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Raw Results 11/14/11

WWE Raw Results from Boston, MA:

The show opened with Michael Cole getting into the ring and saying he has three challenges for Jim Ross. Cole said if JR wins all three, he'll quit and JR can have his job back. The first challenge was an arm wrestling challenge. Cole purposely gave up, then said he lost due to JR's awful breath. Second challenge was a dance contest, judged by the crowd. They obviously cheered JR louder. The final contest was a "who weighs less" contest. Cole was 200 pounds and Ross was 239, so he lost. As JR started to leave, CM Punk came out with a mic in hand.

CM Punk said Cole's time is up, and between him Del Rio and Laurinaitis, everyone wants to fast forward on the DVR. John Laurinaitis was also on the scene and told Punk he'd be teaming up with Big Show against Mark Henry and Del Rio later tonight. Cole said it looks like the pipe bomb blew up in Punk's face. He asked Punk to apologize for all he said about him. Instead, Punk put Cole in the Anaconda Vice submission hold, with Cole tapping out.

Matt Striker was back in the garage area with a stretch limo. He said one of the greatest Superstars in WWE history is back. Out of the limo came Mick Foley, who said he wouldn't miss The Rock's return for anything.

They showed highlight clips from Randy Orton beating Cody Rhodes on Smackdown two weeks ago.

Jim Ross joined Lawler on commentary saying he saw an open chair.

Hunico and Cody Rhodes defeated Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara by pinfall. Late in the match, Kofi was fighting Rhodes, but got distracted by Hunico. Cody was able to hit Crossroads for the win.

The Rock was shown backstage wearing his "Team Bring It" t-shirt.

Santino was playing a WWE videogame backstage when Zack Ryder came up to him. He asked him to sign an online petition so he can get a US Title match against Dolph Ziggler. They argued about who would win between Cena and The Rock, with Santino saying "it doesn't matter!" Santino then signed the petition for Ryder.

JR and Lawler talked about the upcoming WWE 12 video game.

Vickie Guerrero arrived out to say that Christian suffered an injury this past Friday, so he'll be out of Survivor Series and Team Barrett. Replacing him on the team is Dolph Ziggler, who will face Mason Ryan tonight.

John Laurinaitis brought Michael Cole back to the ring, wearing a sling on his hurt arm. John ordered ross to get out of the chair so Cole could continue commentary. Ross tried to give a handshake to Cole but Cole refused. JR patted Cole on the shoulder and Cole said he was going to sude him.

Mason Ryan defeated Dolph Ziggler due to DQ when Vickie Guerrero slapped Mason. Post-match, John Morrison rushed down to the ramp and grabbed Dolph Ziggler, then threw him back in the ring for Mason Ryan. Ryan slapped on a Full Nelson on Ziggler as Vickie screamed from up the ramp.

Zack Ryder met with Mick Foley backstage and got him to sign his online petition. Foley asked Ryder to show him the fist bump and teach him the catchphrase "Woo woo woo!"

Mick Foley came to the ring to promote John Cena and The Rock as a tag team. He called Cena one of the greatest performers of all time, and introduced Cena. Foley then did a "trip down memory lane" video montage of Cena as a kid and wrestler. He also brought out Cena's litte league coach, former tag partner Bull Buchanan, and Cena's father to tell the people "you suck." Cena tried to tell Foley to end the segment but he kept going, until The Rock showed up. Rock came to the ring and hit Rock Bottom on Foley to finish the segment, then left the ring and went backstage.

Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger by pinfall. Late in the match, Sheamus escaped an Ankle Lock and then was able to hit the Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus beat on his chest, then hit a huge boot kick on Swagger to get the win.

Backstage, the Bella Twins signed Ryder's petition, then they went up to Alberto Del Rio. They said they don't agree with anything Punk says about him. Bellas offered to hang out with Del Rio after SS 2011. Ryder said they can party with him and so can Del Rio. Del Rio brushed him off, and then The Bellas groaned before walking off.

They showcased behind-the-scenes for Kelly Kelly's Maxim photo shoot.

