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2011 Hell in a Cell PPV Results Coverage

The 2011 WWE Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View results will feature the vicious structure known as "Hell in a Cell." Competing this year will be WWE Champion John Cena in one match, and World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry in the other. Both champions will have their work cut out for them inside the steel structure which can make or break careers and bodies.

In other action, WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly is set to defend against "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix. Foes Sheamus and Christian will look up as they continue their feud in the ring. Also on the card tonight is an intriguing battle as fans will see Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara. For weeks, two of these masked wrestlers have been interfering in matches or showing up ringside. Fans have been mystified over which was the original Sin Cara. They'll be battling tonight in different wrestling gear to finally decide the real Sin Cara!

The Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View results will be provided for each match below with recaps of how the winner was decide Stay tuned for the latest updated results starting at 8PM EST tonight!

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The PPV opened with a deranged Lullaby and then narration by a character who was supposed to be the Devil, saying he will bring out the worst in them tonight. The narration talked about Henry versus Orton, and then the Triple Threat HIAC matches. Pyro exploded up near the stage set, and then Michael Cole welcomed fans to the PPV in New Orleans Arena.

Sheamus vs. Christian

Christian arrived first. Before the match could start, the camera found The Miz and R-Truth as they made their way through the audience to front row seats. John Laurinaitis brought security to help him toss Miz and Truth out, right before Sheamus arrived for the match.

Sheamus started things off with the advantage and a headlock. Christian tried for an early hip toss, but got clotheslined down instead. Momenst later, Christian was able to trip Sheamus against the ropes. He tried to jump to the outside and punch Sheamus, but Christian got blocked and hit instead. Sheamus pounded on him on the apron then had a nearfall in the ring.

Christian managed to knock Sheamus to the outside at one point and gained the advantage in the ring. The two traded strikes in the ring with Christian able to hit a uppercut from off the corner to level Sheamus. Christian jumped on Sheamus' back for a sleeperhold but Sheamus dropped onto his back to break it. Later, Christian hit a missile dropkick for another nearfall.

Sheamus pressed Christian overhead but Christian slid off and tried for Killswitch. Sheamus countered to prevent that, but Christian kept attacking. Sheamus responded with a backbreaker on Christian for a nearfall. Christian was able to hit a Tornado DDT from the corner later for another nearfall.

Christian stopped Sheamus from going out to the apron for a top rope move. Sheamus fell back in the corner after Christian kicked him, but then Sheamus pulled himself up onto the corner in a display of strength. Sheamus hit the battering ram off the corner and went for the Brogue Kick with Christian ducking. Later the fight spilled outside and Christian hit a Spear on Sheamus to nearly get a countout. He hit another spear in the ring, with Sheamus barely escaping a pinfall.

The close saw Sheamus avoid a charging Christian and send him into the corner ringpost. From there, Sheamus bounced against the ropes and hit the Brogue Kick to get the pinfall.

Winner: Sheamus wins via pinfall over Christian.

Backstage, Matt Striker interviewed World Champion Mark Henry, or tried to. Henry told him to shut up mid-question because he knew what he was going to ask him. Henry said he doesn't care where he faces Orton in a back alley or Hell in a Cell, Randy Orton will join the Hall of Pain.

Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara

One Sin Cara was introduced, but then the second one was introduced with pyro wearing a different black/silver mask and outfit to the ring. His music was like the other Sin Cara's had a howling/groaning creature in it.

Early on, the two Sin Cara's traded quick moves, with the blue one getting the crowd going by clapping. They traded flips over one another and the dark Sin Cara hit a flying leg scissors, but then the blue one did as well.

Blue Sin Cara had an impressive against the ropes arm drag toss to throw the other Sin Cara out through the ropes. He followed by jumping over the top rope onto the dark Sin Cara. He tried for a moonsault off the apron, but the dark Sin Cara rolled out of the way.

Later in the match, Sin Cara black was in control and hit his own flying move over the ropes to land on Sin Cara blue outside the ring. He had several near falls in the ring. The two Sin Cara's collided in the ring, then reset with the Blue Sin Cara getting a headscissors to toss Black Sin Cara out of the ring. Blue Cara jumped off the corner to takeout the Black Sin Cara outside.

