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Raw Results 02/20/12

Raw opened with video covering the highlights of the John Cena vs. Kane feud over the weeks.  It finished with last week's incident where Kane shoved Zack Ryder off the stage in a wheelchair, then Ryder was taken away in an ambulance.

They had Eve talking to the Bellas backstage.  The Bellas asked how she was holding up after Ryder was hurt last week.  Eve laughed after the Bellas called Ryder a great guy and a good friend.  She said she was just using him to get to the bigger fish, John Cena.  She gave her cell phone to the Bellas so they could film her walking up to Cena, but Cena walked up to Eve first and frightened her.  Cena smirked and walked off.

Back in the arena, John Cena's music hit and he came to the ring.  Before he could start a speech, Eve came walking down the ramp to the ring.  She said she can explain, and her comments were taken out of context.  Cena cut her off saying she's just trying to use her assets to further her career.  Cena blamed Eve for him losing his Broski friend.  Cena said Eve's a lot like the Rock, they're both "scandalous bitches."  Eve fell to her knees and started to cry.  Cena went to comfort her and Eve tried to hug him.  Cena backed off and refs pulled Eve away.  She ended up going up the ramp in tears as the crowd chanted "Broski! Broski!"

They showed an Undertaker video with Taker saying he will write Hunter's ending tonight.

Sheamus defeated Mark Henry by pinfall.  Sheamus nearly hit the Brogue kick but Henry blocked it then clotheslined him down.  Henry had Sheamus up for the World's Strongest Slam, but Sheamus escaped, then connected on the Brogue Kick.

They had a backstage segment with John Laurinaitis talking himself up to David Otunga.  Smackdown GM Teddy Long came in and said he was there for business.  JL insisted he didn't expect Del Rio, Christian and Mark Henry to come out to the ring last night to support him as permanent GM for both shows.  Long said he agrees with the idea one person should run both shows.  Long said it should be up to the fans, but Laurinaitis says he only cares what the Board thinks.  He then said he booked a 10-man battle royal to determine who faces CM Punk for the title at Wrestlemania 28.  Laurinaitis told Long he can book David Otunga in a match tonight against anyone from Smackdown.

They announced that The Rock will be on the Raw show in Portland next Monday.  What will he have in store for John Cena?

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Primo & Epico by pinfall.  Late in the match, Rosa Mendes tried to provide a distraction, but Kofi Kingston still managed to hit Trouble in Paradise kick on Primo to get the win.  Lawler said Kofi and Truth should be up for a title shot after this win.

They announced Ron Simmons as one of the WWE Hall of Fame inductees for 2012.  They showed a video package including a "DAMN!" skit and other highlight moments including his football career, WCW world title win, and highlights of Simmons from the APA tag team with JBL.

Josh Matthews finally got an interview with Chris Jericho backstage after what happened at Elimination Chamber.  Jericho had been knocked out of the chamber by Punk and never formally eliminated by pinfall or submission.  Jericho complained to Matthews asking how a champion could let that sort of victory stand.  He said tonight is the end of the world as you know it, and everyone in the battle royal will understand what he's saying.

The Undertaker arrived to the ring wearing a dark hood and not showing his hair.  He talked about the mental anguish and hell that has tormented him about the beating he took from Triple H last year at Wrestlemania 27.  He said he and Triple H are the last of a dying breed and that HHH can lie to everyone about not wanting to do this, but he can not lie to him.  Taker said Triple H will come out there and look him in the eyes, because it's bigger than both of them, it's the apocalypse.

After a few moments, Triple H's music hit and The Game came out wearing a suit with the COO label shown under him on the screen.  HHH started talking, but Undertaker interrupted him telling him to "shut up" and called Hunter pitiful for coming up with excuses not to do this.  Triple H agreed it's the end of an era, but their fate is not to end it, but to make sure it carries on.  He said his job is to make sure WWE is there for the future.  Triple H told Taker he's the leader who needs to carry the torch and lead the way.  Hunter said it's bad for business if he extinguishes that flame.

Triple H started to leave the ring, but Taker stopped him and posted the question - "Is it bad for business because I'll be gone, or is it bad for business, because you'll be gone?"  Triple H retorted "It's just plain bad for business, Deadman."  Triple H said Taker wants him to put and end to him, but he's not gonna be the one to do it.  Taker told Hunter he can put whatever spin he wants on this but at the end of the day all he's going to see "is a coward."  Triple H got frustrated and paced around before charging right up to Taker to yell in his face.  He stopped himself though and said he sees what Undertaker's trying to do, it's not going to work.  HHH said "Sorry but the answer's no."

