Monday, April 23, 2012

Raw Preview 04/22/12

Tonight's latest episode of the Raw SuperShow will be a special 3-hour edition.  Among the events scheduled for the show on USA will be the big contract signing involving John Cena and Brock Lesnar.  These two will fight in an Extreme Rules match at the upcoming Pay-Per-View.  In the past several weeks, Lesnar has made his intentions known that he plans to hurt Cena.  It seems Cena is just a speedbump in Brock's path as he looks to destroy all in his way.  What will happen when these two attempt to "co-exist in the ring" for a contract signing tonight?

Another situation which continues to increase in volatility is Chris Jericho's prodding and berating CM Punk.  The current WWE Champion has always been known for his Straight Edge lifestyle choices, but recently Jericho has picked apart Punk's family members and their various battles.  It's fueled the current champion to want to extract as much revenge as possible against Jericho at Extreme Rules.  These two will meet in a Chicago Street Fight in Punk's hometown.  However, there's less than a week until the PPV.  What will go down next between Jericho and Punk as they head into the event?

And finally, last week's main event saw a huge victory for the newest superstar on Raw, Lord Tensai.  Tensai has been a mystery to fans as he has not spoken a word of English.  He also relied on the use of a special mist or spew to spit in the face of Cena and blind him.  That led to a victory for Tensai, and medical attention for Cena.  With Tensai's impressive win streak on Raw, one has to wonder what's next for him?  Will he call out any particular superstars or go for one of the championships?

Watch tonight's episode of WWE Raw at its special start time of 8 pm EST on USA!

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