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Raw Results 04/23/12

Raw Results from Detroit, MI:

The opening segment was supposed to be the John Cena vs Brock Lesnar contract signing.  Cena was introduced by Teddy Long, but Lesnar didn't show up.  John Laurinaitis came out and told Long that Lesnar will get there on his terms.  Laurinaitis kept telling Long to inform Cena what he said.  Long asked Cena to leave the ring, as JL told him to.

However, the Rated-R Superstar Edge suddenly showed up as a surprise to the crowd.  Edge came down to the ring and gave Cena a pep talk about not giving up.  He suggested that Cena may have changed since losing to Rock at Wrestlemania.  He told Cena that he (Edge) might be his rival and opposite, but they've always been about "this" - fighting for WWE.  He said Lesnar's just there for the money and said Cena needs to beat him at Extreme Rules.

Chris Jericho defeated Kofi Kingston by submission.  Late in the match, Kofi had control but as he went for Trouble in Paradise, Jericho blocked it.  Kofi tried for a move off the top rope moments later, but Jericho managed to hit the Codebreaker, and then put Kofi into the Walls of Jericho to make him tap.  Post-match, Jericho cut another promo about Punk saying he wants to give Punk a gift tonight to help him cope with the failure he'll feel when he loses at Extreme Rules.

They had a backstage segment with Eve showing up and shaking John Laurinaitis' hand.  He told her he needed an executive administrator, and Eve accepted the position.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed CM Punk in the locker room, and it was revealed that Jericho had sent a basket full of alcohol bottles to Punk.  Punk said he'll re-gift one bottle to Jericho at Extreme Rules.  Punk gave the rest to Josh Matthews.

Lord Tensai defeated R-Truth by pinfall.  The match lasted just about two minutes, with Tensai easily winning.  Late in the match, he spewed the green mist into the air and put the Claw on Truth to force him down to the mat for the pin.

They had an in-ring appearance and promo bit from Kane, talking about how he saw fear in Orton's eyes.  Kane said Orton is nothing more than a scared little boy running for his daddy to save him from the monster, but he can't.  Orton showed up on the Titantron, and revealed he had Kane's dad, Paul Orton, tied up in a wheelchair.  Orton opened a room full of blue fog and smoke and shoved the wheelchair inside, then glared back at the camera.  Kane laughed in the ring saying he doesn't care what Orton does to Paul Bearer, because he's always been the devil to Kane.  Kane shot his pyro from the ringposts and went to leave, but Orton showed up, fighting him down to the ring.  Orton grabbed a steel pipe from under the ring to smash Kane with.  Kane eventually ran off and Orton posed in the ring.

Backstage, Chris Jericho was walking down the hall when Alex Riley stopped him to tell him he saw CM Punk drinking one of the bottles of alcohol Jericho gave him.  Riley and Jericho went over to the locker room door.  Jericho slowly opened it to reveal Punk talking on the phone and drinking from a plastic red cup.  A bottle of alcohol was shown on the table near Punk drawing a smile from Jericho.

The Big Show and Great Khali defeated Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes by pinfall.  The heels tried to target Show's knee, and took turns beating him up.  Late in the match, Show gained control and hit the chokeslam on Rhodes for the win.  It was also announced prior to the match that Big Show defends the IC title against Rhodes at Extreme Rules, with the stipulation TBD.

They announced a special pre-PPV match will be live streamed on YouTube, with The Miz vs. Santino Marella for the US Championship Sunday night.

Chris Jericho went to talk to John Laurinaitis about having Punk stripped of the WWE title for drinking alcohol on the job.  Eve talked about a Wellness Policy violation they could get him on.  JL said they need hard proof and Jericho suggested they have some cops give a sobriety test to Punk in the ring later.  JL agreed, telling Teddy Long he'll be the one to strip Punk of the title if he fails.

Brock Lesnar was shown arriving to the arena at the building.  Josh Matthews came up to him trying to get some questions in.  Lesnar roughed up Matthews and slammed him into the side of an 18-wheeler WWE truck.  He then pretended he was just playing around, and Matthews said he was just trying to do his job.  Lesnar grabbed Matthews and tossed him into a fence.  Lesnar looked at Matthews layed out then walked off.

Later, they showed Matthews strapped onto a gurney, wiggling his fingers and opening his eyes to show he was ok.

Nikki Bella defeated Beth Phoenix by pinfall to win the WWE Divas Championship in a Lumberjill match.  Eve set up the lumberjill match saying there were too many divas sitting around backstage doing nothing.  During the match, Phoenix fell on the outside and appeared to have hurt her ankle.  It resulted in a Nikki getting the pinfall once Beth got back to the ring.

They had CM Punk come to the ring for a sobriety test from police officers.  Teddy Long and Chris Jericho were also on hand.  Punk acted drunk and pretended to fail the test, so Long tried to take the belt from him.  Punk then asked for another chance and was able to complete the test.  He eventually took his belt back and then started beating up Chris Jericho.  Jericho finally escaped, but not until Punk got in a bunch of attacks on him.

Mark Henry defeated Sheamus by pinfall in a non-title match with Daniel Bryan as referee.  Bryan taunted Sheamus early on and the distraction led to Mark Henry able to hit a huge clothesline for the win.  Post-match, Bryan managed to gain the upperhand against Sheamus and put the Yes Lock on him, before eventually leaving doing his "Yes" chant all the way.

Santino Marella and Zack Ryder defeated Primo and Epico by pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Santino avoided a dropkick from Primo and hit the Cobra on him for the pinfall win.

They showed Kane backstage finding where Orton had shoved Paul Bearer.  Bearer was shaking and shivering, asking Kane if he came to save him.  Instead, Kane wheeled him back into a freezer and shut the door.

They showed Primo and Epico (with Rosa) arguing over their loss from earlier.  Abraham Washington came up to suggest they're being treated like jokes lately on the show.  He gave them his business card.

Brodus Clay and Hornswoggle defeated Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler due to disqualification.  The DQ came late in the match when Vickie slapped Brodus in the ring.  Post-match, she tried to make peace with Brodus and the Funkettes, but Hornswoggle bit her in the backside, causing Vickie to run off.  Hornswoggle, Clay and the dancers all danced to celebrate their win.

The final segment was the Brock vs. Cena contract signing segment.  At first only Laurinaitis and Lesnar showed up.  Cena's music played but he didn't come out.  Lesnar played up that he must be scared then went over the "changes" he wants to make to his contract with WWE.  He told Laurinaitis he won't be his puppet on a string, so he won't be fining him, he'll pay him more money.  Lesnar said he always will get to use Vince McMahon's jet to fly to and from the venues for Raw.  He also said any thought that goes through JL's mind goes through him.  Lesnar refused to sign the contract for Sunday's match until Laurinaitis gave him his new changes.  JL finally shook his hand in agreement, and Lesnar signed.

Finally, Cena's music hit and Cena came out to the ring wearing a big chain around his neck.  He acted nervous or scared slightly by Lesnar.  Lesnar started taunting Cena to sign the contract, saying this is real, he can tell he's been on Cena's mind and he's the reason he lost to Lord Tensai last week.  Eventually, Cena, clenching his chaing in his fist, signed the contract and threw it at Lesnar.  Lesnar went like he was going to attack, and Cena flipped the table over.  Lesnar circled the table, smirking at Cena before leaving the  ring.  Lesnar backed up the ramp with Cena staring out at him to close the show.

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