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Smackdown Results 07/01/11

Smackdown Results from Phoenix, AZ:

The show opened with the Money in the Bank briefcase hanging up above the ring. GM Teddy Long arrived out and announced that tonight Mark Henry will face the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton. Christian came out to interrupt and said he deserves a title shot at the MITB PPV in less than three weeks. Long reminded him that Mark Henry got the pinfall victory for Christian's team last week, so if Henry can defeat Orton in tonight's match, he gets the title shot at MITB. Christian is banned from ringside.

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry (non-title)

During this matchup, the Big Show came out and it caused a ringside distraction for Henry. Orton and Henry were on the outside, where Randy hit the RKO on him. Orton got back in the ring in time to beat the ref's countout and won the match. Post-match, Henry went to the side of the ramp up to where the various electronics and sound equipment was. He tore apart and destroyed some of it, before picking up a technician and tossing him off stage.

Winner: Randy Orton wins due to countout of Mark Henry.

Daniel Bryan vs Ted Dibiase

In this match, Bryan was ultimately able to slap the Lebell Lock on Dibiase, forcing him to tap out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins due to submission of Ted Dibase.

Backstage, Christian demanded a title shot at the Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View. Long told Christian he'll get a shot at Sin Cara tonight.

Backstage, Cody Rhodes reminded Ted Dibiase that May 20th was the last time he's won a match. He got on him for losing to a common man like Daniel Bryan tonight. Rhodes told Dibiase if he can't stop losing he might as well wear one of these, and handed him a paper bag before walking off.

There was a segment discussing the relationship between Jinder Mahal and Great Khali. Ranjin Singh was being interviewed while clips of Khali and Mahal were shown. Singh discussed how Mahal's family became wealthy, and they were close with Khali's family. However, Mahal became jealous of Khali's fame. Mahal became Khali's brother in law through marriage several years ago. Now he is blackmailing Khali by saying he will divorce his sister if Khali doesn't listen to everything he tells him to do.

Sin Cara vs Christian

Late in this match, Christian rolled out to ringside after Sin Cara had an offensive onslaught on him. Back in the ring, Sin Cara got a near fall. Christian hit an inverted DDT for a nearfall of his own. Moments later, Sin Cara went for a springboard elbow to Christian, but Christian caught him and tried to turn it into a Killswitch. Cara escaped that move and got the upperhand, then went to the top rope for a high risk move. Christian yanked Sin Cara's leg. As Sin Cara was getting up, Christian hit him with a Spear for the win. This is Sin Cara's first loss.

Winner: Christian wins via pinfall over Sin Cara.

Ezekiel Jackson vs Cody Rhodes (non-title)

In this non-title match, Dibiase was at ringside with Rhodes. Late in the match, Jackson had the control of things. He hit a huge clothesline on Rhodes in the corner. Ted Dibiase got up on the apron, but Jackson took him and rammed him into the ringpost. The distraction allowed Rhodes to do his springboard kick to stun Jackson, and then hit Cross Rhodes for the win.

After the match, Rhodes told Dibiase he did the right thing tonight.

Winner: Cody Rhodes wins via pinfall over Ezekiel Jackson.

NXT winner Johnny Curtis appeared in a backstage segment painting a picture, but the camera didn't show it. Curtis apologized for seeming whiny or bitter, then said he was going to stop so he wouldn't paint himself into a corner. Curtis showed the painting he made of a stick figure up in the right-hand corner. It was labeled "myself."

Kane vs Wade Barrett

Kane and Barrett will both be a part of the Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match at the PPV event. During the match, Michael Cole talked about Sheamus being punted by Orton several weeks ago, and that he might not be ready for the MITB PPV. Late in this one, Kane hit a sidewalk slam on Barrett. Kane followed with a clothesline from off the corner. Wade was able to avoid the chokeslam and a Tombstone attempt by Kane. Barrett had Kane up for Wasteland, but Kane escaped that and dodged Barrett's big boot attempt. Kane finished off Barrett with the Chokeslam.

Winner: Kane wins via pinfall over Wade Barrett.

Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long arrived out for the main event, a contract signing for the World Heavyweight Championship match between Randy Orton and Christian. Christian arrived out with his lawyer, and then Orton was out last. Christian's lawyer said if the referee makes a bad call in this match, that his client, Christian, will get an automatic rematch. Sheamus came out to interrupt the proceedings. Sheamus knocks out Randy Orton, then Christian. He finished the show by tearing up the contract which Christian never got to sign. Sheamus is shown standing tall in the ring as the show ends.

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