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Raw Results 11/28/11

Raw Results from Columbia, SC:

The opening segment of Raw was Piper's Pit.  Roddy Piper had John Cena as his guest and discussed how Cena may be losing "it" with the fans.  Cena talked about how he appeals to a certain core of loyal fans and there are others who will never like him.  He said he can't please them all, but he will never be rattled, and on April 1st he'll beat Rock at WrestleMania.  Piper tried to get Cena fired up with a slap to the face, after handing Cena a WWE HOF ring to check out.  Cena shook his head that he wasn't going to do it.  He handed the ring back to Piper, and kissed his dog tags before leaving the ring.

The Miz defeated John Morrison in a Falls Count Anywhere match.  Miz attacked Morrison's leg before the match with a steel pipe, hobbling JMo.  Morrison got in some shots with a kendo stick and chased Miz up the ramp.  However, The Miz was able to ram JMo head first into the big WWE logo on stage, and then hit Skullcrushing Finale on him up on stage.  The ref checked on Morrison and after determining he was KO'd, called for the bell.

The Miz gave an ice cold look straight ahead and at Morrison who was on the stage.  JMo was taken away on a stretcher.  Cole talked about how Miz was eliminating all of those superstars who've held him back.  Miz delivered a promo saying it was Truth last week, Morrison this week, and who next week?

Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox defeated The Bella Twins by pinfall despite attempted distraction by Beth Phoenix and Natalya.

They had a backstage segment with Laurinaitis on the phone to Brodus Clay saying he won't debut for another week.  Otunga came in to ask why he won't let Clay debut already.  Laurinaitis said he's doing Clay a favor to let him stew until he's ready to explode in the ring.  Del Rio came in and told the GM that Survivor Series was a minor setback, and tonight he leaves as WWE champ.  CM Punk came in and cracked some jokes about Google searches on them all.  Punk vowed to prevent vanilla GM from having his vanilla champion.  Punk left, and Otunga suggested Laurinaitis make a stipulation in case Punk tries for a DQ to keep the title.  John made it that if Punk does, he loses the title to Del Rio.

Wade Barrett arrived to ringside for commentary for the Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler match.  During the match, Barrett got up on the apron to distract Orton.  Orton dropkicked him off, but Ziggler managed to take advantage of the distraction, hitting the Zig Zag on Orton for the win.

They had a segment with Michael Cole interviewing Daniel Bryan, or taunting him about how he lied about cashing in the MITB at WrestleMania.  Cole had the replay shown of Bryan thinking he won the World Title on Smackdown, but then being told Henry was injured and unable to compete.  During the segment Bryan called Cole one of the worst announcers ever.  Mark Henry came out to talk trash about how he'd be ready to go in the cage because he's one of the toughest men ever in WWE.  Bryan walked up the stage and got in Henry's face before kicking him in the hurt leg and leaving.  Cole was back on commentary saying Bryan will get his in the cage tomorrow night.

CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio by pinfall to retain the WWE Championship. During the match there were several near-DQ's, including a steel chair tossed into the ring by Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio threw it to Punk who threw it back to Del Rio and then pretended he had been hit by it. The ref almost DQ'd Del Rio. At one point, Del Rio had removed the top turnbuckle cover, and later Punk was able to drop Del Rio onto it to get the winning pinfall. Ricardo Rodriguez tried to complain to the ref about the finish, but ended up getting GTS.

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