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WWE NXT Results 01/18/12

WWE NXT Season 5 results from Las Vegas, NV:

The show opened with a video package of the whole Derrick Bateman and Maxine saga involving their relationship.  It ended up with Maxine saying she and Johnny will get married in Vegas, but Bateman discovering that Curtis hacked his cell phone email.

Matthews welcomed fans to the historic milestone 100th episode of NXT.  Tonight will be the wedding ceremony of Johnny Curtis and Maxine.  Lillian Garcia welcomed back "the original voice of NXT" Michael Cole to work commentary with Matthews.  Cole complained that he had to be there, with Matthews claiming he lost a bet last night requiring him to be there.

Titus O'Neil defeated Darren Young by pinfall in a No DQ match.  Late in the match, Young hit his Gut Check finisher, but Titus kicked out of the pinfall.  Young went for it again, but this time Titus fought out of it and hit the "Clash of the Titus" for the win.

Post-match, Titus thanked the fans "for absolutely nothing" and got them booing.  He said he's the star of the show, and competing in these silly NXT challenges has meant nothing.  Titus tells them to get their popcorn ready because he's about to make it a win.

Percy Watson defeated Heath Slater by pinfall.  Towads the end, Slater delivered a huge boot kick to Percy's face.  However, Percy regains composure and hits his finisher, the Percycution to get the pinfall win.

Backstage, Maxine is freaking out about the wedding, with Curtis trying to comfort her.  Maxine leaves, as Kaitlyn is walking by.  Curtis suggests they can get weird if Kaitlyn has some spare time, since he never had his bachelor party.  Kaitlyn whispers no way to him.

Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins defeated Yoshi Tatsu & Trent Baretta by pinfall.  Late in the match, Barreta hit a corner splash on Tyler Reks.  He had a near fall, then ended up taking out Reks from the apron.  Barreta hit a Corkscrew Moonsault for a two count, but Hawkins comes in to break it up.  The ref went over and held Yoshi back from getting into the ring, allowing Hawkins to hit Barreta with his cane.  From there, Reks hits the Burning Hammer finisher for the win.

In the main event segment, the ring had white decorations on the ring corners.  Cole made fun of it saying it looked like toilet paper hanging on trees for Halloween.  Matt Striker came out dressed as Elvis the guy presiding over the ceremony.  He introduced the groom, Johnny Curtis, who brought some random guy to the ring as his best man.  Next out was Maxine in a white short dress covered by some fishnet.  Cole called this "like the white trash wedding."

Maxine asked who the guy was with Curtis was and Curtis tried to remember his name.  Maxine was irked but Striker started the ceremony up.  He asked if anyone objected to the marriage, and Bateman came out.  He told Maxine that Curtis sabotaged things and sent a fake email to her from his iPad.  Maxine slapped Curtis after Bateman had security camera footage shown.

The ceremony ended with Maxine and Bateman beating up Curtis.  Bateman hit some sort of Bulldog/DDT move to leave Curtis layed out on the mat.  Bateman said he always wanted Maxine on top and got ready to leave the ring.  Maxine stopped him, slapped him in the face then started kissing him as the wedding music played.  Cole complained that he just wasted an hour of his life for all of this.

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