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Raw Results 01/23/12

WWE Raw Results from Phoenix, AZ:

After a shot of the live crowd,  Cole introduced fans to the latest Supershow from Phoenix.  Next, the WWE Champion CM Punk arrived out to start off the show.  Punk cut a promo about how Laurinaitis said last week he's going to screw him out of the WWE title at the Royal Rumble.  Punk asked JL to come out and say those words to him right here in the ring again.

John Cena came out instead.  He demanded that Laurinaitis appear to give Zack Ryder a US title rematch, to give him a one-on-one against Kane, and to resign.  Punk started to say JL wasn't coming out after everyone spoke.  He finally came out and said he stands by what he said last week, and won't be intimidated by either of them.  Punk tried to bait JL to get into the ring but he wouldn't.

JL said Ryder's there tonight and medically cleared, so he'll face Kane in a falls count anywhere match.  If Cena interferes, Ryder never gets a US title match again.  JL then said he booked a tag team match with Punk and Cena against two opponents he found.  JL walked backstage as a ref went down to the ring.  Then Vickie Guerrero arrived out with her "Excuse me" and Ziggler/Swagger with her.  Ziggler cut a promo said just like tonight and the past week's he'll beat Punk at the Rumble.  Laurinaitis sat near the commentators to watch the opening tag match.

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger defeated CM Punk and John Cena by pinfall.  Towards the end of the match, Laurinaitis distracted Punk by getting onto the ring apron.  Punk tried to grab him but JL avoided it.  Ziggler managed to grab Punk for a quick rollup pin and held Punk's trunks to win it.

Post-match, Punk baited Laurinaitis saying he thinks JL should be something for one night he's never been in his life: "WWE Superstar for one night" and face him one-on-one, unless he's scared.  JL accepted the challenge for the match.

A replay video was shown from last week's six man tag match where Jericho got a hot tag and came into the ring all fired up.  After rushing around a bit he slap tagged Daniel Bryan and left the ring.

Justin Roberts introduced Chris Jericho as the host of The Highlight Reel show.  The lights went out and he arrived out in his light up jacket before his pyro and music went off.  Jericho came down the ramp all excited slapping hands with a fan.  Lawler announced that Jericho will be one of the participants in Sunday's Rumble match.

Jericho rushed backstage up the ramp after being in the ramp a bit, drawing boos.  Y2J came back with a T-shirt gun and got in the ring.  He pretended he was going to fire a t-shirt off, but never did it.  He grabbed a TV camera and started taking shots of the cheering fans and Cole waving "look I'm on TV!"  Jericho did a "shh" to the crowd and then pointed to his Jerichotron in the ring.  A highlight reel of Jericho moments through the years was shown.  There were mixed cheers and boos from the crowd.  Jericho finally lifted the mic up and spoke saying "This Sunday at the Royal Rumble, it's going to be the end of the world as you know it."  That was it, as the lights went out and Jericho's jacket lit up again.  Y2J's music played as Lawler asked "is that it?"

Cole and Lawler talked about the Rumble PPV and then had the annual "by the numbers" video package shown.  The narrator also mentioned that this year every WWE superstar is eligible for the match.

They had Zack Ryder backstage talking to Eve.  Mick Foley showed up and asked Ryder how he's doing, then tried to give him a pep talk for fighting Kane.  He said Kane's a human being and can be beat.  Eve tried to tell Ryder not to do the match, but Ryder insisted on it, even though his back was hurting still.

Cena showed up and told Ryder he's there if he needs him.  Ryder told Cena to stay out of it because he wants another US title match.

Kane and Zack Ryder fought to a no contest in a Falls Count Anywhere match.  Kane brutally attacked Ryder all over the arena, eventually hitting a huge chokeslam up on the stage which sent Ryder crashing through the stage.  Eve was up there horrified and shocked at what happened.  Kane turned, looked at her then began to stalk her slowly down the ramp.  Eve backed towards the ring, with John Cena arriving out on stage.  Kane saw him and jumped over the barrier leaving through the crowd.  Eve went up on stage with Cena and they looked on worried about Ryder's condition as he was put on a stretcher.

Raw returned to show Ryder being carted away on a stretcher with Cena  and Eve following.  Eve was crying asking "is he ok?"  Refs trailed behind them as Ryder was brought to the ambulance.  In tears, Eve told Cena it was all his fault and he's done enough so she's going with Zack.  Eve got into the back of the ambulance and the door shut as it pulled away leaving Cena looking dejected.

Josh Matthews showed up behind John cena to ask how he was feeling about all this.  Cena looked choked up and angry, but didn't say anything.  He turned and looked at Matthews, then hit the mic out of his hands.  Cena glared into the camera and got an enraged look on his face as Raw went to break.

