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WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Results Coverage

Welcome to 2012 WWE Extreme Rules live results coverage and updates! This latest Pay-Per-View takes place Sunday evening in Rosemont, Illinois at the Allstate Arena. Among the featured attractions will be the return of former WWE champion Brock Lesnar to the ring after a hiatus to compete in MMA.

Lesnar will try to make it a bad string of recent matches for John Cena, when the two lock up in an Extreme Rules match. Anything goes in these contests, and Cena will have his work cut out for him. Can one of the WWE's top stars finally get the big win and spoil Brock's return?

Also of note, almost every WWE championship is on the line during the event. There is currently no scheduled match for the WWE tag team champions, but Sheamus, CM Punk, Big Show, Nikki Bella, and Santino Marella will all be defending their titles, as noted below. This will be a hometown advantage for CM Punk as he defends the WWE Championship, but he'll be competing with Chris Jericho in a Chicago Street Fight.

The Extreme Rules PPV will start at 8PM EST on Sunday night. After the first match has completed, the results and recap will be updated here. Matches will be updated througout the event with the final results posted as of 11PM EST.

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The Miz vs. Santino Marella
United States Championship Match

This match was a special live pre-show match streaming on WWE's YouTube channel prior to the PPV event.

The Miz arrived out first with a mic in hand cutting a promo about how he main evented Wrestlemania last year, and now he isn't part of the main Extreme Rules PPV.  He drew heat saying he doesn't suck because he's not from Chicago.  Miz concluded with his "Awesome" phrase right before Santino hit the ring.

Striker mentioned an icon who was part of Wrestlemania is rumored to be on his way to Extreme Rules tonight.  Santino got an early advantage by pulling down the top rope and letting Miz fall out of the ring.  Moments later he chased Miz out of the ring threatening with The Cobra.

Miz gained control later after a near rollup pinfall from Santino, by clotheslining Santino down hard.  Miz missed on a move off the corner allowing Santino to punch him in the gut.  Santino started to go through his move set including the breakdancing split and hip toss.  He got the Cobra ready, but Miz kicked him and pushed him into the corner.  Santino managed to avoid a charging Miz though and then wound up his Cobra punch for the big win.

Winner: Santino Marella wins by pinfall over The Miz to retain the United States Championship.

Backstage, Eve was standing by with Big Show, Cody Rhodes and Teddy Long (wearing a Teddy name tag). She told them they'd be spinning the big wheel to determine a match type for the Intercontinental Championship tonight. She ordered Teddy to spin the wheel and he reluctantly did so. The wheel landed on "Tables Match" which drew chuckles from Show telling Rhodes "good luck putting me through a table." Show walked off and Rhodes blamed Teddy for this. Eve agreed and Teddy asked "what did I do?"

The official Pay-Per-View opened at 8PM EST with an intro video package.  The video focused on Cena vs Lesnar, with the idea that Lesnar is a destructive machine who has dominated opponents in wrestling and mixed martial arts.  Cena talked about how he has to climb this new hurdle.  Lesnar kept talking about how he's not afraid of anything or anyone.

The pyro went off and Michael Cole introduced things from the arena with 14,817 fans on hand.  A huge explosion went off and then Kane's music started up to bring the Big Red Monster out for the first contest.

Randy Orton vs. Kane
Falls Count Anywhere

Early on the pipe came into play with Orton going after Kane.  Things spilled over into the crowd area with Lilian Garcia having to get out of harm's way.  Orton and Kane traded shots with Orton repeatedly smashing Kane face first onto a crowd barrier in the audience.  Both guys had near falls out on the pavement area in the crowd.

Things continued up the stairs in the crowd with little kids trying to stay out of their way.  They ended up at the Extreme Rules set on stage, with Orton managing to get a big dropkick to take down Kane.  His pinfall was unsuccessful.

The fight continued backstage to the locker room area with Kane smashing Orton into various crates of equipment.  Orton regained control and smashed Kane through a door into a room where various WWE stars were watching.  Zack Ryder came out of nowhere and started to attack Kane from behind.  Kane grabbed Ryder around the throat, but Orton jumped on Kane, then hit a backbreaker.

Eventually they reemerged from backstage with Orton landing shots and driving Kane down the ramp.  Back in the ring, Orton had momentum after the scoop slam.  He slid out of the ring and retrieved a steel chair to come back in and bash Kane with repeatedly.

