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Raw Results 10/3/11

Raw Results from Cajundome, LA:

Michael Cole opened the show with defiance and insurgence on the menu after last night's end to Hell in a Cell. Tonight, Jim Ross announced a 12-man tag match featuring the team of Sheamus, Punk, cena, Mason Ryan and Air Boom vs. Swagger, Ziggler, Christian, Rhodes, Otunga and Del Rio. Randy Orton came out to start off the show.

Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre

JR and Cole talked about what happened in the Orton vs Henry HIAC match last night right before the bell sounded for this one. The two competitors grappled a bit, with the ref pulling them apart in the corner.

Cole said the exclusive footage of what happened at the end of last night's PPV will be shown tonight. Orton knocked Drew out of the ring and went out to toss him into a barrier. He took Drew and ran him across to toss into the other barrier.

The close saw Orton gain momentum and explode for clothesline after clothesline, then a scoop slam. He got up and put Drew through the ropes, then onto the middle rope for the DDT. From there, he got that look in his eyes, dropped to the mat and pounded it. Once Drew was back up, The Viper struck with a quick RKO for the win.

Post-match, World Champion Mark Henry emerged from backstage as Orton was celebrating. Henry stopped at the bottom of the ramp and held up his championship belt for Orton to see. Orton went out and started to punch on him, with Henry fighting back. Security rushed out to ringside to restrain them. John Laurinaitis cam down to try to get order, but Henry broke free. About 10 guys pulled Henry back, then Orton jumped on him. Finally the scurity pulled Orton away. He pretended to be done, then rushed and shoved Henry over the barricade onto the concrete pavement.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over Drew McIntyre.

Raw was back after commercial break, with Henry pacing in the ring with his championship belt. The commentators talked about how it's all about the "Hall of Pain." They introduced a video promo about Henry and all of the damage he's done. His victims so far have included Big Show and Kane. Cole said on this Friday's Smackdown, Big Show returns.

John Morrison vs. Mark Henry

Morrison competed in a non-title match, less than 24 hours after he got to go after Rhodes' IC title last night. Henry batted Morrison down after an early attack, then tossed JMo to the corner.

JMo made a late comeback, but it wasn't enough. Henry soon overpowered Morrison and hit World's Strongest Slam for the win.

Post-match, Henry dropped his belt and went back over to JMo. He picked up Morrison and hit a second World's Strongest Slam. Henry got in the mic and told Morrison he knows what it's like to be in the ring with a beast. Henry said he defended his title last night and if Orton's listening, he's done with him. Henry said Friday on Smackdown, someone is looking for him, and he's not hard to find. Henry said when Show returns it'll be the shortest return in WWE history, because he's putting him back in the "Hall of Pain."

Winner: Mark Henry wins via pinfall over John Morrison.

Backstage, John Laurinaitis met with various WWE superstars including Ziggler, Swagger, Vickie, Rhodes, Christian, Del Rio and David Otunga. Laurinaitis said to calm down and let him see what he can discuss with Triple H. Vickie said they're going to go air their grievances themselves in the ring. They all walked out and Laurinaitis pulled his cell phone out to make a text.

Ziggler, Swagger, Vickie, Rhodes, Christian and David Otunga were in the ring when Raw returned as Christian's music played. Del Rio's music hit and Justin Roberts introduced the new WWE Champion as he showed off the gold on the ramp. Del Rio got in the ring and showed off his championship on the corner.

Del Rio talked about how he got rid of Cena and defeated CM Punk to become champ but couldn't celebrate the victory because two people attacked him that were supposed to be fired. Del Rio said it's HHH's fault for not running a company properly.

Everyone took turns speaking. Christian, Ziggler, Rhodes and Vickie. Otunga got on the mic to talk about his legal expertise, saying they can ban together collectively and take legal action. Suddenly, Triple H's music hit and he arrived out onto the ramp. The COO asked what happened to the company when men used to fight if they were attacked, instead of standing there and whining or crying like kids. HHH says he doesn't care about Truth and Miz's lawsuit, or their lawsuit. He said he cares about later when the guys in the ring will go back and have their match. He says no whining or crying later, he expects they'll fight like men.

WWE Slam of the Week showed still shot images from last night's Divas Championship match. Beth got Kelly in a submission hold. Natalya was ringside and used a mic to clock Kelly on the head. Beth followed with the Glam Slam to win the Divas title.

Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya & Beth Phoenix

Early on, things spilled to the outside where Kelly attacked Beth unmercifully, smashing her against the commentators table repeatedly. Kelly was screaming and wailing on her viciously. The ref warned them to stop and finally called for the bell. Eve finally was able to help the ref pull Kelly away, but she kept screaming.

Winner: No contest as Kelly ignored ref's warnings.

Triple H was on his cellphone when John Laurinaitis came in to interrupt. John apologized for last night's problems with handling Miz and Truth. He said he acknowledges that, but thinks HHH owes an apology to him. Laurinaitis said HHH knocked him down last night. He said he's a man and can take it, but asked Triple H to get a vote of confidence tonight. HHH asked what that is. John said to get all the superstars' opinions on how he's doing as a COO. HHH grabbed Laurinaitis by the tie and threatened him saying he's more afraid that the guy working closest to him is undermining his work. He told Laurinaitis to get everyone to the ring later, and make sure he's there too.

Raw returned with a clip from the "Fast Five" movie starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Smackdown's Jinder Mahal was in the ring after that to make an in-ring promo. Mahal tried to speak in Hindi, but Santino Marella's music hit to interrupt him. Cole said Santino's back after a car accident gave him a shoulder injury. Mahal and Santino went back and forth with various languages and jibberish before the match bell sounded.

Santino Marella vs. Jinder Mahal

Mahal missed on a running knee in the corner. Santino wound up the Cobra and struck as Mahal came over, giving Santino a quick pinfall win.

Winner: Santino Marella wins via pinfall over Jinder Mahal.

Raw returned with a video promo showcasing the brutal nature of Brodus Clay as he won various squash matches.

The commentators discussed the hard-to-believe footage coming up from last night's PPV. They showed the finale of Hell in a Cell when the cage was lowering and Cena went in to attack Del Rio. Two hooded guys also got in there, and it was Miz and Truth. They both attacked Cena, Del Rio and Punk with steel pipes. They also attacked ref's. Triple H brought down security, police and the locker room to try to get in the cage. Once a bolt cutter got the cage door opened, the police went in and arrested them. Triple H pounced on both as they were escorted out in cuffs.

They showed a YouTube video made earlier by R-Truth and Miz. Truth said this is as Mike and Ronnie. They said they wanted to get their jobs back, but Triple H wouldn't give them the time of day to explain themselves. They said they made a statement and as soon as they made it and saw the officers were going to be involved, they surrendered. Truth said they were assaulted by the COO while they were cuffed. They said they have power of attorneys and have filed a wrongful termination against WWE and Triple H. They've also pressed assault charges against Triple H for last night. They apologized to the WWE Universe.

12-Man Tag Team Match

The team of CM Punk, Mason Ryan, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, and John Cena took on the team of Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Christian, Alberto Del Rio and David Otunga in a 12-man tag match. CM Punk arrived out first, followed by Cena. Cena shot a look over at Punk after last night's match. Raw went to a break before the others arrived.

Raw returned with Swagger's music playing and Mason Ryan laughing at Vickie from the apron. Cena started things off with a big backdrop on Christian, then attacking Otunga as he tagged in. All of the competitors got in to show their stuff, including Mason Ryan coming in to take it to Ziggler. Swagger and Sheamus fought at one point, with the Celtic Warrior gaining the advantage after a backbreaker.

Punk tagged in to slam Swagger down. He got on the corner for an elbow drop by Swagger rolled away to tag in Rhodes. Punk and Rhdoes traded moves for a bit before Punk hit a running bulldog and set up GTS. Rhodes got away, but then everyone got into the ring in a big face off. Raw went to break again.

The match returned with Kofi vs Rhodes. Kofi had the advantage but missed on a move off the corner allowing Cody to hit his jump kick off the corner. The heels started to work on Kofi, keeping him away from a tag. They worked over Kofi as the ref was distracted.

Kofi finally broke away from Ziggler and tagged in Evan Bourne, just as Swagger came in. Bourne hit a barrage of quick kicks to take down Swagger. Christian came out to the apron to interfere, but Bourne brushed him off then punched down Swagger. Bourne went for Air Bourne and hit it.

He had the pin but it was near the ropes so Vickie went over and put his leg on the ropes. The ref saw it and tossed her from ringside. Vickie finally backed up the ramp screaming the whole way as Raw went to break with the wrestlers facing each other on the outside.