Lawler and Cole talked in a somber manner as Raw came back about Ryder being transported to a medical facility.  They said these were some of the most uncomfortable moments they've seen in some time.

Sheamus defeated Jinder Mahal by pinfall after hitting the Brogue Kick.  Wade Barrett was on commentary during the match to say he'll be the 2012 Royal Rumble winner and made cracks about Sheamus.  Post-match, Barrett left the commentators' table and started to walk around the ring.  Sheamus taunted him telling him to get in the ring.  Barrett got on the apron then dropped off before Sheamus could get to him.  On the mic, Sheamus told Barrett to take a good look at this image because on Sunday he'll be the only one left in the ring.

Backstage, The Miz was interviewed by Josh Matthews.  Miz said every single person who has crossed him in WWE has seen their careers disintegrate.  Tonight, Miz faces R-Truth in a match.  He said tonight Truth will become irrelevant like all the others.  Miz vowed to win the Royal Rumble and headline Wrestlemania for the second year in a row.

R-Truth showed up wearing a white shirt and glasses, saying he was a head of marketing research.  He told Miz he was #1 in all sorts of categories like whining and the #1 jackass.  Miz got enraged and got in Truth's face.  Laurinaitis came out all upset that the two were fighting as he was trying to get ready for his match with CM Punk.  JL told them if they want to be #1 so bad whoever loses tonight will be #1 in the Royal Rumble match.

William Regal joined Cole and Lawler for commentary on the next match.  They reviewed footage of Regal trying to show his dance move against Brodus Clay, but got hit by a huge splash move.

The Funkasaurus Brodus Clay made his entrance after getting introduced by his backup dancers.  Clay got in the ring with his two dancers to do some moves to his music before pyro shot off from the ringposts.  Heath Slater was laughing from outside the ring at the antics.

Brodus Clay defeated Heath Slater by pinfall in a quick match.  Clay hit his flying splash move for the pinfall then danced more with his dancers.  Regal didn't get involved but kept saying one of Clay's dancers was looking at him.

They showed highlights of the 2007 Royal Rumble where Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels to become winner.

They showed highlights from two months ago when Miz doublecrossed Truth and hit Skullcrushing Finale on him on the ramp.  Cole reminded fans that Miz did this to Alex Riley, John Morrison and R-Truth.

R-Truth defeated The Miz by pinfall, making Miz hae the #1 spot in the Royal Rumble.  Truth won it after the ref warned Miz about attacking him too much.  Miz came back towards Truth but Truth hit him in the gut then hit his finisher for the win.

The commentators reviewed Zack Ryder's match with Kane earlier.  Lawler updated the fans on Ryder's condition saying they just got word he has a broken back.

John Laurinaitis was shown backstage in a red robe getting psyched up for the match.  David Otunga came into the office saying a fax just came in for him from the main office and he's not going to like it.  Laurinaitis took a look at it for a bit then got a look on his face.

Punk arrived out first for the main event.  John Laurinaitis arrived out with some serious news that everyone needs to hear.  He had David Otunga with him to read the note.  The note read that the Board was concerned about Laurinaitis' recent judgements in day-to-day decisions.  They decided to put JL's status as the Raw GM officially under review.  Next week on Raw, JL will have an official review to determine if he continues as GM or will be terminated.  The job evaluation will be conducted by WWE COO Triple H.

Laurinaitis started to talk, but Punk says if JL tries to screw him this weekend out of the title, he's out of a job.  JL said the board of directors' note is a wake up call for him.  He apologized to the WWE Universe and Punk for any wrongdoing he's done during his tenure.  Laurinaitis said Mick Foley is now in the Royal Rumble match.  He also said he had planned to call Punk's Rumble match down the line the whole time.  Punk said he hopes that JL hears the words "You're Fired" next Monday.  Laurinaitis said that won't happen and tonight's match won't either.

Laurinaitis said he has an adequate opponent to replace him in Punk's match tonight, David Otunga.  Otunga immediately hammered Punk down and started to beat him up in the corner. Punk slapped the Anaconda Vice Grip on Otunga staring at JL.  He then jumped up and kicked down Otunga out of the ring.  Punk kept staring at Laurinaitis across the ring.  JL put out his hand for a shake, but Punk grabbed him and put him on his shoulders, then hit GTS.

Punk's celebration was shortlived as Dolph Ziggler rushed into the ring and knocked Punk down, smiling.  Raw ended with Ziggler standing tall as the camera showed Punk and Laurinaitis both down on the mat.

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