Thursday, April 5, 2012

WWE Superstars Results 04/05/12

Here's the results for the 04/05/12 WWE Superstars episode shown on and YouTube.

Hunico defeated Tyson Kidd via pinfall.  Late in the match, Hunico hit a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker.  Kidd reversed that into a pinfall attempt of his own but only got a two count.  Camacho got on the apron to cause interference.  Kidd went to clear him off, but as Kidd turned back around, Hunico hit his finisher for the win.

The Uso Brothers defeated Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks via pinfall.  Late in the match, Jey tagged in and got the crowd revved up with him.  Jey had a pin on Hawkins, but Reks ran in to break it up.  From there, both Usos hit Samoan drops on the two opponents.  Jimmy tagged back in and hit the Uso Splash from the top rope to get the pinfall victory.

R-Truth defeated Heath Slater by pinfall.  Early on in the match, Slater pretended to kick Little Jimmy.  R-Truth got upset and knocked Slater down, causing him to roll to the outside.  Truth checked on Little Jimmy as Superstars had a commercial break.

Slater had the upperhand later on.  He held Truth in the ring with a submission hold, but Truth managed to power out.  Slater hit him with a jumping neckbreaker for the nearfall.  Truth started to make a comeback and hit several of his trademark moves.  He ended things by hitting the Little Jimmy on Slater for the pinfall.

They closed out WWE Superstars with highlights from Raw's Brock Lesnar and John Cena segment.  Lesnar interrupted Cena's calling out of The Rock, then hit Cena with the F5.

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