and ran over it with his ATV.

The fans got to vote on Triple Threat #1 Contender's Match stipulation: A)No DQ, B)Falls Count Anywhere or C)Submission

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio
Triple Threat #1 Contender's Match

Del Rio arrived out first to talk about how his car hitting Big Show was destiny. He said his victory last night wasn't an accident, it was destiny. Del Rio added he'll destroy Punk and Mysterio because it's pure destiny. The fans voted: A)No DQ 23%, B)Falls Count Anywhere 66%, C)Submission 11%

In the late part of the match, Mysterio had control with Del Rio and hit the 619. Rey went to the top for his diving splash move and hit it. He had the pinfall ssecured, but CM Punk rushed in to break it up. He grabbed Rey and tossed him across the ring out onto the steel steps. Punk stole the winning pinfall to win it.

Post-match, Punk sat in the ring and talked on the mic again. He said July 17th is not only the 2nd annual MITB PPV but also the night that he'll defeat John Cena for the WWE Championship. Punk said July 17th is also the day his contract with WWE comes to an end. Punk said on the 18th he's leaving, and he will leave with the WWE Championship.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall over Alberto Del Rio to become the new #1 contender for the WWE Championship.

The fans will vote on Cody Rhodes vs Daniel Bryan's match, will it be A)Paper Bag Match, B)No Count Out Match or C)Collegiate Rules Match?

Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes

Rhodes arrived to the ring with his two paper bag men. The fans voted on the stipulation as follows: A)Paper Bag Match 43% B)No Count Out Match 51% C)Collegiate Rules Match 6%

Late in the match, Rhodes kicked Bryan who was down on the mat. He slingshotted Bryan into the corner, then tried for a small package pinfall. Bryan reversed it to get the big win.

Post-match, the ref raised his arm. Rhodes rushed at Bryan to attack, but Bryan dropped him to the mat and put the Lebell Lock on. The ref tried to get him to release it, but Ted Dibiase charged into the ring to attack Bryan. Bryan fought back, but Rhodes got involved and hit the Alabama Slam. Rhodes hit the Cross Rhodes, then Dibiase got a paper bag mask from ringside that they put on Bryan's head.

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins via pinfall over Cody Rhodes.

The next vote would be for a Dance Off. Vickie Guerrero will compete against A)Booker T, B)Jerry Lawler or C)Michael Cole. Cole stood up and started to dance telling his colleagues he can outdance either of them.

Matt Striker was in the ring with Vickie Guerrero to announce the Dance Competition. Vickie got on the mic to remind fans that last night her man became the new US Champion and tonight she'll win the dance-off. Vickie said she's had 15-years of dance training and is an expert at ballet, jazz and exotic dancing. She said her stage name used to be "Peaches." Vickie quoted Sable saying "this goes out to all the men who came out to see me and the women who want to be me."

Vickie started to dance a bit then asked Striker to come get involved. Striker was reluctant to join in. Vickie forced a kiss on him pretending her routine was steamy.

The fan vote was revealed A)Michael Cole 47% B)Jerry Lawler 39% and C)Booker T 14%. Cole got in the ring asking for the crowd's attention please and told them to sit back and enjoy perfection. Cole did a mock spinarooney in the ring to taunt Booker, then grabbed a mic and asked "Now can you dig that, Bookerrrrr?" Striker polled the crowd on whose moves they preferred. There were boos for both, but Striker said he got loudest boos so he wins.

Cole celebrated post-match, so Vickie grabbed him and then slapped Cole hard. Cole fell to the mat with Vickie screaming "I'm the winner" before she left the ring and stormed up the ramp.

Fans can buy John Lennon's "Power to the People" song in the iTunes music store. Up next is the 6 Man Tag match. Fans vote on the stipulation: A)One fall to finish, B)20 Minute Time Limit or C)elimination match. Lawler and Booker agreed they'd both like to see an elimination match before the commercial break arrived.

Shawn Michaels will return to Raw next Monday in Las Vegas for Raw Roulette.

Alex Riley, Randy Orton & John Cena vs. Christian, R-Truth & The Miz

R-Truth arrived out first without any theme music. The fan vote went as follows: A)One fall to finish 15%, B)20 Minute Time Limit 6% C)elimination match 79%.Alex Riley was the 1st elimination leaving John Cena and Randy Orton against Miz, Truth and Christian.

Later Miz had control against Cena and was setting up for the Skullcrushing Finale. Cena countered and put Miz up in the AA just as Christian rushed in. Cena knocked Miz's legs into Christian to knock him down, then hit the AA and scored the pinfall to eliminate Miz. Truth rushed in next to start beating up Cena.

Later on, Truth and Orton tangled in the ring. Christian tried to get involved as Orton was going to go for the RKO. Orton shoved Christian away then clotheslined him out of the ring. Truth rushed Orton, kicked him in the gut and tried to go for the scissors kick. Orton avoided it, then hit the RKO to pin Truth.

Suddenly, Christian rushed into the ring and Speared Orton down for the next pinfall elimination. Christian celebrated that he just beat the World Champion. Meanwhile, John Cena had returned to the ring behind him. Cena grabbed Christian and put him up for the AA, but Christian grabbed the top rope to prevent it. He managed to get off Cena's shoulders, but Orton was still there and hit him with the RKO. Cena put the STF on Christian to make him tap out. Cena wins it thanks to Orton's help.

Winner: John Cena wins the elimination tag match for his team after making Christian submit.

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