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WWE NXT Results 01/25/12

WWE NXT Results from Tucson, AZ:

The latest episode of NXT Season 5: Redemption kicked off with Titus O'Neil coming to the ring.  A video was shown for him turning against the fans last week.  Percy Watson came out to the ring to ask what made Titus change.  Titus said the NXT show is a joke and Percy Watson's talk show pulled him into the joke too.  Percy said Titus is sounding like Darren Young.  That upset Titus who told him he kicked Young's ass last week.  O'Neil shoved Percy down to the mat.  Matt Striker came out and said they would meet in the main event tonight.

Backstage, Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks stopped Striker to ask why they're not the main event.  Striker said he doesn't have time for them.  He told them to worry about the Uso's while he worries about NXT.

The Uso Brothers defeated Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks by pinfall.  Late in the match, Reks tried to throw Hawkins his cane to use, but Jey gave Curt a superkick and then pinned him.

Backstage, Derrick Bateman was all happy, and was seen dancing with a mop and bucket.  Kaitlyn was there, and Bateman high-fived her.  She asked why he'd take Maxine back after all the bad things she'd done.  She mentioned Curtis is in the arena, so Bateman took off looking for him.

Heath Slater defeated Trent Barreta by pinfall.  During the final moments, Barreta had a near fall after a suplex.  Trent climbed the  corner for a move, but Slater got up and hit a huge powerslam to almost get a pin.  Barreta nearly had the Dudebuster DDT, but Slater got out of it and hit a flying neckbreaker to win the match.

Matt Striker brought Johnny Curtis to the ring to talk about last week's wedding debacle.  Curtis talked about he enjoyed Maxine's company, but that brought out Bateman and Maxine.  Maxine asked Curtis how low he'll go, and he told her not to act like she's not a dirty little girl.  Maxine said they need to get Curtis off NXT, but Bateman whispered to her that they're trying to get off the show.  Striker said nobody's leaving because NXT "needs all the warm bodies it can get."   Curtis told them they need to be one big happy family and extended his hand for a shake.  Maxine kneed him in the groin, then left the ring with Bateman.

They showed the Royal Rumble "By the Numbers" video, and then the commentators went over this Sunday's PPV card.

Alex Riley was backstage talking to Percy Watson.  Watson said he knows O'Neil will see the light.  Riley said he knows what Watson's going through and wished him good luck tonight.

Titus O'Neil defeated Percy Watson by pinfall.  Late in the match, Percy was making a comeback.  He hit the Showtime Splash for a near pinfall.  He set up for Percy-cution but Titus managed to counter, then hit Clash of the Titus to win the match.  Post-match, O'Neil kept attacking Watson, but Alex Riley ran down to the ring to make the save before NXT ended.

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