Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2011 TLC WWE Championship Match Set?

On Monday night's Raw, the latest TLC Pay-Per-View match was revealed.  The WWE Championship will be up for gabs in a Triple Threat match involving CM Punk, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio.  John Cena had originally been included in the competitors, but gave up his spot in the interest of helping his pal Zack Ryder earn a United States Championship opportunity.

So that seems to leave John Cena on the sidelines for TLC, or does it?  The event is less than two weeks away, but that's still plenty of time for Cena to earn back a spot in the match, making it a Fourway TLC match for the WWE title.  Otherwise, what else does Cena have to do right now?  It would be rare to see WWE leave their flagship poster guy off a card like this, unless he's Zack Ryder's corner man or something.  The only previous time where Cena didn't have an actual fight on a PPV in recent memory was when he was the special guest referee for Wade Barrett's match against Randy Orton for the championship.

With all that said, it seems very likely that Cena will be given some sort of stipulation by Raw interim GM John Laurinaitis.  Most likely if Cena passes the challenge (probably another match), the GM will put him into the match at the TLC Pay-Per-View with Punk's title on the line.  It's just too far-fetched to think that Cena won't be part of this event in December.

One other note, and that is that next week is the 2011 Slammy Awards for WWE.  Once again Superstar of the Year will come down to fan voting and includes John Cena on the ballot.  It won't be much of a surprise when he wins it for the second straight year, but shouldn't it go to another star, such as The Miz or Del Rio, based on their past year's work?  Just a thought to consider as we approach Raw's 3-hour special next week.

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