Kane got out of the ring and Orton went after him.  He ripped apart the commentators table and fans chanted "R-K-O."  Kane grabbed Orton for a chokeslam, but Orton countered and slammed Kane on the table.  He followed with a DDT from the table to the outside floor.  However, Kane still kicked out.

Things went back to the ring with Kane in control, trying to go to the top.  Orton crotched him on the turnbuckle and punched away on him, then went for a superplex and landed it.  Kane survived another pin attempt.  Moments later, Kane avoided the RKO and hit a chokeslam with Orton barely getting his shoulder up before 3.

The finish saw Kane try to tombstone Orton on a steel chair on the mat.  Orton slipped off his back and then connected on the RKO, smashing Kane face first into the chair for a pin.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over Kane.

Backstage, Eve and John Laurinaitis were talking about how "extreme" the Orton vs Kane match just was.  Eve said she had a special surprise and called in Teddy.  He wheeled in a cart with champagne on it, then said they were toasting to "change and People Power."  Laurinaitis got a call on his cell from Triple H.  He said "sure I can talk, let me go to a more private place."  Eve made sure Teddy's name tag was in place.

The Funkosaurus Brodus Clay came out with Hornswoggle and the Funkettes.  Cole complained that the little guy is still hanging out with Brodus Clay.  Cole called him a "smelly troll."  After Clay's pyro exploded from the ringposts, Vickie Guerrero started up with her "Excuse Me" bit and introduced her wrestler Dolph Ziggler.  Jack Swagger followed behind in a suit.

Brodus Clay vs. Dolph Ziggler

Early on, Clay got distracted by Swagger on the ring apron.  He went over after him but Swagger dropped off.  Ziggler dropkicked Clay over the top rope to the outside.  As the ref was warning Ziggler in the ring, Swagger took off his suit coat and ran down Clay.  Back in the ring, Ziggler had a near fall after hitting the Zig Zag.

Towards the end of the match, Clay managed to escape two sleeper holds from Ziggler.  Swagger got up on the apron and Clay ran over to bump him off.  Ziggler tried for a flying move, with Clay batting him down from the air with a headbutt.  He followed with his huge splash move for the win.  The Funkettes and Hornswoggle joined Clay in the ring to celebrate with some dancing.

Winner: Brodus Clay defeated Dolph Ziggler by pinfall.

Cody Rhodes vs. The Big Show
Intercontinental Championship Match

The stipulation for this match will be determined by the spin of a wheel on Sunday prior to the match.  Early on, Show was all over Cody Rhodes, tossing him all around the place.  He continued to dominate throughout.  However, a key moment occurred when Show had tossed Cody back into the ring.  Show got up on the apron and tried to step over the top rope.  Rhodes rushed over and kicked Show in the leg hard, causing him to lose his footing.  A table was set up right next to the apron and Show step down through it, causing the table to break.  The ref looked over, saw the table was broken with Show standing on it, and called for the bell.

Post-match, Show was livid with himself and got in the ring to knock down Cody.  He followed by chokeslamming him through a table.  The crowd chanted "one more time" and Show turned back, picked up Cody overhead and tossed him out to make him smash through another table.  Refs attended to Rhodes outside the ring to help him up.

Winner: Cody Rhodes wins the Tables Match to become new Intercontinental Champion.

Backstage, Matt Striker interviewed Daniel Bryan asking him to give reasons he can defeat Sheamus tonight.  Bryan kept listing out how he was better than Sheamus, and insulted the Chicago crowd, before starting up a "Yes Yes Yes!" chant which the crowd joined.  As Bryan left the interview, the camera showed AJ come out from the shadows near some WWE boxes.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

2-out-of-3 Falls Match for World Heavyweight Championship

Early on, Sheamus was able to lock in a Boston Crab style submission but Bryan crawled to grab the bottom rope. Bryan went for a Hurricanrana on Sheamus up on the corner, but Sheamus countered and then hit his battering ram move.  Bryan kicked out of the pinfall.  Moments later, Bryan pulled down the top rope and caused Sheamus to fall out.  He prepared for the suicide dive but Sheamus was on his feet and punched him as he ran to the ropes.

Back in the ring, Bryan tried several times for the Lebelle Lock but couldn't get it.  Just moments later, Sheamus went shoulder first into the corner ringpost, and Cole noted his wrist pad got caught on the post, seeming to pull his shoulder out.  Bryan began to attack the left shoulder injury.

