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Raw Results 12/12/11 - 2011 Slammy Awards

WWE Raw Results from Norfolk, VA:

Tonight's Raw result also include presentation of the various 2011 Slammy Awards.

To start off the show, Booker T, Eve, Alicia Fox and Hornswoggle presented the award for "Tell Me I Did Not Just See That."  Jim Ross won for dancing in the Michael Cole Challenge.  Ross came out and talked about how he never expected to win a Slammy.  Cole interrupted from the ring to complain about JR's win.  Booker told Cole that JR can beat him right now in a rap-off contest.  Booker and Hornswoggle brought JR to the ring and he and Cole traded freestyle raps.  According to crowd response, JR was the winner.

Mick Foley and The Million Dollar Man presented "Holy (bleep) Moment of the Year" which went to Big Show and Mark Henry for making the ring collapse during their match at a PPV.  Show came out to accept and thanked the Academy, saying Henry is probably afraid of him now.  Show said he's done talking and ready to bash someone's head in.

Big Show defeated Wade Barrett due to DQ.  Barrett tried to use a steel chair in the ring causing the DQ, then ran away from the ring after show punched the chair away.

Road Dogg Jesse James came out to present the Pipe Bomb of the Year Award.  There were 14 different candidates including R-Truth, Santino with fake Obama, Stone Cold and Punk, Punk's ice cream bars rant, Sheamus and Beaker, Ryder on YouTube and more.  CM Punk was announced as winner.

Punk came out to accept the award but said he wants to recognize someone else in WWE who works hard daily.  He presented a video montage tribute to John Laurinaitis which showed old highlight clips from Dynamic Dudes with Shane Douglas and Johnny Ace.

Former WWE Diva Lita came out to present "Most Divalicious Moment of the Year."  The winner was announced as Kelly Kelly, but Beth Phoenix and Natalya came out to interrupt.  They tried to get Kelly's Slammy, but she slapped Beth.  Beth and Natalya backed off from Lita and Kelly.

Santino presented the "OMG! Moment of the Year."  The Bella Twins came out to help tell what OMG means.  The winner was Undertaker for kicking out of a Tombstone by Triple H at WM27.  Triple H came out to accept the award, but went to the ring in street clothes, holding a sledgehammer.

Triple H delivered a promo in the ring saying HHH was the only guy to walk away from that match with Undertaker under his own power.  He said Undertaker and The Streak are no more, as they've come to their end.

HHH asked to see a video clip of Nash assaulting him again.  HHH said Nash should've finished the job, because now he's back.  On Sunday, it'll be "Might Making Right."  Hunter vowed that on Sunday he'll climb the ladder, grab the sledgehammer and bring it down on Nash over and over.  As HHH's music played he went up the ramp to where Santino was and tried to give him his Slammy to hold.  Santino ran backstage, and HHH posed up there.

David Otunga and Tony Atlas came out to present an award for "Trending Star of the Year."  Otunga mocked the laugh that Atlas used to do for the Abraham Washington Show on ECW.  Otunga said all four guys up for the award will compete in a match tonight.  It was between Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder.

As the match started, Michael Cole said whichever wrestler trends first out of the four on Twitter will win the award.  The match was won by Ziggler after he hit Zig Zag on Bryan for a pinfall.  The award was won by Ryder, but Ziggler got upset and hit the Zig Zag on him before stealing the Slammy.

Christian came out to present the "Gamechanger of the Year" award.  The winners were The Rock for challenging John Cena to a match at WM28.  John Cena came out to accept the award and said the award rests on the shoulders of a team.  He pretend Rock was there to come out, but then said no Rock wasn't there.  He said there's a satellite clip, then said no they don't have one.  Cena then talked about WM28 and the big match saying the Gamechanging Moment will be April 1st and he will be at his very best.  Cena said he hopes Rock is committed to preparing for WM28, because he wants everyone to see Rock at his best.

Alberto Del Rio & The Miz defeated CM Punk and Randy Orton by pinfall in tag team action.  Late in the match, Punk wanted to tag in Orton, but Wade Barrett attacked Orton on the apron from out of nowhere.  That left Punk alone two-on-one.  Miz hit the Skullcrushing Finale on Punk to get the pin and win.

Post-match, Del Rio and Miz beat up Punk some using a ladder.  Del Rio put on the Cross armbreaker on Punk's arm with a ladder on it.  Miz said they want to make sure Punk makes it to the PPV so one of them can win the WWE title.

Vickie Guerrero and Goldust presented the award for "A-Lister of the Year."  Nominnes for the award were The Muppets, Snooki, Cee-Lo Green, and Hugh Jackman.  Snooki won and gave a thanks message on pre-recorded video.

Sheamus came to the ring for a match against Jinder Mahal.  As Mahal came out he cut a promo saying Sheamus will play a supporting role for his Slammy-award winning performance tonight.  Sheamus connected on a Brogue Kick as soon as Jinder got in the ring.  No match due to the fact the bell never rang to start it.

Rey Mysterio made a surprise appearance to announce "Superstar of the Year."  CM Punk was the winner but unable to accept the award due to his earlier beatdown.  Instead, John Laurinaitis came out and accepted the award on his behalf, saying Punk was in no condition to make it out there.

A 1/2/12 video promo was shown with the young girl in the classroom.  The boy from the earlier promos was saying on 1/2/12 it will be "the end of the world as you know it."  "Control" flashed on the screen before Raw went to commercial.

John Cena and Mark Henry fought to a no decision in the main event match.  Late in the match, Mark Henry was dominating when Cena escaped and made a comeback.  He tried to knock Henry off balance by running at him with shoulder block/tackles, but at one point Henry caught him.  Henry hit World's Strongest Slam on Cena, but was out of it and couldn't get over for the pinfall.

Suddenly, pyrotechnics went off and the arena went dark for a bit, before Kane's theme music and video hit.  Kane emerged from backstage up on the stage wearing a solid welder's type mask over his face.  He marched down the ramp to the ring as Henry rolled out.  Cena got up stumbling around.  Kane grabbed him around the throat and hit the chokeslam.  He raised Cena up and slammed him down to the mat.  Kane stood over Cena on the mat and then raised up his arms, before dropping them down as the ringposts exploded with pyro.  As Kane's music played, he lowered his head a bit to look down, then removed the welder's mask to reveal a new Kane mask.  He also had long hair again and some stubble on his chin.  Raw ended with the visual of the masked Kane face.

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