Kelly Kelly defeated Natalya by pinfall. Natalya tried for a Sharpshooter after Beth Phoenix distracted Kelly. Kelly was able to counter the submission with a rollup pinfall though.

Backstage, John Laurinaitis was talking on his cell phone to Brodus Clay. He told him that they'll debut him on Raw next week so he's not overshadowed by The Rock. Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez came into the scene as John hung up the phone. Laurinaitis said that lately Punk's been showing Del Rio up a lot. He said if Punk wins the WWE title it could cause more trouble for WWE. Del Rio said that won't happen because he doesn't think Punk will make it to Survivor Series. Del Rio said he'll be champion a long time, even longer than Laurinaitis is the GM.

At ringside, Michael Cole said he'll be rooting for Del Rio on Sunday after what Punk did to him tonight. Cole and Lawler discussed the upcoming Survivor Series matches on the card.

Backstage, Matt Striker tried to interview Awesome Truth about their match with Cena and The Rock, but neither guy would comment. They glared at Striker a bit then left the scene.

CM Punk was shown walking backstage all smiles on the way out for his tag match. Alberto Del Rio jumped him and threw him into a nearby truck. Two refs had to intervene to bring order back.

Alberto Del Rio and Mark Henry won by pinfall over CM Punk and Big Show. Punk was able to make it out for the match despite the previous attack. In the late stages of the match, Big Show got involved in the action, so the ref had to get him out of there. CM Punk tried to go flying at Del Rio, but Henry shoved him out of the way and caught Punk in the air. Henry hit World's Strongest Slam. Show got back in and knocked Henry out to the floor and then went after him. Show and Henry got into it outside the ring, with Henry pushing him into the ringpost. Del Rio managed to crawl over and cover Punk for the pin.

Santino Marella came out to the ring to talk about nearly winning the Royal Rumble in Boston, except for Del Rio eliminating him. Kevn Nash came out to interrupt Santino's speech and talked about how his return to WWE's Royal Rumble got a huge ovation. He asked Santino to show him the trombone and Santino did. Nash then delivered a big boot kick to ground him. He talked about how Triple H didn't hire him after the Rumble. Nash said "I'm here and you're not" as a message to HHH at home. Nash finished with a Jackknife on Santino before leaving the ring.

They showed Orton backstage doing pushups to prepare for his match against Wade Barrett.

Barrett brought his Survivor Series tag team partners to the ring with him for his match against Orton and vowed to "de-venomize The Viper" tonight. During their match, all of Barrett's SS team got into the ring, and then Orton's team did as well. They all started to brawl with Team Orton clearing the heels out. Orton won the match by DQ.

Justin Roberts introduced The Rock to the "electrified crowd." They went crazy as Rock arrived to the ring. Rock spoke about his day's schedule including working out and filming on location for the new GI Joe movie, before flying to Logan Airport in Boston so he could say "finally...The Rock has come back, to Bos-ton!" Rock continued his promo talking about his upcoming Survivor Series match, and how he can get things to trend on Twitter just by saying something like "Boots to Asses."

Awesome Truth interrupted Rock's promo to talk about how they don't care what he did in his day. Miz said they'll leave Rock a quivering beaten mess after Survivor Series. Truth suggested they do it now, but Miz stopped him saying they don't care what Rock wants or The People want. Miz said tonight "Raw gets rocked," but on Sunday "Rock gets beat." As Awesome Truth prepared to leave, Cena came to the ring.

Cena and The Rock traded barbs about each other. Rock talked about how he could stick his boot up Cena's lady parts, then suggested that should trend on Twitter (it did later). The two kept going at it, with Miz breaking in to say he was sick of them. Eventually, things broke down with Cena and Rock attacking Miz and Truth. Rock did Rock Bottom on Truth. Cena prepared for the Attitude Adjustment on Miz, but Rock grabbed him and yanked Miz off to hit another Rock Bottom. Rock left the ring with Cena looking surprised by Rock stealing the spotlight.

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