Back in the ring, Bryan was repeatedly attacking Sheamus near the ropes, kicking him multiple times in the hurt arm.  The ref tried to get Bryan to stop but he wouldn't so the ref called for the bell.  Bryan lost Fall 1 due to that DQ.

They reset in opposite corners and then Bryan rushed to dropkick Sheamus hard.  He locked on the Lebell "Yes" Lock with Sheamus struggling to grab the bottom rope.  Sheamus never tapped but he wasn't moving after a while, giving Daniel Bryan the second fall, making it 1-1.  Bryan started doing his Yes, Yes, Yes chant to lead the crowd.  The ref called a few medical staff in the ring to see if Sheamus could continue.

The refs and med staff got Sheamus to the corner where he said he would continue.  A "Yes-No" back and forth chant rang out around the arena as things reset.  Sheamus got to his feet and Bryan rushed at him.  Sheamus went forward with a Brogue Kick to lay out Bryan.  He took several moments, then crawled over to make the cover.  Bryan barely kicked out of the pinfall.

Sheamus and Bryan kept battling with the champ down on his knees on the mat.  Bryan would kick him in the back with Sheamus punching back.  A huge kick was landed by Bryan to Sheamus' head, but The Celtic Warrior escaped a pinfall attempt.  The two ended up fighting on the top rope with Bryan shoving Sheamus to the mat.  He went for a diving move and Sheamus rolled away.  Just moments later, Sheamus managed to connect on another Brogue Kick and scored the pinfall win.

Winner: Sheamus wins 2-1 in the 2-out-of-3 Falls match over Daniel Bryan to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Aaron Relic & Jay Hatton vs. Ryback

The two amateurs got on the mic prior to the match talking about how they were going to be the first guys to make a name for themselves in their first match, unlike the others on Smackdown. They started doing a math lesson yelling "two is better than one" as the crowd kept replying "What?!" Finally, Ryback came out to interrupt. A "Goldberg" chant started up in the arena.

The smaller of the two amateurs started things out with several kick attempts which did nothing to Ryback. Ryback smashed him against the mat multiple times, before dragging him over to the corner for a tag. His partner wanted to part of it, but Ryback tossed him into the ring. He made quick work of him though. Things ultimately ended with Ryback hitting his finisher on the smaller guy, then piling both wrestlers on top of each other to pin them.

Backstage, Great Khali and Santino were shown watching a flatscreen monitor and commenting on how impressive that was.

Winner: Ryback defeated Aaron Relic and Jay Hatton by pinfall.

Matt Striker interviewed CM Punk backstage in the locker room. Punk told Striker to pause to let the Chicago fans cheer. Striker asked Punk's thoughts going into tonight's "highly-emotional" title defense. Punk said tonight's match is a street fight, Chicago style. He said everyone knows what that is here, but not Jericho. Punk said he's done playing games tonight.

Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk
Chicago Street Fight for the WWE Championship

As Punk arrived to the ring, he went over and gave a headband/bandana to his sister who was in the crowd with other friends and family.  A huge "CM Punk" chant rang out from the hometown fans prior to the introductions with Jericho smirking.

Punk had the early advantage, using a Kendo stick to bash on Jericho in the ring.  Jericho hid behind the ref at one point and hit a thumb to Punk's eye to gain the upperhand.  Jericho then smashed the Kendo stick into Punk's gut on the apron.  He followed with a leaping kick from the side ropes to kick Punk off the apron.  Jericho stayed in control, eventually pulling the turnbuckle cover off the corner.  Moments later he avoided Punk's running knee in the corner and Punk fell out of the ring.

On the outside, Jericho went over to where Punk's family was sitting, and tore the barrier cover up before smashing Punk against it.  Jericho threw Punk to the side and then started yelling in Punk's sister's face.  She slapped him in the face, enraging Jericho.  He turned to go back at her, but Punk was up and rushed over to jump on him.

From there, Punk had lost it and tore apart the commentators table covers.  He smashed Jericho through one of them, then went for a piledriver near the other.  Punk couldn't connect and Jericho tossed him over his back.  Jericho followed with a huge shot to the back using a TV monitor.

