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Raw Results 04/30/12

Raw Results from Dayton, OH:

The show started with a segment involving John Laurinaitis calling Brock to the ring to congratulate him for what he did last night.  Triple H arrived out to interrupt Brock's speech and told him he won't get any of those demands JL negotiated.  HHH tore up the contract they signed and said it's up to Brock if he wants to remain as part of WWE under his original contract terms.  JL kept interrupting and Triple H turned to yell at him.  Brock attacked HHH from behind, taking him down.  He put an armbar hold on HHH and ended up breaking his arm.  Soon after, a variety of wrestlers from backstage including Sheamus, Big Show, and R-Truth all came to the ring to chase Lesnar off and help HHH out.

Backstage after commercial break, they showed Triple H being checked by medical staff on his condition saying he couldn't move his arm, but could move his fingers.

Eve came out and announced that tonight there's a "Beat the Clock Challenge" to determine the new #1 contender for CM Punk's WWE Championship.  The Miz arrived out for the first match.

The Miz defeated Santino Marella in 4:18 in Beat the Clock Match #1.  The finish saw Marella go for The Cobra, but Miz avoided it.  Santino charged at Miz in the corner, but ate a boot kick.  Moments later, Miz hit Skullscrushing Finale for the win.

Layla defeated Brie and Nikki Bella by pinfall in a Triple Threat match to retain the Divas Championship.  The victory was quick as The Bellas started arguing with each other after the bell rang.  Layla took the opportunity to dropkick one Bella into the other, sending one out of the ring.  She then did a quick rollup pin to get the easy win.

Chris Jericho defeated Big Show due to countout in Beat the Clock Challenge Match #2.  Late in the match, Jericho went for the Codebreaker, but Show picked him up.  Jericho got around Show's neck for a suplex and managed to pull him out over the ropes.  Y2J went to get back in the ring with Show pulling him out and shoving him against the crowd barrier.  Show charged for a big boot, but Jericho moved away and Big Show crashed into the timekeeper's area.  The ref was counting as Jericho got in the ring.  The ref's count was too slow and the clock hit :00 when he called for the bell.  Cole and Lawler said it seemed Jericho beat the clock but they'd have to sort it out during the break.

After break, Cole said it was sorted out during break.  Neither Jericho nor Big Show beat Miz's time of 4:18 minutes.

Brodus Clay defeated JTG by pinfall.  Late in the match after dominating JTG, Clay was able to hit a German Suplex to toss JTG across the ring.  He followed with his huge Splash move for the win.  The Funkettes got in the ring to celebrate by dancing with him.  After reviewing the replay, Clay brought some little kids into the ring to dance with him and the Funkettes.

Cole and Lawler talked about how crazy the past 24 hours have been, focusing on John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar's match from last night.  Lawler said he's never seen anything like last night's match, it was brutal.  The fed into a highlight video package with Cole's commentary over still shots from last night's match.  They showed Cena doing the AA with Lesnar onto the steel steps.

The commentators reviewed what happened earlier involving John Laurinaitis and then Brock Lesnar attacking Triple H.  They said Laurinaitis is planning to address John Cena later on.

In a backstage office room, Eve was with John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long.  She told Teddy his presence was upsetting Mr. Laurinaitis and ordered him to leave.  JL was shaken up and frustrated, so Eve told him to snap out of it.  She gave a pep talk about how he seemed to have lost Brock earlier, but now he needs to get back to business and decide John Cena's next opponent.  Laurinaitis got up and said "I know who his next opponent will be, but he's not going to like it."

Randy Orton defeated Jack Swagger by pinfall in Beat the Clock Challenge Match #3.  Orton won with 2 seconds to spare, setting a new time to beat of 4:16.  In the final 14 seconds, Swagger had his Ankle Lock on Orton.  Orton rolled through, sending Swagger hard into the corner turnbuckle.  As Swagger bounced off, Orton connected on the RKO and grabbed the quick pin.  Miz was shown backstage watching on a monitor and upset over Orton beating his time.

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth won by pinfall over Primo and Epico to become the new tag team champions.  Late in the match, Epico and Kofi were the legal competitors.  Rosa got up on the apron causing a commotion so Kofi went over.  Epico tried to take advantage but got sent to the ropes and Truth yanked him against the top rope.  As he snapped back to the ring, Epico was hit by Trouble in Paradise by Kofi for the win.

Kane and The Great Khali both lost in the Beat the Clock Challenge Match #4.  Towards the end of the time, Kane tried to slap a chokeslam on Khali.  Khali responded by grabbing his hands around Kane's throat as the time expired.  Post-match, a frustrated Kane grabbed Khali around the neck and chokeslammed him.  Randy Orton was shown watching on a monitor backstage and laughed about what went down.

Daniel Bryan was shown walking backstage on the way out for his Beat the Clock match.

Daniel Bryan defeated Jerry Lawler in Beat the Clock Challenge Match #5 by submission to become #1 contender for the WWE Championship.  Lawler had the advantage late after hitting his diving fist punch from the corner.  Bryan kicked out of the pinfall, then countered Lawler's piledriver attempt.  From there, Bryan kicked Lawler hard in the had and put on the Yes Lock to make him tap out.  Bryan had about 2 minutes or so to spare.  The win means Bryan will face CM Punk at the Over the Limit PPV for the WWE Championship.

Bryan celebrated post-match with his "Yes!" chants, but CM Punk arrived out to interrupt.  He held up the WWE Championship Belt from the stage as his music played.  Bryan taunted from the ring saying the belt was coming to him next.

Cole reviewed the earlier incident again involving Brock Lesnar snapping Triple H's arm.  Cole said he is assuming Brock Lesnar is going to be fired.  Cole added that they have confirmed Triple H's arm is in fact broken.

As John Cena arrived out wearing a sling on his left arm, Cole said doctors said he suffered multiple internal injuries but nothing serious. Cena said every muscle from his arm down to his shoulder is strained, but he's still there.  He said there's a big deal between being injured or being hurt.  John Laurinaitis came out to interrupt.

JL said he only made the match with Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules to push Cena to the limits.  He said in the process it brought out the best John Cena possible.  Laurinaitis told Cena to thank him for what he did.  Cena said he thanks him for being a corporate jackass with his head so far up his ass that he has to brush with toilet paper.

Laurinaitis told Cena they need to build a relationship together.  Cena mocked him and "People Power" saying Laurinaitis is trying to make things more difficult while running the WWE into the ground.  Laurinaitis told him it's time to focus on the future, and to meet his opponent for Over the Limit.  Before JL could finish, Lord Tensai's music hit and his assistant arrived out to throw salt or sand down.  Tensai arrived out, took off his mask and robe and got in the ring with Cena.

Cena prepared to fight as Tensai and his assistant surrounded him.  Suddenly, Laurinaitis smashed the microphone against Cena from behind causing him to fall to the mat.  Tensai and his assistant started the attack, which eventually led to targeting Cena's arm in the sling.  Laurinaitis tore the sling off and had Tensai hold Cena's arm on the steel steps.  JL grabbed a steel chair and smashed it on Cena's hurt arm.  JL got in the ring and mocked the "You Can't See Me" with Cena laying on the mat in pain as Raw ended.

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