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WWE Superstars Results 08/11/11

WWE Superstars Results 08/11/11:

Trent Barreta vs Ted Dibiase

During the match, Barreta hit a flying Gobstopper knee on Dibiase which ended up making Dibiase roll out of the ring. Trent followed up by running across the ring and diving over the top rope out onto Dibiase. The ref started a countout on them, but it only went to six with Barreta trying a pin back in the ring.

Later on, Trent slipped off the top rope and fell on the back of his head. Dibiase tried for the quick pin but Trent escaped it. Trent went for a moonsault from the corner, but Dibiase swiped his leg. Trent fell against the corner face first. Dibiase followed with Dream Street to win it.

Cody Rhodes was shown watching the match from backstage. Striker questioned if it was a look of approval or disdain on Rhodes' face.

Winner: Ted Dibiase wins via pinfall over Trent Barreta.

Alicia Fox vs. Tamina

During the match, Alicia fought to her feet once Tamina had her in a headlock. Tamina whipped Alicia across the ring, but Alicia came back with flying moves to take down Tamina several times for a near fall. Moments later, Tamina nearly had a Samoan Backdrop slam on Alicia. Alicia escaped it by elbowing out and then kicked Tamina in the back of her leg. With Tamina hunched over, Alicia went against the ropes and came back with her scissors kick to the back of Tamina's head.

Winner: Alicia Fox wins via pinfall over Tamina.

Aaron James vs Brodus Clay

Clay completely dominated the San Jose local who Stanford said was a runner-up on Tough Enough 2 (which also featured Matt Morgan and winner Jackie Gayda). Clay had a pinfall at one point, but pulled up at 2. He completed a big splash on James in the corner, then followed by running against the rope for a huge cross body to flatten James for the pinfall.

Winner: Brodus Clay wins via pinfall over local wrestler.

They showed the video package that was seen on Raw where the CM Punk, John Cena WWE Championship situation was presented in highlights from Money in the Bank through HHH's decision for the Summerslam match. After the video, Stanford and Matthews ran down the list of matches for Summerslam.

Santino Marella and Evan Bourne were introduced for the main event match.

Santino Marella & Evan Bourne vs. Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga

McGillicutty took control of Bourne in the match after Evan got in several strikes. McGill hit a snap suplex on Bourne for a near fall. McGill and Otunga went for a doubleteam move with Bourne in the corner as Superstars took a break.

After break, Otunga kept control against Santino with multiple elbow drops and then pounding away on his face on the mat. The tag champs kept up their doubleteam work with McGill tagging in to continue on Santino. Later, Otunga and McGill hit the Slingblade on Santino for the near fall. Otunga kept punching down Santino, then raised his arm up for the Nexus salute.

Santino managed to escape by hitting a jawbreaker on Otunga, then tagged in Air Bourne for a series of high-flying moves against McGillicutty. Bourne took down McGill with a double knee, then rushed over to kick Otunga off the apron. Bourne set up for Air Bourne moments later, but Otunga yanked his partner out of the ring. Bourne jumped on them both on the outside. Back in the ring, Bourne with the knee to take down McGillicutty. He tagged in Santino who had on his green Cobra sock. Santino was about to hit the Cobra on McGill, but Otunga got on the apron so Santino punched him off. McGill took advantage by stunning Santino, then hitting his swinging neckbreaker.

Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga win by pinfall over Santino Marella & Evan Bourne.

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