Back in the ring, Punk thought he regained control but as he went for a springboard move from the ropes, Jericho struck him in the stomach with a Kendo stick.  He kept yelling at Punk to look at his sister, then went out of the ring and grabbed a can of beer from under the ring.  Jericho opened the can of beer and poured it all over Punk drawing boos from the crowd.  Jericho beat on Punk more then went out and got another can of beer.  This time as Jericho raised the toast, Punk was up and kicked  him in the gut.

Punk stayed in control, hitting an impressive swinging neckbreaker, followed by the high knee to Jericho in the corner.  He followed with the Bulldog, then limped over to grab the Kendo stick.  He used that to crotch Jericho then gave the GTS sign.  He got Jericho on his shoulders, but Jericho slid out and went for Walls of Jericho.  Moments later, Punk hit a huge powerslam for a near fall.

Later on, Punk still in control hit his Macho Man elbow from the corner for another near fall.  Later Jericho managed to regain control and went for a Lionsault, but Punk sprang to his feet and got under Jericho's shoulders, putting him into the GTS.  Jericho escaped yet again, shoved Punk into the corner and had a near rollup pinfall.

Jericho managed to hit the Codebreaker on Punk and after a brief pause he locked on the Walls of Jericho.  Punk had nowhere to go in the center of the ring but tried to power over to the ropes.  He finally managed to reach the ropes, but there was no DQ, so there was no break.  Somehow as Punk was draped over the apron, still in the Walls of Jericho, he grabbed a fire extinguisher that was under the ring.  Punk then aimed the hose at Jericho and blasted it in his face.  Punk then smashed it in his gut and chased Jericho to the outside.

Jericho ended up layed out on the Spanish commentators table.  Punk got in the ring and went up on the top rope.  He stumbled nearly losing his balance up there, then regained himself and jumped for a huge elbow drop to smash Jericho through the table.  Both guys were layed out and finally Punk brought Jericho back to the ring.

The close saw Punk manage to drop Jericho onto the exposed turnbuckle (Jericho revealed earlier) and then connected on GTS for the big win.  Post-match, Punk went outside the ring and dove onto the crowd where his family was to celebrate with them.

Winner: CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho by pinfall in a Chicago Street Fight to retain the WWE Championship.

Backstage, Eve walked up to where The Bella Twins were telling Beth she doesn't look like she'll have a change on her hurt ankle tonight.  Beth said she'll compete on one leg.  Eve told her she can't compete according to the medical reports.  Beth was angered by it but told the Bellas one day that divas championship is coming back to her.  The Bellas suggested they'd have the night off now, but Eve told them no, the fans want a Divas title match so they'll get one.  Eve told them not to worry because their opponent isn't Karma.  The Bellas joked it was Mae Young.  Eve told them that was a good one, but said their opponent would be a surprise.

Layla vs. Nikki Bella
WWE Divas Championship Match

The Bellas got on the mic to talk about how the title was staying with them for the longest reign ever. They asked for their opponent to come out and she didn't at first, so they suggested the opponent must be scared. Then Laycool's music hit and Layla came back to return to the WWE.

Layla managed to withstand some attacks on her previously injured leg. She also withstood the "Twin magic" when Brie got in the ring to take Nikki's place behind the ref's back. Brie went for the finishing face plant, but Layla countered and then hit a neckbreaker finisher to get the pinfall win. Layla celebrated as new champion.

Winner: Layla wins via pinfall over Brie Bella to become the new WWE Divas Champion.

Backstage, Matt Striker rushed up to find John Laurinaitis walking down the hall. He asked what he and Triple H were talking about earlier. Laurinaitis wouldn't say what it was, just that they are two of the top execs in WWE right now. He said he has other things to focus on now, like Brock Lensar's return to the ring for his first match in a long time.

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar
Extreme Rules Match

Lesnar wore his UFC gear including shorts and gloves into the ring against Cena who wore his usual jean shorts.  Cena went for an early charge to try to tackle Lesnar, but Brock tackled him down and started using UFC style clubbing moves on him.  Cena tried for another move but Lesnar took him down yet again.  Cena finally had a takedown, but once again Lesnar took over and busted open Cena this time.  With Cena bleeding profusely, the ref brought in a medical staff to check on Cena.  That stopped things as they tried to get the blood stopped on Cena's forehead.

Cena went for another charging attack, but once again was taken down, and beat on by Lesnar.  Lesnar hit a big knee to Cena's side, then knocked him out of the ring.  The ref went over to check on Cena once again.  When Cena finally got back in the ring, he managed to get Lesnar up on his shoulders, but Lesnar slipped out of the AA and then hit two German Suplexes.

