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Raw Results 08/15/11

The show started with Triple H addressing the WWE Universe about what went down last night at Summerslam. He promised to apologize to Cena later for the bad pinfall count, which he admitted was his mistake. He also said he gave Nash free tickets for Summerslam but didn't know he would jump the barricade and attack Punk. He said he's given Nash some time to explain himself on Raw later tonight. Triple H introduced the new WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio, who arrived out to cut a promo. Del Rio talked about how last night destiny took the reigns and he became WWE champ. He said later tonight he'll enjoy defeated Mysterio, that little chiuahua.

John Morrison defeated R-Truth in a "Falls Count Anywhere Match" after hitting a flying knee in Truth's face near the announced table for the pinfall.

The Miz came out to do a mock Subway promo with Jared from the Subway commercials there. Miz said he'll be champion one day again because "I'm the Miz and I'm awesome!"

Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres defeated The Bella Twins in about two minutes after Eve's moonsault connected. The Divas of Doom (Beth and Natalya) arrived out post-match on stage to applaud Kelly and Eve in a menacing way.

Kevin Nash came out to the ring to discuss his actions last night. He talked about him and Hunter being good friends for about 20 years now, and how he's the godfather of his son. He mentioned that HHH gave him tickets for Summerslam and right before the main event, Nash got a text that said "Hey, big man, could you do me a favor. No matter what happens in the main event, stick the winner for me." Nash said that HHH said earlier he had no idea Nash would do that, but they need to get on the same page, that it's just business. That brought out CM Punk to confront him.

Punk told Nash it's clear that neither he or Triple H know what's good for business. Nash told Punk to watch his mouth, and Punk said "you need to watch the show, I do and say whatever I want to whomever I please." Nash told him "obviously your world just changed." Nash and Punk continued their back and forth trash talk about how the business should be run, and what's now versus what was "then." It lead to CM Punk saying he'd go back and talk to the COO himself to find out why security was stopping him from fighting Nash in the ring. Nash waved bye to him.

Backstage, Nash stormed into HHH's office, with John Laurenitis there. He said HHH went to talk to Punk. Laurenitis said the way Punk spoke to Nash tonight is unacceptable. He said he needs to talk to Nash about something in private.

Jack Swagger defeated Alex Riley by pinfall with the gutwrench powerbomb. Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler were on commentary for the match, and Vickie took JR's hat. She got on the apron distracting the ref, allowing Swagger to defeat Riley for the win. Post-match, Ziggler stomped on JR's hat, and JR tried to fix it.

Backstage, Swagger thanked Vickie for what she did for him during the match. He told her she has nothing to prove to Dolph. Swagger said Dolph would be nothing without Vickie, then suggested she expand her roster to include him. Vickie pondered the idea.

A Summerslam Fax Axxess video packaged aired which included celebs talking about the event.

Backstage, CM Punk walked up to Stephanie McMahon. Steph said she's sorry for how he lost the title last night. She told him he never won though since Cena's foot was on the rope. Steph told Punk not to worry because it will be alright in the end, "People always get what they deserve."

Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston defeated David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty by pinfall after Bourne hit "Air Bourne" on McGillicutty. During the match, Michael Cole made fun of JR's "twang" in his speech.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Rey Mysterio in the WWE Championship match. Del Rio got his knees up when Mysterio went for the diving splash finisher, then made the pinfall cover on Rey for the win. Post-match, Del Rio tried to further injury Rey Mysterio's arm with the ring. John Cena ran out to make a save, making his first appearance of the evening.

Cena got on the mic to talk about having "one hell of a weekend." He talked about how there's many reasons he could be pissed off, but instead of being mad at HHH he's mad at a guy like Del Rio. He said Del Rio cashed in after two guys put it all out there in the ring over the WWE Championship. He chastised Del Rio for cheapning the title, and said his golden destiny now makes him every other guy's enemy. Cena said his new destiny will be "John Cena whipping your ass." Cena checked on Rey Mysterio who was being checked on by various personnel.

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