Undertaker was left standing in the ring as HHH walked up the ramp.  Taker got on the mic once again saying he's figured it all out, that HHH knows he can't do what Shawn Michaels did, because Shawn was always better than him.  HHH ripped off his suit coat and put it down, loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, then stormed back to the ring.

HHH rushed right up to Taker saying it has nothing to do with Shawn Michaels.  HHH raised his voice telling Taker if he wants this and for it all to come to an end, "You got it."  HHH said if they do this, they go all the way, with no return, uncertainty - they fight in a Hell in a Cell match.  Taker stared into HHH's eyes, then patted him on the shoulder before leaving the ring, with no response.

They showed some still images from the Smakdown Elimination Chamber with Big Show beating Daniel Bryan up around the ring after breaking into his pod.  Michael Cole said despite the beating he took inside the cell last night, Bryan is still the champion.  Cole said it's also known that Bryan will defend the championship against Sheamus at Wrestlemania 28.  Cole also confirmed that Undertaker and Triple H will face off inside Hell in a Cell at Mania.

Daniel Bryan arrived to the ring and cut a brief promo about how the people love him and idolize him.  After he finished, Santino Marella arrived out for a non-title match.

Daniel Bryan defeated Santino Marella by submission in a non-title match.  Late match, Santino retrieved the Cobra sock and went to put it on, but Bryan bashed him down from behind.  Santino tried for a surprise rollup pinfall, but Bryan escaped and managed to get the Lebell Lock on.  Santino struggled trying to grab the Cobra sock but had to tap.

They showed a WWE factoid, John Cena has over 10 million Facebook fans, while The Rock has over 5 million.

The Bella Twins defeated Kelly Kelly and Aksana by pinfall.  Late in the match, the legal Bella grabbed Aksana's tights and threw her into the ropes.  Kelly Kelly tried to get in the ring but the ref backed her away.  Meanwhile, the non-legal Bella came in the ring while the other ran outside the ring and over to the apron.  The illegal Bella face-planted Aksana for the pinfall win.

They showed John Cena backstage on his way out to the ring to address The Rock.

John Cena came to the ring saying now that he's handled "Skankasaurus" he needs to address Dwayne.  He talked about how Rock came back saying he left before but wouldn't leave the fans again, then left again.  Cena claimed it was just to promote "Fast Five" and build up his Twitter following.  Cena said this match on April 1st means everything to him because he's fighting for everyone in the back who ever wanted to be there in the business.  Cena vowed to defeat The Rock in his hometown of Miami at Wrestlemania.

CM Punk arrived out in a suit jacket with his wrestling trunks and championship belt on his waist.  Punk told Lawler it's made of camel fur and said maybe "camel fur" will get trending on Twitter.

They held a 10-man battle royal to determine CM Punk's opponent for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 28.  Fighting in the match were Big Show, Cody Rhodes, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, The Great Khali, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Santino Marella and Chris Jericho.

Khali got dumped out first by a bunch of wrestlers together, as Raw went to break.  At one point, R-Truth was on a roll with eliminations but Santino dumped him out.  Ziggler quickly dropkicked Santino to the mat.  However, Big Show was right behind and picked up Ziggler then threw him out of the ring onto Truth and Barrett.  Med staff brought a stretcher out for Barrett.  Moments later, it was noted that Barrett was hurt, possibly with a broken arm, while Ziggler seemed to be OK.

It came down to a final four of Santino, Big Show, Ziggler and Rhodes.  Everyone ganged up on Big Show.  Moments later, Santino managed to skin the cat and hung onto the top rope, then came back in and landed the Cobra punch on Jericho.  Rhodes quickly eliminated Santino then bragged about it.  Show eliminated Rhodes.

It came down to Show and Jericho.  Show went for a chokeslam but Jericho turned it into a DDT.  They ended up on the apron with Jericho trying to suplex Show out of the ring.  Cody Rhodes rushed over to give an assist and pull Show out.  Jericho is the winner.

Post-match, CM Punk stood up on the commentators table with his championship belt, then dropped down and got into the ring.  Punk and Jericho eyed each other, then Punk offered a handshake, but Jericho backed away smirking, to leave Punk in the ring.  Punk's theme song played on as he hoisted his belt up from the corner of the ring and Jericho watched from outside the ring.

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