Friday, April 6, 2012

Smackdown Results 04/06/12

Smackdown Results for 04/06/12 from Orlando, FL:

John Laurinaitis came out with David Otunga to the ring, then brought out Teddy Long for a final moment on Smackdown.  JL insults Teddy in the segment, and shows off the new and improved Smackdown.  Long wants to quit working on Smackdown, but Laurinaitis doesn't let him, so he'll be working for Johnny now.

David Otunga and Mark Henry defeated R-Truth in a handicap match.

Randy Orton defeated Kane by pinfall in a No DQ match.  The finish saw Kane hit into the exposed turnbuckle, and then hit by Orton's RKO.

Skip Sheffield debuted as a new character named Ryback.  He defeated a local wrestler in a squash match.

Daniel Bryan arrived out to cut a promo.  As the fans chanted "YES!" Bryan said the fans are mocking him and he doesn't buy it.  He starts to cut down AJ after his title loss.  He eventually dumps her and she goes running backstage.  The crowd keeps chanting "YES" and sings the "Goodbye" song to AJ.

The new Intercontinental Champion Big Show defeated Heath Slater by pinfall after a WMD KO punch.  Cody Rhodes was on commentary for the match.

Nikki Bella defeated Beth Phoenix by pinfall in a non-title match.  Kelly Kelly was there and distracted Phoenix, allowing Nikki the quick win.

There was a promo from a new upcoming wrestler Damien Sandow.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Sheamus due to disqualification.  Sheamus was DQ'd after catching a chair Del Rio tried to use on him.  The ref saw Sheamus with the chair and Del Rio faked like he had been hit.  The win gives Del Rio a future title shot against Sheamus.  An angry Celtic Warrior took down the referee to end the show.

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