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WWE NXT Results 07/20/11

WWE NXT Results from MN:

Titus told Young it only matters what he does in this ring. Titus picked up the dummy and then tossed it over the ropes out at Young. Maryse polled the crowd for response on who the winner should be, and Titus easily got the crowd cheers of the three competitors. He did his dog barking several times as Young and Bateman talked trash at him from outside the ring. Grisham said Titus is now miles away from his competitors with redemption points.

Coming up next, Regal said he can't wait as Jimmy the Gimmick aka JTG faces Vlad Kozlov.

Regal talked about Alberto Del Rio winning the Raw Money in the Bank match to get the briefcase and championship match contract. Regal informed fans they can check out exclusive pics and info on WWE.com from the Pay-Per-View.

Vladimir Kozlov vs JTG

JTG came out with a mic in hand saying it's quite obvious Vlad doesn't know what a gangsta is. JTG said his speech goes out to all the haters in Minnesota too. He told Kozlov when he wakes up and looks in the mirror every day, he'll never be as fly as JTG.

After break, the match started with JTG shoving Kozlov a bit. Kozlov rushed at him and took him down, with JTG getting under the ropes to escape. Kozlov continued with momentum, knocking JTG down with a shoulder block. JTG rolled out of the ring to recover, but Vlad went out and grabbed him. On his way back in the ring, Vlad got kicked off the apron by JTG, who then shoved him into the ringpost outside.

Later on, JTG hit a missile dropkick from off the corner to take Vlad down. JTG continue to maintain control and had a near fall. Kozlov made his comeback though, and had battering ram headbutts on JTG. He tried for a running powerslam, but JTG slid off and clipped his leg. JTG tried to rush from against the ropes, but Kozlov shoved him down hard. He followed with the one-arm slam finisher to win it.

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov wins via pinfall over JTG.

Backstage, Hornswoggle had a pink heart-shaped box he was carrying as he went up to Maryse. He showed it to her and acted as if it was a gift from her. Maryse said it looks like he has a secret admirer, but said it wasn't her. Horney grabbed her by the leg and she yelled for him to get off her. Maryse opened the heart box of Skittles and dumped them all over Horney, then shoved him down and threw the box at him. Maryse stormed off, but a WWE staffer came rushing up with a package for Hornswoggle. Horney opened it to find a small yellow stuffed animal. He acted puzzled over who gave him all of the gifts.

Yoshi Tatsu was shown backstage walking into the locker room. Suddenly he stopped and the camera showed a jar of rocks dumped over and Yoshi's action figure dismembered. Yoshi screamed out "TYSON!!!!" Grisham pointed out, that was Yoshi's action figure.

Titus O'Neil vs. Darren Young

Hornswoggle accompanied Titus O'Neil to the ring. Young and Titus locked up around the ring early, with the ref separating them in the corner. Young used that as his moment to grab Titus in a headlock and bring him down to one knee. Titus soon gained the advantage with multiple slams to the mat. He locked an abdominal stretch on to further punish Young.

Young tried to leave the match, walking up the ramp at one point, but Titus ran up and retrieved him then brought him back to the ring for more. An Irish whip to the corner sent Young out over the corner to the floor. As the match progressed, Derrick Bateman arrived down to ringside area to watch, right as NXT went to a commercial.

The match returned with Young controlling things with a headlock. Bateman was shown at ringside with some sort of photo or picture in hand. Young had another headlock on Titus, but the big man powered out of it and gave a hip toss to throw Young away.

Later in the match, Hornswoggle was on the apron arguing a call with the ref. Titus tried to go against the ropes, but Bateman tripped him to the mat. The move backfired for Bateman though, because Young missed on a dropkick attempt due to Titus falling. Titus was still able to get up and finish off Young with the Clash of the Titus finisher. Titus hoisted Hornswoggle on his shoulders to celebrate the win. Bateman had a mean look on his mug outside the ring.

Winner: Titus O'Neil wins via pinfall over Darren Young.

The episode of NXT ended with the confrontation on last night's Raw involving Vince McMahon, John Cena and then Triple H. The show ended with Triple H announcing he would be taking over the day-to-day operations of the WWE company and that Vince has been relieved of his position. John Cena was not fired.

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