Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WWE Conspiracy Theories & COO Triple H

Is Triple H out as the COO of WWE? It almost seems like that's the next logical step after Monday's episode of Raw. The Chief Operating Officer was left alone in the ring after a vote of no confidence was held by superstars, divas, referees and other personalities. Jerry Lawler had a prominent speaking part in telling HHH that he would be walking out. So let the WWE conspiracy theories begin.

On the latest Raw, the show ended with Triple H holding a vote of confidence to see how he was doing as the COO. This was the idea of John Laurinaitis. It lead to several superstars, Beth Phoenix and a referee speaking their concerns. When all was said and done, they had voted "No Confidence" in Triple H. The King suggested that even though it wasn't HHH's fault, someone was trying to cause problems for him, so he was the reason it was happening. So who caused all of this?

The obvious choice here is the culprit who appeared at the end of Raw to shake his head at Triple H, one John Laurinaitis. The talent relations guy has been undermining HHH for weeks and texting or talking to some other individual by cell phone. It's quite possible he allowed The Miz and R-Truth to get into Hell in a Cell. Of course, he could be working for Mr. McMahon, or even Stephanie McMahon. Laurinaitis has been connected with Kevin Nash before, and may bring back Nash, Miz and Truth in his own sort of "NWO." Maybe Laurinaitis will feel the wrath of Triple H at some point. For now, fans will have to see what's coming next on Smackdown and Raw.

With all of this going on, whatever happened to the anonymous Raw General Manager? They haven't had a part in weeks and have mysteriously vanished. Is the person running the conspiracy that's driving WWE into the ground behind all of it? Time will tell...

Who do you think is behind the WWE Conspiracy that is going on? Leave your thoughts below!

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