Saturday, February 25, 2012

WWE News: John Cena, Laurinaitis, Divas & More!

It's been an interesting past week in the WWE.  While no championships have changed hands, the Road to Wrestlemania 28 is in full swing.  A recent incident between WWE Champion CM Punk and singer Chris Brown stirred up WWE and music fans.  Now it seems like the interim Raw GM is trying to get involved.

From February 21st through 24th, Laurinaitis has been trying to get his name in on the Punk-Brown Twitter battle.  Two tweets regarding the online feud read:

If @chrisbrown ever stole my phone, I'd be forced to take my jacket off...

I don't always agree with @CMPunk. But when I do, it's probably about @chrisbrown.

Seems the GM (and/or WWE) will try anything to get more media attention.  Meanwhile, Laurinaitis has more serious business-related tweets lately.  Basically he's saying he'll "right the wrong" from Friday's Smackdown involving the double pin finish between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

Former WWE champion John Cena will be at the Daytona 500 on Sunday as the Honorary Starter.  This is the 54th edition of the race in its history.  The Daytona 500 has a TV start time of 1PM EST, according to WWE's report.  More exclusive photos of Cena's experiences in Daytona can be seen on his Facebook page.

The Eve Torres and Zack Ryder situation is an interesting one.  The biggest question seems to be where Eve's character is heading with this.  Many are believing she's going heel.  Will she become Kane's evil assistant?  There's been rumors Ryder will face Kane at Wrestlemania 28, so hopefully WWE creative has a good plan heading towards the event.

Speaking of Divas, Kelly Kelly is up for a 2012 Nick Kids' Choice Award for "Favorite Buttkicker."  Yes it's true, many of Kelly's biggest fans may want her to win different awards, but if you believe in her skills in the ring, you can vote online.  She's got some tough competition in Jessica Alba, Taylor Lautner and Tom Cruise.

Don't forget that on Monday night, The Rock will return to Raw.  It's going to be an interesting face-to-face confrontation between he and Cena ahead of their epic Wrestlemania 28 match!

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