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WWE Superstars Results 12/15/11

WWE Superstars Results 12/15/11:

Josh Matthews kicked things off on commentary, announcing a main event of Air Boom versus Epico and Primo. Drew McIntyre's entrance video and song started up to eventually bring out "The Chosen One" for the first match. Matthews and Striker appeared on camera to discuss the upcoming TLC PPV.

Justin Gabriel vs. Drew McIntyre

As Drew was dominating early in the match, Josh Matthews brought up how Justin Gabriel recently took up rock climbing, and also how he's been called the "Cape Town Werewolf" as a Twilight reference for his good looks.

Justin made a comeback in the match with a springboard moonsault among his moves. Gabriel was on the outside, but went for a springboard clothesline at one point, but Drew clotheslined him down from the air. From there, Drew hit the Future Shock DDT to grab the victory by pinfall.

Winner: Drew McIntyre wins via pinfall over Justin Gabriel.

Trent Barreta vs. Hunico

Hunico arrived out riding on the back pegs of a low rider bike. The bike was driven by an unidentified man, who Striker and Matthews didn't know about. Barreta looked confused over it all too.

Late in the match, Barreta got a legdrop move onto Hunico through the ropes. He followed up with a huge moonsault from off the corner, to get a near fall. Striker noted that Barreta was favoring his right knee. He hit a running knee move on Hunico for another near fall. Hunico countered Barreta moments later and slammed him backwards. Hunico finished with a diving flip to splash onto Trent Barreta for the win. His posse member came in the ring to give him props for the win.

Post-match, Hunico got on the mic and spoke in Spanish a bit, then switched to English, then back to Spanish, saying he wouldn't waste his breath on all the people there.

Winner: Hunico wins via pinfall over Trent Barreta.

Alex Riley vs. Jack Swagger

Scott Stanford was now on commentary with Josh Matthews for this matchup. During the match, Stanford said when he asked Swagger earlier who he'd team up with to go for the tag titles, it wasn't Ziggler he named, but Drew McIntyre.

Riley made a comeback late in the match and blasted Swagger down with a few clotheslines. Swagger fought back, but then Riley hit a Spinebuster on him. Riley went for a finisher, but Swagger countered for a belly-to-belly suplex. Swagger went for his Vader Bomb from the corner, but Riley got both legs up. Later, Riley went for a finisher, with Swagger sliding off. Riley sat on him for a pin, but Swagger turned into a near Ankle Lock. Riley flipped out of that and slammed Swagger with a DDT for a very near fall.

The close saw Swagger run from off the ropes and clip Riley's leg and then put the Ankle Lock on. Riley was forced to tap out.

Winner: Jack Swagger wins via submission over Alex Riley.

They showed highlights of Monday's Raw with the 2011 Slammy Awards. Awards went out to CM Punk, Undertaker for kicking out of HHH's Tombstone, and The Rock for challenging John Cena for a Wrestlemania 28 match. The main event featured Mark Henry vs. Cena, but the big news was that Kane returned to interrupt, revealing his new mask after he chokeslammed Cena to the mat.

Stanford and Matthews talked about the various TLC PPV matches. After that, Air Boom made their big entrance to the ring for the main event match.

Air Boom vs. Epico & Primo

Rosa Mendes joined her tag team at ringside for the match. Stanford joked with Matthews that he heard he was learning to do the Lambada because of Rosa.

Midway through the match, Primo tossed Kofi out through the ropes and began to taunt the Boom Clap. That resulted in Kofi clearing Primo and Epico out of the ring, then Bourne launching out over the ropes onto them. Rosa screamed in Spanish as Superstars went to break.

Superstars returned with Bourne doing a flip move from Primo's back onto him. Primo took over moments later and then distracted the ref so Epico could kick Bourne through the ropes. The heels kept working on Bourne after break. Bourne was able to escape from Primo with his double knees to the chest move and tagged in Kofi who came in on fire.

Kofi hit the double leg boom drop on Epico. Kofi started the clap to signal Trouble in Paradise. Kofi went to the corner after missing the kick, and hit a pendulum kick when Epico rushed at him. The action broke down with Primo throwing Bourne over the ropes. Epico ran against the ropes and Primo made a blind tag. Kofi delivered a Trouble in Paradise kick on Epico, but then got hit by a Backstabber from Primo.

Winners: Primo and Epico win via pinfall over Air Boom.

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