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Raw Results 01/16/12

Raw Results from Anaheim, CA:

Raw opened with a special video package to remember the "I Have a Dream" speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.  The live arena was shown with pyro going off before Cole welcomed fans to the show.
Mick Foley came out to start off the show.  He said that he intends to be one of the 30 competitors in this year's Royal Rumble match.  That brought out Vickie along with Dolph Ziggler.  Ziggler joked about Foley being in the Rumble, and getting tossed out quick.  Foley said that could happen, or he could get a good entry number.  Foley said he's in it to win it.

Dolph told Foley it's clear he's here to make a fool of himself once again.  He told Foley to go home, buy a new shirt and eat a salad, but to just go away.  That brought out CM Punk who cut down Ziggler with some remarks, and then made remarks about John Laurinaitis.  Punk vowed to remain WWE Champ after the Rumble.  Laurinaitis came out and said he plans to be fair in the WWE title match, but then said after considering Foley's request to be in the Rumble, the answer is "no."

Epico and Primo defeated Air Boom to retain the WWE Tag Team titles.  The match lasted just over two minutes.  The close saw Epico crotch Bourne on the top rope, and then Primo hit a Backstabber for the pinfall win.

Backstage, David Otunga told John Laurinaitis that "you know who" was waiting outside.  Laurinaitis said to the person off camera that there would be a six man tag match tonight: Ziggler, Henry and Otunga vs. Punk, Bryan and...Chris Jericho.  Jericho smiled, then flipped his jacket light switch on, but never talked.

Backstage, Zack Ryder was there with taped ribs after the attack by Kane last week.  Eve was with him.  Josh Matthews got some comments from Ryder who said he's not cleared to wrestle, but doesn't want to give up the US title either.  Eve said she'd go to the ring with him for the title match.

They showed a video package of the highlights of last week's attack by Kane on Cena and Ryder.

Jack Swagger defeated Zack Ryder by pinfall to become the new US Champion.  Swagger hit a Gutwrench Powerbomb, but Ryder kicked out.  Moments later, Swagger pounded away on Ryder and delivered a second Powerbomb, good for the win.

Backstage, Ryer and Eve were shown with a medical staff/trainer.  Laurinaitis came barging in saying his doctor's note said Ryder wasn't able to compete.  Eve got up and scramed at Laurinaitis for allowing an injured wrestler to compete.  Laurinaitis told Eve to shut her mouth, demanding she respect authority.  Laurinaitis left and Eve checked on Ryder.

Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox defeated The Bella Twins by pinfall.  Perez Hilton was a guest ring announcer and got involved in the match.  Perez argued with one of the Bellas outside the ring, causing a distraction.  That allowed Kelly to roll the other Bella up for a pin.  Post-match, the Bellas shoved down Perez, but Kelly and Fox chased them off.

The commentators brought up AJ getting injured during the Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show match on Smackdown.  They said Bryan would have an update later on about AJ.

They had an in-ring segment with R-Truth coming to talk, but getting interrupted by Wade Barrett.  Barrett said he'd win the Rumble this year.  Truth had some slides of Disney characters shown and then Pinnochio.  Truth said Pinnochio said Barrett will win the Rumble, but look what happened.  His nose grew longer and Truth said he lied about Wade winning the Rumble.

The Miz rushed out from the crowd and attacked Truth, so Barrett helped with the attack.  Sheamus rushed to the ring to save Truth.  Smackdown GM Teddy Long arrived out saying Laurinaitis is a bit busy tonight so he'll take charge.  He's booking an over-the-top rope challenge, with the last man standing the winner.

R-Truth won the over-the-top rope challenge after eliminating Miz and Sheamus.  Early on, Sheamus and Truth tried to push Barrett out over the top rope, and Miz helped them do so.  All three guys started to fight from there.  At one point, Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick on Miz, but Miz avoided it and crotched Sheamus on the top rope.  Truth snuck up behind them both to push them out of the ring and get the win.

John Cena yelled at John Laurinaitis backstage for allowing Ryder to wrestle and lose the US title.  JL said he makes mistakes.  He said he knows Cena's angry, so he's booked him against Kane at the Royal Rumble.  Tonight he'll let Cena wrestle Swagger to take out his frustrations.

