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WWE NXT Results 08/16/11

WWE NXT Results from Bakersfield, CA:

Todd Grisham introduced the show in Bakersfield saying how the WWE landscape has changed dramatically since Randy Orton won the World Heavyweight Championship and Del Rio won the WWE Championship. Titus O'Neil, AJ and Hornswoggle arrived out to start the show.

Titus got on the mic in the ring to welcome fans to the show. Titus said he's been on a journey to win NXT, but Hornswoggle's also been on a journey as well to find true love. He told AJ that Hornswoggle had something to tell her. Horney mumbled and grunted on the mic, so Titus translated that Horney said he couldn't find any diva more special than her to spend time with.

Horney got down on one knee to give AJ a candy pop ring. Titus said it's a small token of Hornswoggle's loyalty to her. Titus asked the crowd to egg on AJ to accept his loyalty. AJ told Hornswoggle it doesn't matter how big he is or the size of the gifts he gives, it's the size of his heart. Derrick Bateman came out to diss them all for making this into some mushy soap opera. Titus dissed Bateman on his jeans and said he has a yeast infection, then threatened to kick his teeth in.

Bateman insulted AJ, saying he couldn't tell who's the leprechaun and who's the troll right now. It ended up with Horney storming up the ramp, and Titus coming with him to chase Bateman backstage. Meanwhile, former NXT diva, Maxine, got in the ring to attack AJ, kicking her down and tossing the candy ring on her.

JTG vs. Tyson Kidd

JTG hit a side slam on Kidd to make a comeback early in the match. JTG with the near fall but Kidd kicked out. Moments later, JTG had another near fall, then started to pound away on Kidd.

Later, JTG tried to jump off the corner at Kidd who ran under him. Kidd landed on the mat and then bounced against the ropes. However, Kidd managed to trip him up and get him into a half Boston Crab. JTG tried to struggle to reach the rope to break it up, but couldn't. Eventually he tapped out.

As Kidd was celebrating his win, his music cut out, and a strange Japanese symbol showed up on the Titantron.

Winner: Tyson Kidd wins by submission against JTG.

Backstage, Matt Striker was ready for ring action. He talked about how he lost to Darren Young last week and won't make any excuses. Striker said Young is making excuses. He said tonight he's prepared for Darren Young, but Young isn't prepared for Matt Striker. Striker said if he wants respect, he's got to earn it tonight.

When NXT returned, Grisham thanked Cee Lo Green for "Bright Lights Bigger City" now available on iTunes from the album "The Lady Killer." Regal told fans to check out WWE.com for exclusive Summerslam 2011 photos.

Matt Striker vs. Darren Young

They showed highlights from last week's match between these two, which Young ultimately won with the double knee to Striker's rib cage area, causing Striker to bleed from the mouth. Striker was on the attack early in this one. The ref tried to get him away, so Young took advantage with a jab.

Young started chest chopping Striker in the corner, so Matt put him in the corner and started to strike back. On the outside, Striker ran over and kicked Young's hand against the steel steps. This time, Young was bleeding from the mouth early. He came back with a quick clothesline to take down Striker.

Late in the match, Striker had a twisting DDT from the top rope. He had the pinfall on Young, who barely got a leg up on the bottom rope before 3. Young put Striker up on his shoulders for another double knee to the ribcage, but Striker slid off this time and hit a Backstabber. Young managed to kick out. Striker went for a unique pinfall, but Young displayed impressive strength by rolling through and standing up with Striker on his shoulders. He hit the double knee to the ribcage for the win.

Winner: Darren Young wins via pinfall over Matt Striker.

Derrick Bateman came down the ramp hand in hand with former NXT diva contestant, Maxine. They got in the ring with Bateman introducing her as his soulmate, love of his life and girlfriend. Maxine said on the mic that Hornswoggle wishes he could handle a real woman like her, but he can't, so instead he settles for less, like AJ. She said if he thinks they're causing problems for him now, just wait, because they're just getting started.

Titus O'Neil vs. Derrick Bateman

Titus O'Neil arrived to the ring without Hornswoggle or AJ. O'Neil got Bateman in the corner early for a huge chop to the chest, then whipped him hard across to the other corner. He followed with a big scoop slam, elbow drop and near fall.

After getting hammered in the corner, Bateman made a comeback a bit later with a big neckbreaker and a near fall of his own. Bateman put on a full quarter nelson on Titus on the mat, with Regal commenting on how tough it is to put on someone Titus' size. Bateman remained in control with a knee to the gut.

Later in the match, Titus had the near fall but Bateman kicked out. Titus hit a huge slam, and Bateman rolled to the outside. Maxine went over to check on him. Titus went to the outside to go after Bateman. Bateman got back in the ring and Maxine grabbed Titus' foot as he tried to get in. Bateman distracted the ref, then was able to get a quick pin on Titus for the win.
Post-match, Bateman went to the outside and made out with Maxine to celebrate the win. Meanwhile, Titus complained to the ref about the interference.

Winner: Derrick Bateman wins via pinfall over Titus O'Neil.

To close out NXT, they showed a replay of Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship from last night's Raw episode on USA.

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