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Smackdown Results 04/27/12

Smackdown Results from Grand Rapids, MI:

Daniel Bryan came out to start the show talking about how he finally got rid of AJ, and thinks his Wrestlemania title loss should be on her record instead of his.  He talked about how he will defeat Sheamus twice at Extreme Rules and regain the title, prompting lots of Yes! chants.

Alberto Del Rio came down to the ring after his ring entrance from Ricardo Rodriguez.  He started doing questions with Ricardo answering "Si" after each one.  Del Rio vowed to win the title no matter who's champ Sunday.  Big Show came out as Del Rio's opponent and did his own "Yes vs. Si" routine.

Big Show defeated Alberto Del Rio due to disqualification.  Late in the match, Show had control but Cody Rhodes interfered, hitting a chop block.  Del Rio hit his enziguiri kick before leaving the scene.  Cody attacked show with a Kendo Stick, and then a chair, and a belt.  Show booted Cody down and whipped him with the belt, causing Rhodes to flee.

They had John Laurinaitis with Eve backstage, asking her to report anything to him that needs his attention.  She suggested that they have the employees/crew back there with nametags.  Teddy Long came to ask Laurinaitis what his position is now that Eve is the admin assistant.  JL said Long is still an employee, and now reports to Eve.  She told him to get a nametag.

Nikki Bella defeated Alicia Fox by pinfall.  Late in the match, Alicia was making a comeback, but the twins managed to pull off a switcharoo behind the ref's back.  Brie kicked Alicia in the gut and then faceplanted her for the pinfall win.

Backstage, new Smackdown roster members Darren Young and Titus O'Neil started making fun of Yoshi Tatsu.  They mocked his language trying to speak in terms he'd understand, then before he tried to go asked who his tag partner is tonight.  He said to leave him alone and tried to leave, but Titus grabbed him by the arm.  Ezekiel Jackson came up to interrupt saying he's his tag partner, then glared at Young/O'Neil.  They made some song joke about "Zeke ain't got no cuts" and left.

Teddy Long was shown in an office wearing part of a maid's outfit and using a feather duster.  Aksana's music hit and she came in.  Teddy talked about how frustrating working for Laurinaitis is, but he does it for his grandkids.  Aksana said until now she hadn't thought about him being old enough to have grandkids.

JL and Eve came strolling in.  Laurinaitis said he got Aksana's rugby player friend a tryout match tonight on Smackdown, and he'll hire him if he wins.  He said Aksana will be guest ring announcer.  She left the scene, then JL and Eve told Teddy he'll be doing guest commentary at "the Teddy Table" to fill in for Josh Matthews.  He gave Teddy a "People Power" T-shirt to wear, and said he'll only say what Laurinaitis tells him to via an earpice.

Darren Young and Titus O'Neil defeated Yoshi Tatsu and Ezekiel Jackson by pinfall.  Jackson wasn't involved in the match at all.  The new heel team took care of Yoshi in under two minutes.  Their final move was a doubleteam with Jackson holding Yoshi up as Young jumped from the second rope for a takedown move to pinfall.

Michael Cole interviewed Orton in the ring after reminding him of the policy by Laurinaitis for wrestlers not to put hands on any announcer, or they'd get suspended.  He had them show a video package of the Kane vs. Orton feud.  He talked about how he doesn't respect Kane for what he did to his father in the past weeks.

Jinder Mahal came out to interrupt Orton's interview and said once Kane and Orton destroy each other on Sunday, he'll be the new new superstar to emerge in WWE.  Orton asked him if he was an announcer.  Mahal said no and started saying he was the fastest rising superstar in WWE history.  Orton interrupted saying if he's not a commenator, then he isn't off limits.  He dropped the mic and hit Mahal with the RKO.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Tyson Kidd by pinfall.  Cesaro controlled the majority of this one.  He finished Kidd off by tossing him in the air and hitting a big forearm, then followed up with a unique piledriver/slam move.

Post-match, Aksana rushed into the ring to hug Cesaro and proclaimed him the winner on the mic.  Long was sitting ringside for commentary and got some instructions from Laurinaitis backstage.  He went into the ring and raised Cesaro's hand up as the victory.  Aksana walked over and planted a big kiss on Cesaro and the two liplocked, bring tears to Teddy's eyes.  He left the ring dejected over what he just saw.

Cole and Booker talked about Extreme Rules and the Cena vs. Lesnar match in particular.  They rolled a video package of how this feud has heated up since the night after Wrestlemania.

The Great Khali defeated Cody Rhodes by pinfall.  Late in the match, Rhodes kicked Khali in the leg, then went for the Beautiful Disaster kick off the ropes.  Khali avoided it, then grabbed Rhodes for the Punjabi Plunge.

Backstage, Abraham Washington was giving his sales speech to try to sign Rosa Mendes and the tag champs Primo and Epico.  He told them they need more exposure and Rosa needs to get to speak more.  He said he needs to know where they stand with him by Monday.  Ryback walked into the picture and stared at the tag champs for a bit.  As he started to walk off, Washington chased after him, offering his card.

Ryback defeated Jacob Kaye by pinfall.  The Usos were shown watching the match backstage on a flat screen monitor.  Ryback squashed the local guy who said his dream was "to escape Grand Rapids, MI."  Late in the match, Ryback flattened Kaye with a huge clothesline.  He followed with his finisher, putting Kaye up on his shoulders and dropping back hard to slam him for a pin.

Cole brought up how AJ's mental state has been questioned following her getting dumped by Daniel Bryan, and cut down again on last week's show.  They showed her attacking Natalya last week before their match.  Cole said it's clear AJ needs help.

Backstage, AJ was walking looking upset when Matt Striker rushed up to ask her some questions about Daniel Bryan.  She wouldn't comment on that, or about her prediction for this Sunday's Extreme Rules match.  Kaitlyn came into the scene telling Striker that it's clear AJ is going through a lot and doesn't need to answer this stuff.  Striker backed off and left.  Kaitlyn tried to comfort AJ saying that it might be tough, but this is a good thing.  She said Bryan did nothing for her and didn't even love her.  AJ slapped Kaitlyn hard in the face.  Kaitlyn stepped back and stared at her in shock.

Sheamus defeated Mark Henry by pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Sheamus went to the top rope and flew off at Henry.  Henry avoided it by Sheamus landed on his feet and rolled to the other side of the ring.  He followed up by rushing at Henry and hitting the Brogue Kick for the win.

Post-match, Daniel Bryan walked out onto the stage to applaud Sheamus' victory.  Sheamus tried to get him to get into the ring with him.  Sheamus got a mic and told Bryan he got away easy at Wrestlemania.  Sheamus said his win won't be a fluke on Sunday and AJ won't be there for him to blame for losing.  He said the question is, will he kick Bryan's arse on Sunday to remain champion and the answer is "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes...."  The crowd went along with yelling the chant with Sheamus as Smackdown went off the air.

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