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WWE NXT Results 07/26/11

NXT Results from Philadelphia, PA:

They opened with a video package detailing the matches between NXT pros Yoshi Tatsu and Tyson Kidd. They each won a match against the other with Yoshi winning the "rubber match." He claimed the action figure's leg that Kidd had as a necklace charm, but Kidd knocked Yoshi down and took it back. Last week, Yoshi found the rest of his action figure destroyed with the head ripped off and yelled "TYSON!!!!"

Todd Grisham welcomed fans to Philadelphia and hyped up tonight's "Necklace on a Pole" match between Yoshi and Tyson. They brought up that Rey Mysterio won the WWE Championship last night then was forced to defend later in the show against John Cena. That match will be shown later on.

Titus O'Neil vs. Derrick Bateman

Last week, Derrick Bateman interfered in the match between Titus and Young, tripping Titus. However, Titus still was able to win the match. Bateman came to the ring wearing Rocky Balboa themed trunks with the red, white and blue.

Titus knocked Bateman out of the ring at one point. Darren Young came down the ramp and told Bateman to get in there and do his work. When NXT returned from break, Titus knocked Bateman down to the mat. Moments later, Bateman yanked Titus against the top rope to gain some control.

In the late part of the match, Darren Young grabbed Titus' leg in the corner. That allowed Bateman to dropkick O'Neil hard in the corner. He followed with a bulldog to the mat. Bateman with the pinfall win and Young came in to celebrate with in the ring.

Winner: Derrick Bateman wins via pinfall over Titus O'Neil.

Hornswoggle was backstage with his yellow stuffed animal and found a heart with a note on it which told him to pucker up. Hornswoggle did so and closed his eyes. AJ from Smackdown appeared and gave him a peck on the lips. Maryse showed up and started laughing hysterically about it. She said they are perfect for each other, because they're both trolls. AJ smashed the flowers she had over Maryse's head. Maryse yelled at her and stormed off. AJ and Hornswoggle smiled at one another.

Vladimir Kozlov was shown planking on a vending machine and taking a pic on his cell phone. JTG walked up asking what the fudge he was doing. JTG told him their bet was to be a better gangster not a plankster, nincompoop. Vlad said he can be the flyest gangster. He put on JTG's Yankees hat. JTG told him he has 1 more week to deliver.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyson Kidd
Necklace on a Pole Match

Kidd went for the necklace several times early on. The second time, Yoshi got him in the Electric Chair. Kidd managed to use a headscissors to bring Yoshi over the top rope.

Later on, Kidd got the advantage as he kicked away on Yoshi in the corner. He choked him with his knee and then yelled to taunt the crowd some. Yoshi ducked an elbow but then he and Kidd did a double clothesline to take each other down.

Both Yoshi and Kidd climbed up on the corner near the pole and fought. They both shoved one another off though and fell to the outside floor. NXT went to commercial.

After break, Kidd and Yoshi were back in the ring and once again both men fell to the mat. Yoshi started to muster the strength to crawl towards the corner with the pole. Regal talked about how important it was for Yoshi to compete over a silly piece of plastic. Yoshi got to the top of the corner, but Kidd rushed over and shoved him off balance. Yoshi fell onto the turnbuckle.

Later, Kidd was back up to fight. The two stood on the corner, with Yoshi nearly grabbing the necklace, but Kidd grabbed him for a backslam off the corner. However, Yoshi had grabbed the necklace and was declared winner.

Post-match, Yoshi crawled over and grabbed the rest of his action figure from the steel steps and put it back together, then showed the fans. Once again, Kidd knocked Yoshi down. This time he pulled him crotch-first against the ringpost then slammed his leg against it. Kidd slammed Yoshi knee-first against the announce table for more damage and continued to punish his knee in the ring. Kidd smirked and admired his work as his theme music played. Regal and Grisham reviewed highlights.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu wins the necklace on a pole match.

WWE NXT closed out with the WWE Championship match between John Cena and Rey Mysterio on Raw. It was an intense back and forth match. At the end, Rey went for a 619, but Cena was playing possum against the ropes. He grabbed Rey and hit the Attitude Adjustment for the victory, to win the WWE title. However, his celebration was short-lived as CM Punk arrived to the ring with the WWE Championship belt he won from Cena. Raw ended with the two champs in the ring, but the fans supporting CM Punk.

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