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WWE NXT Results 12/7/11

WWE NXT Results from Jacksonville, FL:

NXT opened with The Usos already on stage as they started up their battle chant and dance before heading down to the ring. Josh Matthews and Matt Striker were on commentary to talk things over. The Usos did their Us-O! chant with the crowd, but Derrick Bateman came rushing out to the ring.

Bateman talked about how Maxine left with Johnny Curtis last week. Usos said someone's playing games with him because they saw Maxine leave by herself last week. Bateman thanked them and rushed off up the ramp just as Hawkins and Reks arrived out for the match.

The Uso Brothers vs. Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins

Late in the match, Jey broke away from Hawkins to make a hot tag to Jimmy. Jimmy ran around knocking down Reks and Hawkins, then avoided a big kick from Reks to hit the Ally-Us backwards slam. Jimmy did the running hip check but couldn't get the pinfall.

Reks made a comeback while Jey and Hawkins were out of the picture. Later, both Usos got in the ring and delivered kicks on Reks and Hawkins. A big Superfly Splash from Jey onto Reks won the match by pinfall.

Winners: The Usos win by pinfall over Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins.

Backstage, Bateman was stomping down the back arena area. He asked Tyson Kidd if he saw Maxine anywhere. Kidd said he can't stand her. Bateman went up to Justin Gabriel and Trent Barreta who also said they had no idea. Bateman saw a woman from behind and said "Maxine?" It was Maxine's mom instead. She told him that Maxine was with her all weekend and was kind of grumpy. She started to get touchy-feely with Bateman.

Johnny Curtis came up to them and Maxine's mom slapped Bateman as if he was coming on to her. Curtis talked to Bateman a bit suggesting that he was with Derrick's mother last weekend. Bateman tried to attack Curtis, prompting Gabriel and Barreta to pull him off.

Percy Watson & Titus O'Neil vs. Darren Young & JTG

Tamina accompanied JTG & Young to the ring. Late in this match, Percy Watson and JTG both crawled over to tag in their partners. Titus came in and started to immediately beat Young around the ring, before knocking JTG off the apron. Titus had a huge big boot to knock Young down, then did a slam from his shoulder to drive Young into his knee. Percy Watson and JTG went at it outside the ring. Titus got distracted by Tamina when she got on the apron, allowing Darren Young to steal a schoolboy pinfall. Tamina and JTG joined him on the ramp to celebrate the win.

Post-match, Titus got on the mic angrily talking about how he's been on the show 39 weeks to prove himself. He said Darren Young doesn't care about any of the people there, he only cares about himself. Titus talked about how he's got two kids at home that he loves. Titus told Darren Young to come out next week and show him face-to-face that he's a man. The crowd booed his speech rather than supporting him.

Winners: Darren Young & JTG defeated Percy Watson and Titus O'Neil by pinfall.

Striker thanked the group Kasabian for "Days are Forgotten" featuring LL Cool J, the official theme song for the 2011 TLC Pay-Per-View. Matthews and Striker talked about the upcoming WWE Network for 2012. They introduced the video package about the network which was shown during Monday Night Raw.

Derrick Bateman vs. Johnny Curtis

Matthews and Striker compared Curtis to "The Situation" from Jersey Shore, or Neil Patrick Harris' character on "How I Met Your Mother." Early on, Bateman took control as he attacked Curtis, kicking and punching him in the corner. Bateman got busted open early on and was bleeding from the nose area, but the ref didn't stop anything to check on him. Bateman went for a big move off the apron towards Curtis, but missed, hitting the floor hard and was holding his elbow.

Curtis had the upperhand later in the match, working on Bateman's hurt elbow from earlier. Bateman started up another comeback hitting a huge dropkick in the corner on Curtis. Bateman went for a huge crossbody and got it on Curtis who rolled through for a nearfall. The two guys traded chops before knocking into one another. Bateman followed up with a head-first DDT slam move for the win.

Post-match, Maxine arrived out from backstage with a mic in hand. She walked down to the ring and confronted him for snooping on her with her mother. Maxine took her ring off and said "the engagement is off" before placing it in Bateman's hand. Curtis was shown seated near the announce table smirking. Bateman looked distrought in the ring as Maxine stormed backstage.

Winner: Derrick Bateman defeated Johnny Curtis by pinfall.

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