Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Raw Gets Rock & Mick Foley!

Raw definitely gave a good pre-Survivor Series 2011 hype show this past Monday, with the exception of a few glitches.  The highlights were obvious, with the returns of two of the Attitude Era's greatest stars, The Rock and Mick Foley.  Foley's in-ring segment with Cena had some moments of hilarity, and it was all capped off by The Rock Bottom planting Mick onto the mat.  It's unknown if he'll be back again for future Raw shows, but let's hope!

Meanwhile, The Rock is definitely looking older, but still jacked up as ever.  He was fresh off the set of the upcoming GI Joe sequel.  For those wondering, Rock will be playing the role of Roadblock, a classic GI Joe character.  The new film is called "GI Joe: Retaliation" and is scheduled for release in June of 2012.

The in-ring bits featuring Cena and Rock showcased their ability to draw heat or crowd reaction, but it was mostly The Rock winning them over.  It seemed clear that Rock fans outnumbered Cena fans even in his hometown area of Boston, MA.  It's very likely that a lot of fans traveled to the venue just to see Rock back on Raw though.

Some of the miscues of the night were obviously the Michael Cole contests with Jim Ross, and the Team Orton vs Team Barrett antics.  In the past, Survivor Series elimination matches were built up by having both teams brawling in the ring ahead of the event.  On Raw, they simply had Orton's team run out the bad guys, making it look like they were the dominant crew.  Why not have Team Barrett start a beatdown on Orton and then Orton's teammates rush to the ring to have a brawl?  Would've built up the SS clash a lot better.

Nonetheless, Raw got rocked.  And for those wondering, Rock got Twitter to trend "BOOTS TO ASSES" and "#cenasladyparts."  Not bad for a return to WWE Raw in Boston!

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