Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WWE NXT Results 10/5/11

NXT Results from Biloxi, MS:

NXT debuted online for its brand new day and time of Wednesdays at 4PM EST. The latest show opened with Hawkins and Reks arriving to the ring to try to take over the show. They talked trash about walking out on Triple H the other night and attacking the Uso's, bringing them to the ring. The Uso's confronted them for what they said, eventually running Hawkins and Reks out of the ring, after challening them to a match.

Commentators Korpela and Regal discussed the disarray on Raw lately and Regal said he left because it seems the WWE is too much for HHH to handle right now.

Derrick Bateman defeated Titus O'Neil. Maxine was at ringside and caused a late distraction, allowing Bateman to clip O'Neil's leg and then hit a bulldog on him for a pinfall win.

They showed the Raw Rebound detailing the big walkout on HHH after the vote of no confidence.

Backstage, JTG and Darren Young made fun of Yoshi for wearing makeup. Yoshi said it's "Not Make up but a symbol of pride." JTG told him to bring his Avon out to the ring tonight. Yoshi walked off, but saw on a nearby mirror in his locker room someone wrote "Say no to bullying."

Yoshi Tatsu defeated JTG by pinfall after connecting on a roundhouse kick off the corner. Darren Young was ringside for the match.

Daniel Bryan defeated Heath Slater by submission. Bryan used a Dragonscrew leg whip followed by the Regal Stretch for the win.

Hawkins and Reks defeated The Usos by pinfall in the main event. The finish saw Jey hit a superkick on Hawkins and climb to the corner. Tyler Reks distracted Jey, and Hawkins was able to get up and throw Jey off. Hawkins followed up with a heatseeking elbow on Jey on the mat for the pinfall win.

That concluded NXT with Hawkins and Reks celebrating their big tag team win and Regal saying these guys need to do something now with the victory.

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