Monday, November 14, 2011

Raw Preview 11/13/11

Tonight's episode of Raw will be of epic proportions as it will feature the return of "The Great One" to the show. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson makes his first appearance on Monday Night Raw in months. This comes not long ahead of his upcoming return to the ring at Survivor Series 2011, where he'll team up with John Cena. What will The Rock have to say on Raw? Will Awesome Truth try to attack the "People's Champ?"

Also on Raw, several others will be preparing for Survivor Series on a special 3-hour show. That includes WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, and his challenger, CM Punk. It's been a long time coming for Punk's one-on-one matchup to compete for the championship. Punk was defeated by Del Rio at Hell in a Cell, only after John Cena was locked out of the cell, and Punk was hit by a steel pipe. Last week saw a series of attacks, which saw Del Rio getting the upperhand backstage. Will Punk get revenge on tonight's show?

With a 3-hour show, anything is possible, especially with a major Pay-Per-View arriving soon. Big Show will be preparing for his second attempt at Mark Henry and the World Heavyweight Championship. Also, Team Orton and Team Barrett are looking to get ready for their clash at Survivor Series. Will any of these superstars gain advantages on tonight's Raw episode?

Tonight's special 3-hour Raw starts at 8PM EST on USA!

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