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2011 Tribute to the Troops Results

WWE 2011 Tribute to the Troops Results from Fort Bragg, NC:

The latest annual Tribute to the Troops show came from Fayetteville, NC.  It started off with a video package about the US military with CM Punk, Eve, Orton, Rhodes, Henry, Ziggler and John Cena giving comments about the troops.

After pyrotechnics went off and Cole/Lawler discussed the main events, they had a pre-recorded video message from President Obama to the Troops.  Randy Orton came out for the first match.

In the opening bout, Randy Orton and Wade Barrett fought to a countout.  Late in the match, Orton tried for the DDT on Barrett through the ropes, but Barrett escaped.  On the outside, Barrett managed to ram Orton's back into the crowd barrier.  Both men kept fighting and preventing each other from getting in the ring as the ref counted them out.

Post-match, Barrett got the upperhand and put a table in the ring, then threw Orton into the ring.  Barrett went to set up the table, but Orton got to his feet and dropkicked him down.  Orton set up the table and got ready to do something, but David Otunga rushed into the ring to attack Orton.  Cole said Otunga has beef from a street fight weeks ago.  Otunga tried to put Orton through the table, but got the RKO instead.  With Barrett watching from on stage, Orton put Otunga through the table by Powerbomb.

Pre-recorded message from actress Nicole Kidman to the troops was shown.

Pre-recorded message from actor Jake Gyllenhaal to the troops.

Nickelback performed the Monday Night Raw theme song "Burn it to the Ground" for the crowd.

Michael Cole introduced a video about the Golden Knights, the US Army Parachute Team.  Kofi Kingston, Eve Torres, Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, and Alberto Del Rio all went up to jump out of the plane from 13,000 feet over the ground.

Jack Swagger came out for his match with Dolph Ziggler accompanying him in street clothes.  Zack Ryder came out to the top of the stage with a mic to cut a promo on how he speaks for everyone in the arena that they don't want Ziggler representing the US.  Ryder then introduced his new big bro-ski, Sgt. Slaughter, who came to the ring and revealed he had a Ryder headband on.

During the match, Ryder was knocked to the outside.  Ziggler came over while the ref was distracted and clotheslined Ryder down.  He then layed on the commentators table pretending he was using Twitter on his phone.  Sgt. Slaughter came over and confronted Ziggler, who got up and was clotheslined over the table.  Swagger got out of the ring to lay out Slaughter, then beat up Ryder to bring back into the ring.  However, Ryder got the upperhand and hit Rough Ryder to win it.  Post-match, Slaughter put the Cobra Clutch on Swagger for a bit then threw him down.

A pre-recorded video message was shown from Hugh Jackman to the troops.

They showed a video of The Bella Twins touring the West Point campus, getting the guys riled up at the Mess Hall, and participating in an obstacle course challenge.

The Bellas came out for an eigh-diva tag match.  Natalya and Beth Phoenix were out to join them as heel divas.  For the face divas it was Kelly Kelly, Eve, Alicia Fox, and EXTRA host Maria Menounous.

Kelly was fighting Beth as the legal divas.  Kelly got her airplane spinning headscissors, but it set off a big brawl as all the others cleared out the ring.  Maria was still on the apron and tagged in to try to get a pin on Beth.  Beth got up and in her face, then shoved her into the corner.  As Beth rushed at her, Maria jumped up and did a Sunset Flip pinfall on Beth to win the match.

Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy from The Muppets gave a message to the troops by pre-recorded video.

A pre-recorded video message was shown from singer Celine Dion to the troops.

Comedian George Wallace came out onto the stage to do some jokes for the troops.  Wallace did jokes about the holidays, and even put in a joke about Jerry Lawler.  He closed out saying that his show in Vegas is free to all military personnel in 2012.

Cole and Lawler introduced footage to highlight the Triple H-Kevin Nash feud that lead to their sledgehammer ladder match this weekend at TLC PPV.

Booker T arrived out from backstage to come down for commentary on the Cody Rhodes vs Daniel Bryan match.

During the match, Booker T went over to check on Daniel Bryan when he got knocked out of the ring.  That brought Rhodes over to confront him before tossing Bryan back into the ring.  Rhodes tried to expose Bryan's ribs to take advantage, but then got distracted by Booker at ringside.  Rhodes ducked out through the ropes to jaw with Booker, and got punched instead.  Bryan scored the quick schoolboy pin for the win.  Post-match, Rhodes taunted Booker and invited him into the ring.  Booker obliged, but got the upperhand on Rhodes several times, before Rhodes left with his IC title belt.  Booker revved up the crowd and did the Spin-a-rooney.

A pre-recorded message for the troops was shown from Carson Daly.

R&B singer Mary J. Blige performed her hit song "Need Someone" for the live crowd.  After her performance, Cole plugged her single being available on iTunes.

Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston were backstage and met up with Miss USA Alyssa Campanella down the hall.  All three  did Kofi's Boom Clap taunt, before Air Boom walked off on the way out for a match.

Actor/comedian Robin Williams gave a pre-recorded message to the troops.

Eve Torres did an interview with "Dancing With the Stars" winner J.R. Martinez who is a war hero.  Martinez gave scores to various wrestlers who danced before.  He gave Santino a 7, Michael Cole a 3, and Eve a 9.  Eve gave him a WWE title belt at the end of the segment.

Hornswoggle came to the ring dressed in a military outfit to introduced the competitors for the tag team matchup.

Epico and Primo defeated Air Boom by pinfall.  Late in the match, everyone got involved in the match at once.  The legal men were Bourne and Epico.  Epico managed to hit a Backstabber for the win.  Hornswoggle announced them as the winners, and Rosa Mendes got in the ring to hug Primo and Epico before raising their arms.

Matthew McConaughey gave his pre-recorded video message to the troops.

Nickelback performed "When We Stand Together" as they showed a slideshow of wrestlers and divas posing with troops up on the Titantron.

Christina Aguilera from NBC's "The Voice" gave a special message for the troops by video.

Christian arrived out wearing a neckbrace and using a crutch.  He came out to talk about his injuries he suffered from Sheamus and Big Show.  Christian taunted the audience and hyped up the Canadian Army as they booed him.  Sheamus arrived out for his match, and Christian tried to hobble away from him.

Sheamus defeated Drew McIntyre in a quick match by pinfall.  Sheamus used the Brogue Kick to knock McIntyre down to the mat for the winning pin.

Talk show host Jimmy Fallon delivered a message to the troops on pre-recorded video.  Sheamus came in and kneed Fallon in the gut, then finished off the message himself.

Regis Philbin gave a message to the troops by video saying he hopes they all enjoyed the show.

Mary J Blige performed her older hit song "Family Affair" for the live audience.

Bradley Cooper delivered his pre-recorded video message to the troops wishing a happy and safe holiday.

Alberto Del Rio arrived out in a 2009 Bentley worth $180k and was introduced by Ricardo Rodriguez.  Next out was The Miz, followed by Mark Henry for the heel team.  Big Show came out for the face team, followed by Punk, and then John Cena.  They showed footage of Kane's return to the ring on Raw last night where he chokeslammed Cena and revealed his new mask.

Late in the match, Cena had the advantage on Mark Henry and was able to hit a tough side slam on him before connecting on the Five Knuckle.  Del Rio and Miz came in to attack Cena, but that brought in Show to chokeslam Del Rio, and Punk to hit GTS on Miz.  They all left the ring, and Cena was able to hit AA on Henry for the win.

To close the show Cena delivered a heartfelt message to thank all the troops for what they've done.  The various WWE divas and superstars all assembled up on the ring to salute the troops.

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