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Smackdown Results 12/9/11

Smackdown Results from Jacksonville, FL:

 To start the show, Booker T was shown being checked on as he was down on the ramp.  Cody Rhodes had attacked him from behind as Booker was arriving for the commentary spot.  Rhodes stayed down by the commentary table smirking about what he did.  Lillian Garcia was introduced as she made her return to do the ring announcing job for Smackdown.  Rhodes interrupted as he was now standing on the commentary table, saying nobody cares that Lillian's back and nobody noticed she left.  He said he hadn't made his original message to Booker clear enough.  Rhodes said he will fill the empty commentary seat now and told Booker to watch because "you might learn something...Sucka."  Cole welcomed Rhodes to the team.

The latest Smackdown featured a Beat the Clock Challenge.  In the challenge, Wade Barrett and Randy Orton competed in separate matches.  Whichever one of them had the best winning time, would get to choose the stipulation/match type for their encounter at TLC Pay-Per-View this month.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett

In the first match, Wade Barrett defeated Ezekiel Jackson in a Beat the Clock Challenge.  Jackson went for the Torture Rack, but Barrett escaped it and went for Wasteland.  Jackson got out of that and tried to strike back, but Barrett grabbed him for a big Bossman slam to get a win at 7:53.

Winner: Wade Barrett wins his Beat the Clock Challenge match in 7:53 by pinfall on Ezekiel Jackson.

Josh Matthews interviewed Daniel Bryan in the ring, but it got interrupted by Michael Cole yelling on the mic how Bryan's a loser.  Bryan talked about how he made Cody Rhodes tap out to earn a title shot recently.  Cole kept talking trash so Bryan got out of the ring to walk up towards him.  Rhodes attacked Bryan knocking him down and kicking away on him.

Zack Ryder vs. Heath Slater

Zack Ryder hit the Broski Boot on Heath Slater in the corner, before hitting the Rough Ryder for the win.

Winner: Zack Ryder wins via pinfall over Heath Slater.

Ted Dibiase vs. Jinder Mahal

Ted Dibiase defeated Jinder Mahal by pinfall.  Mahal had control late in the match after a big knee takedown.  However, as he went towards Dibiase, Ted grabbed him for a small package pin to get the surprise win.

Winner: Ted Dibiase defeated Jinder Mahal by pinfall.

They showed a clip of Big Show slamming country singer Trace Adkins through a table at the American Country Awards.  Show also was a presenter on stage.  Big Show came to the ring to cut a promo about his chairs match for TLC PPV.  Mark Henry came out to interrupt, then got in the ring acting like he was being a good sport by saying "may the best may win" and offering a handshake to Big Show.  Show gave him a look before finally shaking his hand.  Henry then delivered a sucker punch to knock Show down, before Show pounced on him and then attacked Henry's hurt leg with a big elbow drop.  Show got a steel chair and smashed it on Henry as a precursor to their TLC match.

Hornswoggle came to the ring to act as special guest ring announcer now that he can talk.  He introduced the David Otunga vs. Sheamus match.

Sheamus vs. David Otunga

 Sheamus defeated David Otunga by pinfall.  Sheamus connected on the Brogue Kick for the win, after escaping from Otunga's attack in the corner.

Winner: Sheamus won by pinfall over David Otunga.

Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes

 Cody Rhodes defeated Daniel Bryan due to DQ.  Late in the match, Booker T rushed to the ring to attack Rhodes, causing the disqualification.  Booker beat up on Rhodes who fled the ring up the ramp.  Booker yelled at Cody from the ring to "come do this!"

Winner: Cody Rhodes wins due to disqualification of Daniel Bryan when Booker T interfered.

There was a backstage segment with Aksana trying to flirt with Teddy so he could help her get her own show on the new WWE Network.  Cody Rhodes came in fuming, telling Teddy he needs to set up a match with Booker for him.  Teddy said that's what he was thinking, so at TLC PPV he will defend the IC  title against Booker T.

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler
Beat the Clock Match #2

 Late in the match, Orton hit the DDT from the ropes with Ziggler.  Ziggler rolled out and fell onto the outside floor with about a minute to go.  As Orton was beating him up, Wade Barrett came from out of the crowd and shoved Orton into the steel post.  Ziggler went back in the ring with Orton still being counted out.  Orton managed to barely beat the count to get back in the ring.  He hit the RKO as Ziggler rushed him, then got the pinfall to win with 2 seconds left on the clock.

Post-match, Barrett attacked Orton in the ring, then tried to suggest his own idea for a match by taking Orton to the outside of the ring.  He cleared away the ladder and chair, then tried to put Orton through the table.  Orton escaped and got the upperhand, with Barrett able to escape and get up the ramp.  To close the show, Orton grabbed Ziggler and smashed him through a table.

Winner: Randy Orton won his Beat the Clock Challenge match in 7:51 over Dolph Ziggler by pinfall.  Randy Orton gets to choose the match type for his match against Wade Barrett at TLC PPV.

SPOILER ALERT: There was a divas tag team match which did not air during the televised version of Smackdown featuring AJ & Kaitlyn versus Natalya & Beth Phoenix. Kaitlyn reportedly made a heel turn against AJ to join the Divas of Doom at the end of this match, but it was edited out of the televised broadcast.

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