Saturday, October 1, 2011

2011 Hell in a Cell PPV Viewing Info

The 2011 Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View arrives Sunday night with the WWE Universe ready to see the major championships on the line. This latest sports entertainment event goes live Sunday evening on satellite and cable television, live streaming video feed and at WWE Blast Areas around the country!

The major matches will be contest in the ominous structure known as "Hell in a Cell." These include John Cena defending the WWE Championship in the first-ever Triple Threat version of the match, with Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk his opponents. Randy Orton will also challenge Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship inside a separate cell match.

Hell in a Cell begins at 8PM EST Sunday night. The latest WWE Pay-Per-View is available for order on cable or satellite television providers including Comcast, Cox Cable, Verizon, DISH Network and DirecTV. In addition to these methods it can be ordered online for a live streaming video feed presentation. This has a cost similar to that of the PPV event on TV via standard format. Register at the site here to order the online video feed.

Other fans may choose to head out to local WWE Blast Areas. These are restaurants and bars showing the event live inside their premises. Some of the places around the country showing the Hell in a Cell PPV include Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Kers Winghouse. To find which locations in your state have the Pay-Per-View, go to the website here and click on "WWE Blast Areas." Then, use the dropdown box to select your state and see the locations showing the latest WWE Pay-Per-View!

To all fans from the WWE Universe, enjoy the 2011 edition of Hell in a Cell!

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