Monday, August 15, 2011

Raw Preview 08/15/11

In last night's WWE Summerslam results for 2011, a brand new undisputed WWE Champion was to be decided. With Triple H acting as special referee, John Cena and CM Punk put their legitimate championship belts on the line. The match saw a lot of back and forth action, but in the end a bad pinfall count by Triple H gave CM Punk the win. However, that wasn't all that happened, as former WWE star, Kevin Nash, arrived on the scene to beat up CM Punk, leaving the champ at the mercy of Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio made good on his MITB briefcase cash in to leave Summerslam as the new WWE Champion. What will CM Punk, John Cena and Triple H have to say about the outcome of this match? What's next for these three superstars?

See the complete 2011 Summerslam results here.

While Del Rio is new champion, he will have a tough task ahead on Monday Night Raw, as Rey Mysterio will receive his official championship rematch. Mysterio lost the championship to John Cena on Raw just a few weeks ago. He was guaranteed a rematch on the latest Raw, but had no idea who he'd be facing. Now, fans will see Mysterio and Del Rio clash in the ring again. Can Mysterio recapture the championship from the man who said it was his "destiny" to become champion?

Also at Summerslam, the WWE Divas Championship was on the line. Champion Kelly Kelly had her pal Eve Torres at ringside, while challenger Beth Phoenix had Natalya there. The match's finish saw Beth nearly hit the Glam Slam, with Kelly about to counter it in and turn into a pinfall instead. Kelly escaped The Glamazon's clutches in this match, but it appears Kelly and Eve may have unfinished business with the "Divas of Destruction," Beth and Natalya. Will these two teams collide on tonight's Raw?

Catch all of the followup to 2011 Summerslam on Raw, tonight at 9PM EST on USA!

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