Friday, January 20, 2012

Smackdown Results 01/20/12

Daniel Bryan comes out to start off the show.  He does a promo bit talking about how what Show did to AJ last week was a sin.  Bryan says Show only pretended to be sorry.  He said AJ was there because she loves him, and suggested Show do the right thing and quit.  The crowd was all over Bryan for this.

Cody Rhodes tried to take on Hornswoggle in a match.  Instead, Justin Gabriel came down to stick up for Horney and replaced him in the match.  Rhodes ultimately won the match by pinfall after hitting Cross Rhodes.

Since it's Sin City Smackdown, Mark Henry gets to spin the wheel for his title match against Daniel Bryan.  It comes up as a Lumberjack match.

The WWE Tag Team Champions Primo and Epico defeated The Uso Brothers.

Brodus Clay came out and had a dance off against Vickie Guerrero.  The crowd backed Clay as the winner.  Vickie started to dance again, but William Regal came out to stop her, begging the people not to laugh at her.  As Regal's escorting Vickie away, Clay insults Regal, then challenges him to a dance off.  Brodus hit a  splash on Regal in the ring, then started dancing some more.

Sheamus and Wade Barrett had a tables match.  Jinder Mahal was there and distracted Sheamus, allowing Barrett to smash him through the table.  Mahal attacked Sheamus, but Sheamus ended up smashing Mahal through a table.

Ted Dibiase defeated Hunico in a flag match, where Dibiase was the first one to retrieve his flag, the USA flag.

Backstage, Teddy Long fired Drew McIntyre.  Santino Marella begged for Drew's job back, then challenged him to a match.  They have a blindfold match, Santino ends up winning by using The Cobra, meaning Drew is fired.

Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan fought to a no contest in the World Heavyweight Title Lumberjack match.  Both guys were attacked by the lumberjacks, with Daniel Bryan and Henry eventually leaving the scene.  The Lumberjacks fight Rumble style, with Sheamus tossing guys out.  Eventually everyone's eliminated with Sheamus standing tall in the ring.

That concludes the latest episode of Smackdown for 01/20/12.

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