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Raw Results 12/5/11

WWE Raw Results from Tampa, FL:

The opening segment saw John Cena arrive to the ring to talk about Piper's Pit last week and how the crowd is with him (boos and cheers). Cena discussed how he needs to be the #1 contender for CM Punk's WWE title. Alberto Del Rio came out to interrupt, saying he should be WWE champ after the way Punk cheated last week in their match.

 Vickie Guerrero brought Dolph Ziggler out to suggest that the US champ deserves the title shot after defeating Randy Orton last week on Raw. Cena and Ziggler traded insults, with The Miz coming out to interrupt. Miz said he's beaten Cena at WrestleMania and has held the title longer than Del Rio's month. He declared himself next WWE champion.

 John Laurinaitis arrived out to tell them all they'd be in matches tonight against Smackdown opponents. If they win their match, they'll be entered into a WWE title match at the TLC Pay-Per-View. Laurinaitis told Cena he's got a special match tonight, a "social experiment" which Cena needs to come to his office to find out about. Laurinaitis said Miz would wrestle the first match on Raw against....Randy Orton.

Match 1: The Miz defeated Randy Orton by countout in under 5 minutes. Orton had control of the match, but after rolling Miz into the ring, he chased Wade Barrett up the ramp and was counted out. Post-match, Barrett attacked Orton from behind. Miz will be in the WWE title match at TLC.

Cole and Lawler introduced a video package about the WWE network, which will feature live in-ring action, classic shows, and "Legends House," a reality show about WWE legends living under one roof.

Backstage, John Laurinaitis was texting on his phone when Zack Ryder came in. Laurinaitis denied his US title petition. John Cena arrived in and gave his support to Ryder, mocking Laurinaitis. The interim GM told Cena he has a very special match for him tonight against a very popular wrestler, and that wrestler is, Zack Ryder. Laurinaitis said if Ryder wins, he gets his US title shot, but if Cena wins he gets the WWE title shot at TLC Pay-Per-View.

David Otunga had a conversation with Kevin Nash backstage to tell him he'd be facing Triple H in a ladder match at TLC. There will be a sledgehammer hanging over the ring that can be used during the course of the match. Nash will be fighting on Raw tonight.

Match 2: Alberto Del Rio defeated Daniel Bryan by submission with the cross arm-breaker in under two minutes. Del Rio took advantage of the fact that Bryan had been beat up bad by Mark Henry in a cage match last week.

Tribute to the Troops will air next Tuesday on USA network from Fort Bragg. Among the special guests are Maria Menounos, The Muppets, Mary J. Blige and Nickleback.

Match 3: Kelly Kelly and Eve defeated Beth Phoenix and Natalya by pinfall in a very quick match. As Beth and Natalya were arriving out, they showed a video package about the "Divas of Doom" duo, but it was interrupted by a 1/2/12 promo video.

Match 4: John Cena defeated Zack Ryder by pinfall after hitting Attitude Adjustment. Cena was able to avoid the Rough Ryder and countered with his finisher. Post-match, Ryder shoved Cena away when he tried to help him up. Cena looked conflicted over what had just happened. Cena will now be part of the four-way TLC match for the WWE title (vs. CM Punk, Del Rio, & The Miz).

A video previewed next week's 3-hour Raw which will be the 2011 Slammy Awards.  Cole talked about being a past Slammys winner and then reminded fans that will be open for voting this year.  Up for Superstar of the Year 2011 are John Cena, The Miz, Mark Henry, Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton and CM Punk.

Backstage, Otunga was having a conversation with Laurinaitis when Cena came in upset.  He demanded Otunga leave now, then told Laurinaitis if he wants to be a visionary to give Ryder his US title shot.  Cena said Ryder's worked hard to get the opportunity.  Laurinaitis said only if Cena gives up his WWE title shot at TLC.  Cena said nobody in this office has given Ryder a chance, so he's agreeing to give up his title shot.  He shook Laurinaitis' hand.  Laur said Ryder will have to win his match against his opponent in the next match.

A new Kane promo video was shown featuring the mask being put back on as various images of other stars were shown on the screen, including The Undertaker.  "Kane Resurrected" was the message on the screen after the red mask hit the ground covered in fire.

Match 5: Zack Ryder defeated Mark Henry by pinfall in a non-title no DQ match.  During the match, Henry got the advantage after Ryder tried to go after Henry's hurt ankle.  John Cena came to the ring and hit the AA on Mark Henry, then pulled Ryder on top of Henry for the win.  Ryder will now get a US title match against Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler was backstage with Jack Swagger as Vickie Guerrero came out of John Laurinaitis' office.  She said she couldn't get the decision reversed on the Mark Henry vs Ryder match because it was no DQ.  Vickie said she found out that Ziggler will be facing Sheamus in his TLC qualifying match tonight.  Swagger said he'd be at ringside for him, but Ziggler didn't want to hear it.  He walked off, as Vickie tried to calm down Swagger.

Match 6: Kevin Nash arrived out for his first Raw TV match since August of 2003.  Nash walked right past the ring and put a sledgehammer on the announce table in front of Lawler.  In his match, Nash made quick work of Santino Marella, and hit the Jackknife Powerbomb for the win.  Post-match, Nash teased using the sledgehammer on Santino, but stopped and Santino crawled away.  Nash raised his arms and left the ring.

Backstage they showed CM Punk talking to Evan Bourne who was back from suspension.

Match 7: Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler by pinfall after connecting on the Brogue Kick.  Zack Ryder arrived to ringside during the match, causing a distraction to Ziggler which allowed Sheamus the opportunity to get the kick.  Post-match, Ryder taunted Ziggler by holding up the belt and promising he'd fist pump Ziggler's face.  This means Ziggler will not be a part of the WWE Title match at TLC.

The final segment of the show was the contract signing for the TLC 3-way match for the WWE title.  Miz and Del Rio were in ring with Laurinaitis.  Punk arrived out to the ring as well, pushing the table aside and suggesting these always end in a big brawl anyways.  Each guy talked up why they would win the title, with Punk cracking jokes about Miz and Del Rio.

Each of them finally signed off on the match for TLC, then Laurinaitis said he wanted a photographer to take a picture of all the men together in the ring.  Punk said even Laurinaitis' contract signings are boring, so if he wants something done right he has to do it himself.  Punk dropped the mic on Miz causing him to get hit outside the ring.  Punk threw Del Rio into the corner, but  Ricardo Rodriguez attacked Punk from behind, which allowed Del Rio to get the advantage.

Del Rio threw the chairs out of the ring and then set up the table to try to smash Punk on it.  Miz rushed back into the ring with Punk kneeing Del Rio into Miz.  From there, Punk hit G2S on The Miz.  Both guys were knocked out in the ring as Punk celebrated to close Raw.

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