Blue Sin Cara gained momentum after hitting a huge armdrag off the corner, then a pendulum kick through the ropes on Black Sin Cara. He tried to jump off the corner, but Black Sin Cara rolled under him. Sin Cara black picked up Blue Sin Cara, but the Blue one did an impressive sunset flip move mid-air to get a pinfall win.

Winner: Sin Cara blue wins by pinfall over Sin Cara black.

Backstage, CM Punk was getting ready in the locker room when David Otunga came in. He offered Punk his legal services for later if he wins the WWE Championship. Punk said it's not if he wins the WWE Championship, it's how he will win it. Punk told Otunga he hates lawyers though.

Black Veil Brides "Set the World on Fire" is the official theme song of Hell in a Cell 2011.

Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston
WWE Tag Team Championships

Justin Roberts introduced Vickie Guerrero who then introduced the next tag champs, her newest client Jack Swagger and US champion Dolph Ziggler.

At one point in the match, Kofi managed to escape the doubleteaming of the heels. He got in the ring on fire, knocking down Swagger and knocking Swagger off the apron. Bourne had the pin on Ziggler who barely kicked out. He hit a standing moonsault on Ziggler for another near fall.

Later, Swagger came in illegally and put the Ankle Lock on Bourne. Kofi jumped off the to prope to take out Swagger. Ziggler hit the Zig Zag on Kofi but he wasn't the legal man. As the ref tried to get Swagger out of the ring, Bourne put a small package pinfall on Dolph and almost got it.

The close saw Swagger trying to powerbomb Bourne from the corner. Instead, Bourne countered into a Sunset Flip from the corner to lock a pinfall on Swagger. Meanwhile, Kofi pulled on Dolph's leg to prevent him from intervening. Tag champs retain, as Vickie screamed at Swagger about what just happened.

Winners: Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston win via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry
World Championship Hell in a Cell Match

Henry arrived down to the ringside area, placed his championship belt on the ground and then measured up the solid Hell in a Cell structure. The ref opened the door and Henry looked it up and down before shaking his head and going inside. Moments later, The Viper's theme music hit to bring out Randy Orton. Michael Cole said Triple H is the only superstar in WWE history with a better winning percentage at Hell in a Cell matches.

Orton immediately attacked Henry with punches to get the advantage. He actually kicked Henry down to the mat and forced him to the outside where he kept attacking. Henry tried to bash Henry's head against the cell, but Henry blocked it then tried to put Orton on his shoulder. Orton slid off and shoved Henry into the wall, then smashed him against it til Henry fell down.

Henry took the advantage and started to work over Orton's shoulder which Cole said has a history of injuries. Henry was able to smash Orton into the cage wall and ringpost on the outside, but then had to stop h imself and recover a bit. In the ring, Henry hit a small running powerslam for a near fall.

Henry continued to maintain control and pulled apart the steel steps. He smashed Orton against the cage, then backed up with the steel steps and threw them at Orton. Orton moved away in time as Cole exclaimed that Henry tossed the steps like a baseball. Henry kept smashing Orton into the cage wall. Later in the ring, Henry hit a huge splash on Orton for another near fall.

Later, Orton smartly scaled the cage wall and started kicking away on Henry from the cage. He went over and DDT'd Henry into the steel steps to gain control. In the ring, Orton had his tackle takedown to start pounding on Henry on the mat. Later still, The Viper managed to connect on an RKO. He thought he had the win but somehow Henry escaped the pinfall.

Orton got up and got that crazed look in his eyes, then backed up for a Punt kick. Henry started to get up and Orton ran at him. Henry got up and snatched up Orton to hit World's Strongest Slam for the win.

Post-match, Henry grabbed a steel chair and brought it in the ring. He hit another World's Strongest Slam on Orton, then dragged him to the corner. Henry put the chair on Orton's leg and tried to jump on him, but Orton rolled out of the way. From there, Orton realized what Henry tried to do and then grabbed the chair to smash him with. He hit Henry multiple times, chasing him up the ramp. Henry finally escaped to the back and avoided Orton.

Winner: Mark Henry wins via pinfall over Randy Orton to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Josh Matthews interviewed Alberto Del Rio backstage. Del Rio vowed to return from Hell tonight as the WWE Champion.

Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes came to the ring with two guys in suits carrying paper bags to hand out. Rhodes talked about the hideous fans in attendance and watching at home. He talked about Halloween and how many of those people who didn't accept paper bags should be euthanized. Cody said the current Intercontinental championship should be put to rest, then asked the other guy to hand him the velvet bag.

