Saturday, April 21, 2012

Will Daniel Bryan Heel Turn in 2012 Bring Future Success as a Face?

Daniel Bryan is in an interesting position right now with his character on Smackdown.  He currently is considered the top heel on the show, but is over with the fans.  The chants of "YES!" and "We want Bryan!" among others, continue to echo through arenas, even as he insults his ex-girlfriend AJ, and his future opponent Sheamus.

He'll meet Sheamus, the World Heavyweight Champion, at the upcoming Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View.  These two will go at it in a 2 out of 3 Falls match, with the winner taking the WWE championship belt away from the PPV event.  Bryan vowed on the latest edition of Smackdown that there's no way Sheamus can get another "fluke" win.  Basically, Bryan believes that without AJ there to distract him (even though he asked her for the pre-match kiss), he'll have no problems defeating The Celtic Warrior.

The interesting point to remember here is that Sheamus was the heel at one time in his career, winning the WWE title after shoving John Cena off a corner and through a table.  Back in those days, Sheamus was the guy looking for the easy way out.  When Daniel Bryan was a face, he was celebrated for his technical wrestling skills, and still is despite the latest heel position he holds.

The good news for Bryan is that many predecessors before him went from heel to over with the fans and were able to become a face "with attitude."  The best examples include the late Macho Man Randy Savage, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and John Cena.  All of them maintained personalities that the fans embraced, despite the fact WWE set them up as heels.  Then at just the right time, they made the turn and became legends.

Daniel Bryan certainly has the ability to do that.  His move has been renamed the "Yes Lock," which some love and some hate.  Despite the name of the move, it's got the potential to keep those "YES" chants coming, as does the official Daniel Bryan Yes t-shirt.  Time will tell if Bryan will shift to face and win back a major championship, without having to use a briefcase to do it.  CM Punk is the most recent example of someone to do that, and gain popularity with the fans, so it's only natural that another Ring of Honor wrestler does the same.

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