Moments later, Cena gained momentum and elbowed Lesnar in the forehead twice.  He charged against the ropes then came back to throw his shoulder into Lesnar.  The ref got caught behind Lesnar who fell into him, knocking the ref out, and out of the ring.  From there, Lesnar took control batting Cena down on an attempted move.

Lesnar kept attacking Cena, trying to break his left arm in the corner of the ring.  Cena fell to the outside, and Lesnar went out for more punishment then tossed Cena into the ring.  On the way into the ring, Brock grabbed Cena's big steel chain to use as a weapon.  He dropped the chain though and then continued picking Cena apart with kicks and knees.  Brock put the chain around Cena's legs then taunted him to stand up.  As Cena got up he rushed and bulldozed Cena down to the mat.

Lesnar then hung Cena from the corner with his legs and the steel chain.  Lesnar kept picking apart Cena, smashing his arm against the apron, before dropping Cena to the outside floor.  Lesnar went over to check on the ref, but then walked back over and Cena was ready to attack.  Brock withstood that, and whipped Cena into the steel steps, before going over and tossing the ref back into the ring.

Moments later, Cena was back in the ring and got Lesnar up for the AA.  However, Brock slipped out and put up Cena in the F5.  As he swung Cena around, Cena's feet knocked the ref out and down again.  Brock completed the move and had a pin with another ref coming to count it.  Cena barely got his arm up.  Lesnar took out his frustration by knocking out the other ref, then grabbing the ring steps to bring in the ring.

With the steps in the middle of the ring, Cena tried to fight Lesnar yet again, but this time Brock locked in an armbar submission from MMA causing Cena to scream in pain.  A "Lets Go Cena, Cena Sucks" chant started up and Cena managed to use his power to stand up with Lesnar and slam him against the ring steps.  Cole noted that it looked like Cena had no use of his left arm.

Cena went for a big leg drop on Lesnar who was hanging over the steel steps  Lesnar avoided it though and Cena hit the mat hard, then rolled to the outside floor.  Lesnar finally got up looking around for Cena.  He stood up on the steps challenging Cena to get back in the ring.

As Cena got onto the apron, Lesnar rushed from across the ring, and then jumped from the steel steps, launching himself at Cena.  Cena hit the side crowd barrier, and Lesnar fell over the ropes, apparently hurting his knee in the process.  Moments later, Lesnar brushed off the injury and got back in the ring.

Cena got on the apron again and Lesnar tried to rush at him, but this time Cena had his chain and smashed Brock in the hed, busting him open.  Cena waited for Lesnar to pull himself up by the ropes, then hoisted him up for the AA onto the steel steps to win the match.

Winner: John Cena wins by pinfall over Brock Lesnar in an Extreme Rules match.

Post-match, Lesnar left without getting any medical attention, limping and walking gingerly up the ramp.  Meanwhile, doctors and med staff checked on Cena in the ring.  Both guys had been bloodied up on their foreheads.  The commentators reviewed the highlights, with Cole saying "Cena is still the face of the WWE."  Cena went to leave the ring on his own, but got back in there and stood up on the ring steps to salute the fans, before leaving.  A bloodied Cena walked around the ring staring out looking dazed.  He looked at the camera and asked "Mom how'd I do, do I look ok?  I'm in one piece, I'm ok."  Lawler brought up Cena's loss to the Rock at Mania, but said it seems Cena is back after this big win tonight.

Cena got a mic and sat down on the ring steps to speak.  He mentioned out he might get sent home or fired now by "his boss."  Cena said he knows it's CM Punk's town but above all else it's a wrestling town.  He said he's got no feeling in his left arm and is tasting his own blood, but is proud to do it in Chicago.  Cena said if he's going away for a while, "thanks for one last ride."  Cena thanked the crowd, then left the ring.  Cole said "that's what John Cena is all about."  The PPV ended with Cena at the top of the ramp holding up one arm to salute the crowd.

Thank you for choosing WWE Characters the Blog as your source for the 2012 Extreme Rules results. All of the official match winners and recaps will be posted after 11PM EST on Sunday. Don't forget to check out Monday Night Raw starting at 9PM EST on USA for all of the followup from this latest pro wrestling Pay-Per-View!

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