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Smackdown Results 11/29/11

WWE Smackdown Results from Charlotte, NC:
The opening of the show saw Mick Foley introduced as the special host and he came out dressed as Santa Claus.  Foley introduced each of the announcers, with Michael Cole as a reindeer, Josh Matthews as an elf, and Booker T as Booker Claus.  Cody Rhodes came out to talk trash to Booker with Booker trying to tell him he has no beef with him, but won't hesitate to handle his business.  Cody said he does have a beef with him.  Mick Foley interrupted saying he won't have Rhodes insulting a legend like Booker T, so he booked Cody against Booker in a match.

In a Divas Mistletoe Match, Brie Bella won by pulling Alicia Fox down from near the pole.  Brie retrieved the mistletoe, and her prize is she gets a kiss with any WWE Superstar of her choice between now and Christmas.

Justin Gabriel defeated Jinder Mahal.  During the match, Ted Dibiase came out dressed as Santa with a sack of presents.  It distracted Mahal, who was in control.  Dibiase threw a present towards him, and when Mahal turned back to Gabriel he got hit by a roundhouse kick.  Gabriel finished him with the 450 Splash to win.

Backstage, Mick Foley was having a Christmas party with other superstars including Roddy Piper, The Usos, Trent Barreta, Maxine and Hornswoggle.  David Otunga showed up telling Foley he should just shut the party down so they don't play any copyrighted music.  Foley said since Otunga's on Smackdown, he's property of the show and will wrestle tonight.  His opponet, Randy Orton.

Matt Striker interviews Booker T backstage asking what's going on with Cody.  Booker says he really doesn't know, and as Booker's trying to talk, Rhodes attacks him from behind.

Kofi Kingston defeated Tyson Kidd by pinfall.  During the match, it went to the outside with Kofi trying to gain the advantage.  Michael Cole was a distraction though, allowing Kidd to get a kick on Kingston.  However, Kingston turned the tables and was able to regain control, ultimately hitting a crossbody off the top rope for the pinfall win.

Backstage, Sheamus asked Teddy Long what the "All I Want for Christmas" battle royal is all about.  Long says it's Mick Foley's idea so he's not exactly sure, but it's going to be a good reward.  Aksana came in and asked Teddy about the Christmas custom of mistletoe hanging up.  Long tells Aksana she should just do what comes natural.  Teddy leaned towards her for a kiss, but Aksana eats the misteletoe instead.

Randy Orton defeated David Otunga by pinfall after hitting the RKO.

Teddy Long asked Mark Henry backstage why he wasn't in the Christmas spirit.  Henry complained about Long booking the cage match for the title against Daniel Bryan.  He said tonight he'll give Bryan a message, it'll be the worst whopping of his life.  He said it'll be the nightmare before Christmas for Daniel Bryan.

The battle royal came down to Sheamus, Jinder Mahal, Hunico and Heath Slater.  Hornswoggle also got thrown into the ring by Mahal.  Sheamus eliminated everyone, except Hornswoggle.  He tried to throw Horney out, but Horney holds onto the top rope.  Sheamus tells him to get down.  Hornswoggle pretends he wants a hug and Sheamus moves close to him.  Hornswoggle taps him causing Sheamus to get eliminated.

Backstage, the party is going on.  The Bellas ask Ricardo Rodriguez for more egg nogg.  Rodd Piper and Dusty Rhodes are discussing John Cena.  Santa Claus comes in, and Hornswoggle sits on his lap.  Santa asks what Horney's wish is.  Sheamus walks in and tells Santa that Hornswoggle's wish is that he can talk.  Santa says the wish is granted.  Hornswoggle starts running around and is able to talk now.

Matt Striker interviewed Daniel Bryan backstage about his big match.  Bryan says he knows Henry isn't 100% and tonight he'll make him tap.

In the main event, Daniel Bryan was up to the top of the cage after fighting off Henry.  Henry managed to use headbutts to stop him though.  From the top rope, Henry got Bryan in his arms and hit the World's Strongest Slam.

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