Saturday, December 3, 2011

Daniel Bryan MITB Cash-in Opponent?

Daniel Bryan has now tried and failed twice to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Mark Henry.  Previously, Bryan had promised to wait until Wrestlemania 28 for his cash-in, saying he wasn't going to make it a surprise.  However, he tried to take the opportunity just as others before him have.

That leads many to wonder, if Bryan eventually cashes in, who will his opponent be?  There seems to be at least a few names who come to mind.  The first is Mark Henry.  Either Henry holds onto the title as a dominant champion up until Wrestlemania 28, or he drops it and somehow reclaims it.  Henry has had the upperhand on Bryan several times now, but it would be sweet revenge for Bryan to cash in on "the World's Strongest Man" at Wrestlemania 28 and make him tap out.

Another potential MITB cash-in opponent is Wade Barrett, which would mean Barrett would be headlining Wrestlemania 28.  These two have had their run-ins and bad blood on Smackdown, as well as Barrett previously heading up Nexus.  The group had Bryan in it for their huge attack on Raw where Daniel Bryan was let go from WWE due to choking Justin Roberts by his tie.  Anyhow, Barrett has defeated Bryan several times on Smackdown en route to re-positioning himself in the title picture.

And then there's the Miz.  Miz is capable of headlining Wrestlemania, as he did so last year.  Since John Cena and The Rock may not be battling over the WWE Championship, it's possible that someone else will be holding it.  Quite possibly there will be a match involving The Miz vs. CM Punk or Triple H.  Imagine if The Miz's former stendt on NXT is able to capture the title from Miz?

When viewing all of these storylines, the way things look right now favor Mark Henry being the guy that Bryan defeats.  WWE seems to be pushing that notion right now, but they will have to really drive the point home ahead of Wrestlemania, which is still about 4 months away!

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