Rhodes pulled out a white classic Intercontinental Championship belt. He said it was held by greats like Ricky Steamboat, Bret Hart, Macho Man and Ston Cold. Rhodes said in honor of those champions he'll wear it with more and pride and dignity than any of them. Rhodes had one of his bag men help put the new belt on his waist. As he kept talking, John Laurinaitis came out to interrupt, apologizing but said Triple H demanded he come out to tell Rhodes he's defending the IC title tonight, next against this man. John Morrison arrived out.

John Morrison vs. Cody Rhodes
Intercontinental Championship Match

Rhodes was caught off guard because he had to wrestle in his street clothes including suit and dress shoes. He eventually got his shirt off but Morrison kept attacking him. Rhodes tried to leave and also tried to hug the ringpost outside to get counted out. Morrison kicked him hard in the back, then tossed Rhodes back in the ring. Rhodes gained the advantage as JMo was rolling in.

Rhodes went for the Alabama Slam, but Morrison rolled through into a pinfall. Rhodes escaped it and kicked Morrison down, then slapped the back of his head to taunt JMo and the crowd. Rhodes put a Figure Four on Morrison with the crowd yelling out "Woo!" in honor of Ric Flair. Morrison grabbed the rope to break it.

JMo got some momentum and knocked Rhodes down multiple times before hitting his flip move to slam Rhodes into a pinfall. Morrison tried for Starship Pain but Rhodes avoided it. Later, Morrison hit a Pele kick to knock down Rhodes. Morrison tried to do a springboard kick off the middle rope but Rhodes avoided that. He rushed back to roll up Morrison into a pinfall for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes wins via pinfall over John Morrison to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Backstage, Triple H was talking to someone on a cellphone. John Laurinaitis came running in saying there was a problem. HHH said he told him not to make matches, because that is his job. Laurinaitis told HHH there was a problem in the locker room. HHH and John rushed there to see refs restraining Miz and Truth. Bourne and Kingston were down after the attack. HHH had Miz/Truth taken out of there and told Laurinaitis he said to get police in there. He said if this stuff happens agian, Laurinaitis is out of a job. Zeke Jackson and Alex Riley had rushed in to check on the tag champs.

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix
WWE Divas Championship

Natalya came to the ring with Beth, while Eve Torres came to the ring with Kelly.

Early on, Kelly had two of her jump on attacks to take down Beth to the mat and punch on Beth. Beth soon gained control midway through, and with Kelly down on the mat smacked her backside a few times to taunt her. She put a surfboard on Kelly and asked the ref to ask her to submit. Kelly hung in there and rolled up Beth for a near pinfall.

Beth got Kelly up on her shoulders for a powerbomb, but Kelly reversed into a pinfall. Beth escaped and started to punch away on Kelly. She kicked Kelly who rolled to the apron, and then put Kelly throat first on the middle ropes.

Beth went for Glam Slam, but Kelly managed to use her weight to get to the corner and flip out of it. Kelly gained momentum and hit her handspring move to hip check Beth in the corner. Kelly got on the top rope and hit a Bulldog off there onto Beth for the near fall. Natalya got on the apron but Eve rushed over to yank her off. Natalya was able to take out Eve on the floor.

In the ring, Beth took control and put a submission move on Kelly. Natalya got on the mic to ask if Kelly was going to cry. Kelly managed to grab the ropes to break the move. As the ref talked to Beth, Nat clocked Kelly in the head with the mic to KO her. Beth followed up with Glam Slam to capture the win and the divas title.

Winner: Beth Phoenix wins via pinfall over Kelly Kelly to become new Divas Championship.

CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena
Triple Threat WWE Championship HIAC Match

Ricardo Rodriguez was introduced inside the cell to introduce Del Rio. Alberto drove out to the ramp area in a silver Mercedes convertible before his intro. Next out was CM Punk to the "Cult of Personality" theme music. The champion was next to come out and stopped on the ramp. He did his salute and started to run down the ramp, then stopped before the cage to examine it. He took off his hat and gave it to a little boy, then tossed his shirt into the crowd. Justin Roberts made the match introductions.

