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WWE Superstars Results 01/12/12

WWE Superstars Results for 01/12/12:

Superstars opened with Wade Barrett making his entrance to the ring wearing his long jacket and flower on the lapel. Josh Matthews welcomed fans to the latest episode. Matt Striker joined him on commentary as they brought up the 2012 Royal Rumble. Striker said odds makers probably have Barrett as a favorite to win the Rumble.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Wade Barrett

Striker said for the first time this year, every single competitor at the Royal Rumble can be in the Rumble match as well. As Barrett punched away on Yoshi, Matthews said Wade should be among the top 3 favorites to win the Rumble.

Yoshi started a comeback with quick kicks on Barrett in the corner before delivering running knees, and a kick to lay out Barret for a near fall. Barrett got up and kicked Yoshi in the gut several times, then hit his big sideslam, the "Winds of Change," as Yoshi came back from the ropes.

Winner: Wade Barrett wins via pinfall over Yoshi Tatsu.

Striker introduced footage from last Friday's Smackdown with Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan in a World Championship rematch. Mark Henry was on guest commentary, and ultimately was involved in the finish. He shoved Bryan who was talking trash at him ringside, causing a DQ, meaning Bryan retains the title. Bryan celebrated ecstatically with the fans ringside, jumping up on the crowd barrier to show off his championship belt. Big Show and Mark Henry looked bothered by it at ringside.

Striker hyped up Friday's Smackdown which will have a World Heavyweight championship rematch between Show and Bryan. This time it's no countouts, no disqualifications.

Superstars returned with highlights of the 1998 Royal Rumble. Mike Tyson was there in the audience to watch his favorite guy, Stone Cold. Austin ended up winning the Rumble by eliminating The Rock last.

Evan Bourne vs. Michael McGillicutty

Scott Stanford was now on commentary with Josh Matthews for this match. During the match, McGillicutty had a sunset flip on Bourne from the apron. Bourne countered and drove both feet into McGill's chest for a near fall. McGill was back up fast to attack Bourne. Later, McGill settled into a submission hold on the mat, but Bourne fought out and used quick kicks to attack.

Bourne tried to get out to the apron to climb the corner, but McGill headed him off, then ran into him, to shove Bourne into the barrier as Superstars hit break.

Later on, Bourne made another comeback, and was able to hit his double knees to the chest from the corner. He had the pinfall, with McGillicutty escaping. Bourne fought off another offensive burst from McGill to knock him to the mat, then connected on Air Bourne for the pinfall win.

Winner: Evan Bourne wins via pinfall over Michael McGillicutty.

Scott Stanford thanked Switchfoot for providing the 2012 Royal Rumble theme song, "Dark Horses," available at iTunes.

Time for the Raw Rebound which covered Kane's continued stalking and attack on John Cena/Zack Ryder. On Raw, he battled Cena to the outside parking area/loading dock, and escaped after tossing Cena into a pile of trash. Later on, Kane's music hit and the arena got dark as Eve was in the ring for her divas match.

Kane didn't show up, but Ryder rushed down to get Eve out of there. Back in the parking area, Zack found out his rental car had a flat tire. Eve told him to hurry up, but Kane attacked Ryder, and eventually tossed him off the loading dock onto a palette. Cena left his match to go back and try to save Ryder, but ended up getting knocked out by Kane.

Kelly Kelly arrived out for the main event match on Superstars.

Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella

Kelly went for the early attack after the bell. Nikki provided a distraction on the apron giving Brie a breath moment of control in the match. Kelly responded with a leg scissor lock around Brie's neck as she hung over the ropes. Nikki got on the apron to comfort her sister, with Kelly rushing over to knock Nikki off.

Brie gained the advantage and had a near fall, then started choking Eve on the ropes. She worked over her left arm a bit, with Nikki yanking on it as Brie distracted the ref.

Kelly managed to escape after Brie had several near falls and holds on her. Kelly jumped off the corner to tackle Brie down for punches. Kelly got her spinning leg scissors to toss Brie across the ring, then hit a bulldog into the corner. Kelly did her stinkface to Brie, then a handstand splash into her in the corner. The ref pulled Kelly away as she kept kicking Brie in the corner. Nikki made the switch with Brie, then managed to steal a pin on Kelly, yanking Kelly by the tights into the corner, then using the ropes for leverage.

Post-match, the Bellas celebrated up the ramp with Kelly yelling at them from the ring.

Winner: Brie Bella wins via pinfall over Kelly Kelly.

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