Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WWE NXT Results 02/29/12

Here are the latest results for the 02/29/12 episode of WWE NXT Redemption from Seattle, WA.

Darren Young and Titus O'Neil defeated Percy Watson and Alex Riley by pinfall.  Percy had control of things down the stretch and hit Showtime Splash for a near fall.  However, O'Neil distracted him trying to enter the ring.  That allowed Darren Young to hit the Gut Check on Percy for the win.  Post-match, O'Neil taunted Percy some and told him he'd give him a rematch next week, but he'd be just like every member of the WWE Universe - a loser.

Kaitlyn, Justin Gabriel and Alicia Fox held an intervention to try to save Derrick Bateman from Maxine.  They had chairs in the ring and all talked about how Maxine is bad for him.  Kaitlyn gives Bateman a kiss.  Maxine comes out to fight with Kaitlyn.  They were eventually broken up.

Michael McGillicutty defeated Tyson Kidd by pinfall.  Late in the match, McGill hit a spinning neckbreaker on Kidd for the win.

Matt Striker made the announcement that William Regal will now be the new Match Coordinator, in charge of setting up all the matches.

In the main event, Kaitlyn defeated Maxine.  Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis were both on commentary during the matchup.

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