Punk stalked Del Rio outside the ring to start things. He rushed into the ring where Cena went after him. Cena went to the outside to get on the other side of Del Rio, who went back in the ring. Punk and Cena both went in together to attack Del Rio. Punk pulled Cena away and started to attack Del Rio. They kept pulling one another away to try to beat on Del Rio, then Punk went for a rollup pinfall on Cena.

Moments later, Cena picked up Del Rio on the outside and then Punk hit a suicide dive on them outside the ring to take control. Punk and Del Rio fought in the ring with Cena on the outside. The "Let's go Cena" and "CM Punk" chants started up. Punk grabbed a chair from the outside and tried to get in the ring but Cena headed him off. Punk went up on the steel steps inviting Cena to come after him, but Del Rio rushed over to shove Punk into the cage. Del Rio took control of Cena in the ring.

Cena had the AA on Del Rio, but Alberto slid off. He tried for a cross armbreaker but Punk was back in the ring and kicked Del Rio. From there, Punk hit a double DDT move on both guys and had a near fall on Cena. Later, Punk tossed Del Rio out of the ring, then got a table to set up on the outside. Cena was on the apron, so Punk hit a running knee on him. He tried to get a running bulldog but Cena shoved him off into the cage wall. Cena got in the ring but was met by a steel chair from Del Rio.

At the 10:20 PM EST mark of the PPV, Del Rio had a headlock on Punk. Cena jumped off the top corner and hit a legdrop to take out both guys. He had a near fall on Del Rio, then a near fall on Punk. Cena went for the AA on Del Rio, but Del Rio escaped to kick Cena down. Punk rushed over to kick Del Rio out of the ring. Everyone recovered in and out of the ring. Punk and Cena traded shots in the ring, but Del Rio got in and hit both guys with the steel chair.

Del Rio put a steel chair on top of Cena, then placed Punk on top of the chair. Alberto climbed onto the top corner and jumped off with a senton onto them for impact, and then had near falls. Later, Del Rio tried for the armbreaker on Punk but Punk escaped and dumped Del Rio out of the ring. Cena grabbed Punk to hit the AA quick for a pinfall with Del Rio intervening.

Punk isolated Del Rio in the ring at one point and hit a flying elbow drop off the corner on him. Del Rio barely kicked out of the pinfall. Cena rushed in and took control against Punk in the ring, but Punk escaped Cena's pinfall attempt.

Ricardo Rodriguez knocked the ref down outside the ring and took his keys to the cell. Ricardo rushed in with a steel pipe to jump on the apron. Cena knocked Ricardo down off the apron and then took him out of the cell to hit AA. Del Rio rushed out and knocked out Cena with the pipe on the ramp. From there, Del Rio closed the cage door and locked it from inside. Cole said it's now a 1-on-1 inside the cell Del Rio vs Punk.

Del Rio went for the armbreaker, but Punk escaped and started to kick away on Del Rio. Cena finally got to his feet and went over to see the locked cage door. Meanwhile, Punk was still in control in the ring and hit a springboard clothesline for a nearfall. Del Rio got in the ring with the steel pipe. Punk avoided being hit and got Del Rio in the GTS. However, Del Rio had the pipe in hand and hit Punk in the gut with it to escape. He followed by smacking Punk on the head to KO him. Del Rio scored the pinfall with Punk knocked out and Cena unable to get in the ring.

The HIAC raised up and Cena rushed in to attack Del Rio. Suddenly, two hooded figures rushed into the ring and knocked Cena down. They started to attack Cena, Del Rio and Punk unmercifully. Triple H and John Laurinaitis came to the ringside area with police officers and other officials. Soon WWE superstars rushed to ringside to try to help open the cage door. Miz and Truth kept attacking the three stars in the ring. Finally, someone brought a bolt cutter down and opened the chain lock. Police officers went inside the cell with Truth and Miz getting down on their knees to surrender.

As they were escorting Miz and Truth out of the cage, HHH rushed over to take them down and pound away on them both. He even knocked down John Laurinaitis in the process. Finally, two guys in suits managed to restraing the COO and pushed him back up the ramp. HHH was enraged as the PPV went off the air.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins by pinfall over CM Punk to become the new WWE Champion.

Thanks for choosing WWE Characters the Blog for your 2011 WWE Hell in a Cell results! Stay tuned for Monday Night Raw for all the fallout and follow-up to this entertaining Pay-Per-View!

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