Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Miz is PWI #1 & Maryse's Stalker

In the latest WWE news, WWE Diva Maryse (Maryse Ouellet) has filed a restraining order against a man who she claims is obsessed with her. The man is named Lee Silber and is 61-years-old, but has said he plans to come to LA to see Maryse and will "take her to heaven with him."

The recent report on TMZ notes that the man has sent letters promising Maryse a check for $100,000, and a 100-carat diamond ring worth $20,000,000 to prove he is Maryse's friend. Maryse has said she's received more than 50 voicemails on her personal cell phone as well as many "terrifying letters" sent to her home. Due to all of this she has filed in LA County Superior Court as she said "I fear for my life." Maryse has reported added more security at home too, as she attempts to get this crazy stalker off her case. This is one of those scary incidents where life has imitated art a bit, as fans will recall WWE Raw had a mini-storyline involving what appeared to be a secret admirer for Maryse. It turned out to be Goldust, and he was more obsessed with the Million Dollar Belt because it was "Golddddd."

Also mentioned in TMZ's article briefly is the wrestler Maryse was linked to romantically, The Miz. The Miz is recently getting plenty of buzz over the fact he was named #1 on the PWI 500 wrestling list. Miz makes the cover of the issue and has plenty of fans debating whether he belongs there.

The Miz won Money in the Bank back in July 2010, and then went on to cash in on Raw in November of 2010 to defeat Orton for the WWE Championship. Miz held the belt until May of this year, when John Cena defeated him in the Triple Threat cage match. Miz has also held the United States Championship and part of the tag team titles during his career. However, it appears the ranking is based more on Miz's appeal to fans, and his ability to sell a new character. He really was able to generate heat and crowd response during his feud with Cena, as well as pulling off a victory over Cena at Wrestlemania (with The Rock's help).

Another aspect of The Miz is that he was able to help put Daniel Bryan over a bit more with the fans, and has done the same with Alex Riley. That is a characteristic most wrestling organizations want, as The Miz has been able to get media attention and help push other wrestlers. Is the Miz the best "wrestler" per se? Probably not, but his level of improvement has been leaps and bounds over some others. It would be hard to choose anyone else over The Miz in terms of his ability to sell, especially with some of his promo/mic work.

What it looks like will be next for Miz after failing to win the WWE Championship back on Monday, is a feud with HHH. It was hinted at during his interview with Josh Matthews on Raw, when Miz blamed Cena and Triple H for ruining WWE. There's been rumors that it will be The Miz vs Triple H at Wrestlemania 28, and that could certainly be something the WWE is working towards right now.

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