Raw returned with Christian in control of Bourne. Cole noted that Team Del Rio has dominated most of this matchup. Cole yelled at Booker for jumping on Del Rio's bandwagon. Bourne managed to hit a Tornado DDT on Del Rio from off the corner to try to get away. Cena tagged in and went right at Del Rio with his comeback routine, including Five Knuckle Shuffle and the attempted AA. Del Rio escaped and went for cross armbreaker, with Cena escaping but he rolled to the heels side of the ring and got attacked.

Cena escaped when Swagger missed on a bomb splash off the corner. Cena managed to tag in Sheamus who came in to take down Ziggler. Sheamus was in control and about to go for the battering ram from the corner. Things escalated when Del Rio shoved Sheamus off the corner. Everyone started coming in and hitting their finishing moves. Cena hit the AA on Otunga, but then Ziggler hit Zig Zag on Cena. Sheamus was back into the ring as legal man and hit the Brogue Kick on him for the victory. Post-match, they raised up their arms, including Sheamus hugging Cena and Punk in a moment never seen before.

Winners: Team Cena wins via pinfall over Team Del Rio after Sheamus pinned Dolph Ziggler.

When Raw returned, the commentators talked about the return of Big Show to Smackdown on Friday. The Raw theme music hit and various stars from backstage came down to the ring. Smackdown music hit and brought the Smackdown stars to the ring. Beth Pohenix's music hit to bring the divas out, and then the referees came to the ring.

Smackdown music hit again to bring out more superstars to the ring including Mark Henry, Wade Barrett and Heath Slater. Raw music again and out came Air Boom, Morrison, Santino, Zack Ryder and more. Jerry Lawler's music hit and brought the King out to the surprise of the commentators.

Raw returned with all of the superstars, divas and refs surrounding the ring. The camera panned around to show their faces as the crowd members yelled out different stuff. Both Sin Caras were ringside. Finally after several moments, COO Triple H came to the ring. Triple H said they all get a chance to tell him how they feel he's doing as COO. He admitted the job's a lot more difficult than he thought it'd be, and he was given the job, it's not one he asked for.

HHH said Miz and Truth aren't like him and he's mad because if they're gonna do the crime, they need to do the time and accept the punishment. HHH admitted he loves seeing people beat the hell out of each other. HHH said at the end of the day, they really all work for the WWE Universe. He said he doesn't work for the wrestlers or divas, he works for all of the fans. HHH said he's curious to hear their opinions now.

Wade Barrett piped up saying he was selected by his comrades to air their grievances, making it an unfair working environment. Barrett said they shouldn't be subjected to being attacked in spots like the parking lot because HHH can't control his talent. Wade said HHH just admitted he likes watching guys beat the hell out of each other. HHH reminded everyone how Barrett lead Nexus down to destroy the ring and everyone in it. He said Wade's upset that he isn't causing all the chaos.

Mike Chioda of the referees spoke up about how superstars are attacking them and Triple H isn't doing anything about it. Beth Phoenix piped up that they're girls and they're worried something could happen.

Jerry Lawler got in the ring to say he's worried the show is spiraling out of control. Lawler said it's becoming a hostile or hazardous environment. Lawler said he doesn't think it's Triple H's fault. Lawler said he thinks there's someone behind the strings trying to sabotage HHH as COO.

Lawler said unfortunately this is happening because of him. Christian piped up to say on behalf of his colleagues he has no confidence. Mike Chioda agreed for the refs, and Beth agreed for the divas. Lawler spoke up saying "No confidence too." Lawler said right now he's reluctantly walking out because action speak louder than words. Lawler went up the ramp and then all the others followed as Triple H watched from in the ring.

Michael Cole stood up from his announce position and also walked off, heading around the ring and up the ramp. One group of faces including Air Boom and Ryder was still ringside convening. They finally decided to leave too. Booker T followed after them, as did Justin Roberts and the timekeeper. The WWE Universe gave a Triple H chant as more WWE staff left, including the camera guy. He dropped his camera in the ring aimed at HHH's feet.

Jim Ross remained at ringside and Triple H stared out at him. JR took off his headset, set it down on the commentators table and left, shaking his head as he did. The crowd booed. After everyone had left, John Laurinaitis came out to the stage and looked down towards the ring shaking his head. The crowd started up a "You Suck" chant and booed him heavily. Laurinaitis walked backstage as now everyone had left the scene. Raw ended with Triple H alone in the ring shaking his head as fans cheered for him.

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