John Cena and Jack Swagger fought to a no contest.  Cena rushed out and began beating up Swagger with no bell ever sounding.  The fight continued outside with Cena getting the best of Swagger.  He put Swagger on the announce table and attacked him, choking, punching and kicking him.  Cena whipped Swagger into the ring steps, then put him on the bottom steps.

Cena thought about smashing the steps on Swagger, but Kane's music came on.  The arena turned dark and red.  Kane told Cena that's impressive.  He said they'll meet at the Rumble and by then Cena will have embraced the hate.  Kane's pyro went off from the ringpost as Cena looked frustrated.

Brodus Clay aka "Funkasaurus" came out to the ring with his dancers, who Cole said are Naomi and Cameron.  Clay defeated JTG by pinfall in about a minute, after hitting a suplex and then his flying bodypress finisher.  Cole called it "Ah, funk it."

They showed the Smackdown title match again where AJ got run over by Big Show, leaving her injured.  Daniel Bryan came out to deliver a promo on the mic.

Bryan talked about everyone thinking of Big Show as a big lovable gentle giant, but he's really a cruel, inhospitable freak.  Bryan said Show could have stopped himself from running over AJ, but his greed to get the World Title consumed him.  Bryan said Show hasn't said he's sorry, but just stood their like a blithering idiot with fake tears.  Bryan said Show should never show his face again on Smackdown, or he'll make him pay.  Bryan dedicated his title match on Friday against Mark Henry to AJ.

Bryan headed to the ring for the main event, right before the ligths went out and Jericho emerged on stage in his jacket with lights all over it.  Jericho did his entrance, waved to the actor who played Mr. Belding on TV, then took someone's camera to get a picture of a father and son ringside.

The main event match was Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk versus Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry and David Otunga.  During the match, Jericho finally got a hot tag to get in the ring.  Jericho played up to the cheering fans, selling excitement like he was all fired-up, but then tagged Bryan and left the ring.  Jericho walked up the ramp, screaming and shouting then went backstage to leave the match.

The close saw Daniel Bryan slap Mark Henry from the apron.  That prompted Henry to chase a limping Bryan up the ramp, beating him up towards backstage.  Mick Foley came out with the match in disorder.  Foley talked to the ref saying he needs to be a part of the match as Punk's tag partner.  Punk tried to crawl over to tag in Mick, but Ziggler managed to hit Zig Zag for a near fall.  Punk finally escaped to tag Foley in, as Ziggler tagged in Otunga.

Foley ended up getting the upperhand and pulling Mr. Socko out of his tights to make Otunga pass out.  Foley got the big win and his music started up as he and Punk celebrated.  Laurinaitis interrupted the celebration and came out with a mic in hand.  He said Foley was never given permission to be a part of this match, so he's reversing the decision.  Punk grabbed the mic away saying Mick has nothing to do with what's going on between them.

Punk kept telling Laurinaitis he's done more in his career than JL has done in life.  Punk said JL will try to screw him out of the title due to jealousy over the fact Punk has the WWE title.  Punk said it doesn't matter what JL does to him at the Rumble, because he'll have the people talking about how Punk kicked his ass.  The crowd started a "CM Punk" chant and Punk faked a punch on JL who ducked away.  He dropped the mic and left the ring with JL and Foley there.  Punk marched up the ramp with the belt on display.

Foley gave thumbs up to Laurinaitis who just glared at him a bit then picked up the mic.  He announced his full title again and said he's not pathetic and won't be intimidated by CM Punk.  Foley told him to admit that he's going to screw Punk at the Rumble, and called Laurinaitis a "kiss ass."  JL loosened his tie up a bit and glanced at the crowd.  JL yelled at Foley saying he's not being appreciated enough for the entertaining show he puts on each week.  JL said he won't be bullied and isn't gonna take it anymore.  Foley asked what he's going to do, and JL clocked him hard in the head with the mic.

Foley was left clutching at his head in the ring as JL marched up the ramp to end Raw.

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