Thursday, April 26, 2012

WWE Superstars Results 04/26/12

WWE Superstars Results for 04/26/12:

Michael Cole was filling in on commentary in place of Josh Matthews, due to the recent attack by Brock Lesnar on Raw.

Hunico and Camacho defeated The Usos by pinfall.  Late in the match, Jey had control after hitting a wrecking ball on Hunico.  Later, Jey went for a rollup pin, but Camacho kicked him in the head, allowing Hunico to get the rollup pinfall for the win.

Kelly Kelly defeated Maxine by pinfall.  In the late part of the match, she did the stinkface on Maxine in the corner, then hit her cartwheel splash move on her.  From there, she followed up with her K2 finisher for the win.

The Miz defeated Alex Riley by pinfall.  In the late stages of this one, Riley was in control after hitting a spinebuster and STO.  He had several near falls.  Miz hit the Reality Check for a near fall.  Riley went for a running powerslam, with Miz escaping it and shoving Riley shoulder-first into the corner.  After that, Miz hit Skullcrushing Finale for the win.

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