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WWE NXT Results 09/27/11

WWE NXT Results from St. Louis, MO:

The show started with an in-ring confrontation between JTG/Darren Young and The Usos. The Usos brought up their lineage of former Samoan relatives who were champions. Young tried to dis them saying nobody under the age of 50 would know those wrestlers. JTG called their family a complete joke. This prompted The Usos to run the heels off from the ring and then challenge them to a tag team match later tonight.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Jinder Mahal

Yoshi came out in his new outfit and mask, along with his half and half face paint.

Late in the match, Yoshi made a comeback, landing a huge chop to Mahal from off the corner. He followed with an elbow drop and a near fall, then used kicks on Mahal to send him to the corner for another running kick. Mahal caught him moments later for a backslam pinfall. Yoshi reversed it into a pin of his own. Yoshi had a barrage of moves including a headbutt, but missed on his spinning kick from the top. Mahal made took advantage and was able to hit his finisher on Yoshi, a full nelson slam for the win.

Winner: Jinder Mahal wins via pinfall over Yoshi Tatsu.

Backstage, Hornswoggle was walking with a note that had big green AJ letters on front. Maxine was there snickering saying she saw AJ talking to Titus around the corner. Horney brushed her off and kept walking, to find AJ with Titus. He handed the note to Titus to read AJ, which said he wouldn't let Maxine's attempts to break them apart work. He said he can't be tethered to AJ on NXT, because he must set sail for Smackdown now, but maybe one day her love will beckon for him again. Horney shook Titus' hand, then patted AJ on the arm and walked off. AJ said to Titus "doesn't he know I'm on Smackdown?"

Percy Watson vs. Tyson Kidd

Kidd managed to gain an upperhand after Percy had been in control. Kidd knocked Percy against the bottom rope, then leapt over the top rope to hit a leg drop on him. Kidd hit several more moves, then settled into a headlock on Percy.

Percy staged his own comeback with several big takedowns. He hit a huge splash on Kidd in the corner, then hit a backdrop on him. Percy went for another move on Kidd in the corner, but this time Kidd moved away. Percy jumped onto the middle ropes, but Kidd swiped his leg. Kidd hit a spinning neckbreaker, then did his springboard elbow drop from the rope to get the pin.

Winner: Tyson Kidd wins via pinfall over Percy Watson.

Backstage, Matt Striker tried to interview Jinder Mahal about his relationship with The Great Khali. Mahal interrupted him with some yelling in Hindi. He said not to mention that name ever again. He said he's the only one that matters and tonight marks his return to greatness.

The Usos vs. Darren Young & JTG

The Usos did their chanting and war dance at the top of the ramp before rushing to the ring. JTG and Young got the early advantage, doubleteaming the legal Uso. Finally, Jey got a hot tag, with Jimmy Uso coming in to take it to JTG and Young.

JTG was legal and managed to toss the Uso onto the ramp. JTG kicked away on Jimmy, the legal Uso, until the ref backed him off. Young got on the apron and hit a backdrop slam on Jimmy onto the apron, leaving him laying on the floor as NXT hit commercial.

NXT returned with JTG and Young hitting a double suplex on Jimmy. JTG got a pinfall attempt on Jimmy, but Jey rushed in to break it up. Young tagged in and continued to control things, putting a submission on Jimmy to keep wearing him down more. Jimmy managed to toss Young overhead and tried to crawl for the tag, but Young tagged JTG who rushed over to knock Jey off the apron.

Finally, Jimmy managed to make the hot tag just as JTG made one. Jey came in on fire attacking Young. He hit a spinning Lie Detector like takedown, and then a Rikish-like hip splash in the corner. Jey had the pinfall, but JTG rushed in to stop it. Jimmy came back in and the Usos hit a double-superkick on JTG. Young tried for his finisher on Jey, but Jey ducked it and superkicked Young to the mat. Jimmy tagged in and hit the Superfly Splash off the corner for the win.

Post-match, Jimmy and Jey were backing up the ramp celebrating their win. All of a sudden, Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks came rushing down the ramp and smashed The Usos down. Korpela and Regal questioned why there's been another attack on NXT. Regal said they showed aggression so point for them. NXT signed off.

Winners: The Usos win via pinfall over JTG & Darren Young.

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