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Smackdown Results 04/10/12

Smackdown Results from Hampton, VA:

Tonight's episode was Super Smackdown Live "Blast from the Past" featuring Dust Rhodes, Tony Atlas, Hillbilly Jim, Roddy Piper, Mick Foley, Mean Gene, Million Dollar Man, and more.

Lilian Garcia introduced Mean Gene Okerlund who was in the ring.  He introduced his  guest to start off the show, World Heayweight Champion Sheamus.  Sheamus said as a champion he has to conduct himself in a certain manner.  He said he wanted to publicly apologize to the referee, all of the other officials, and everyone around the world.

Sheamus kept talking, but was interrupted when John Laurinaitis' theme music hit and he came down to the ring.  He had footage shown of what happened on last week's Smackdown in his match against Del Rio.  Laurinaitis asked Sheamus to publicly apologize to everyone all over again, saying he didn't hear it.  Sheamus obliged, but was unhappy doing it for JL.

Laurinaitis told Sheamus as of right now he's on permanent probation, and if he touches a referee by accident or otherwise he's fired and will be fined $500,000, the largest fine ever in the history of WWE.  Laurinaitis then told Sheamus he's in a match tonight.  It'll be Del Rio and Daniel Bryan against Sheamus, and Mean Gene Okerlund.

They showed the locker room for Randy Orton backstage.  Cowboy Bob Orton went in and gave support to his son, telling him to be careful out there against Mark Henry.  They hugged and Orton left for his match.

Randy Orton and Mark Henry fought to a no contest.  Late in the match, Henry went for World's Strongest Slam, but Orton slid off.  He went for RKO, but Henry shoved him out through the ropes.  Out on the floor, Orton gained the upperhand against Henry, shoving him twice into the ring post and slamming him down.

Orton slipped back into the ring as the ref checked on Henry.  Pyro exploded from the ringposts scaring Orton a bit.  Kane came on the Titantron saying he regained his composure after defeating Orton at Mania.  He said he learned Orton is just as savage as he is though.  Kane then said he's having fun with this, getting the whole family involved.  Kane crouched down and knelt on the floor next to Bob Orton who was layed out.  Orton took off up the ramp and backstage.

Orton looked around backstage and finally found the room where his dad was layed out.  He went to check on him, but got attacked by Kane with a pipe.  Kane left him layed out next to Bob Orton and said "I'm a sucker for family reunions."

Ryback defeated Benny Camer in a very quick squash match.  He started with a huge clothesline and then a Samoan backwards slam for the pin.  Backstage, Tony Atlas, Million Dollar Man, Pat Patterson and another WWE star were watching the match on a monitor and got a chuckle out of it.

Heath Slater was backstage talking to Tyson Kidd in the locker room about their match against The Uso's.  Slater said since Gabriel's hurt, this is their chance to win and open up doors in the tag division.  He said he even got them a hall of fame manager.  In came Jimmy Mouth of the South Hart.  Hart started to give a pep talk with his megaphone and told them to start out towards the ring.  Slater left with Hart, and Kidd stayed behind shaking his head.

The Usos defeated Heath Slater and Tyson Kidd by pinfall.  Late in the match, Jimmy Hart kept annoying Mick Foley who was on commentary.  Hart kept yelling through his megaphone at Foley on commentary.  Finally, Foley had enough and got up, pulling Mr Socko out.  Hart ran through the ring and to the ramp.  The distraction cost Slater, who got hit by a Samoan Slam and then Samoan Splash for the pin.  Post-match, Foley caught Hart in the ring and used Mr. Socko on him to put him down.

Rowdy Roddy Piper came to the ring to host "Piper's Pit" with special guest Daniel Bryan.  Piper talked about Bryan losing in 18 seconds at Mania and blaming his girlfriend for it.  He rolled footage of Bryan dumping AJ in the ring on last week's Smackdown.  When Bryan got to the ring a bunch of "YES" chants started up with some of the crowd booing and saying "NO."  Bryan told Piper that he was granted a rematch for the World Championship by John Laurinaitis.

Bryan announced that he will get a "2 Out of 3 Falls" match against Sheamus at Extreme Rules for his rematch.  Bryan noted that AJ will be nowhere to be found so she can't mess this up for him.  Piper then introduced AJ who came to the ring.  She tried to patch things up with Bryan, but Piper told her to think this over and be the strong woman she is.  Bryan told her if she really loves him she'd leave the ring now.  Piper argued with her not to do it.  AJ finally left and went backstage.  Piper then launched into a lecture on Bryan for how he treated AJ, and said he can't wait to see Sheamus kick Bryan's head off his shoulders twice at Extreme Rules.  Bryan said he's better than Sheamus and will slap everyone across the face at the PPV.  He slapped Piper in the face, and then ran out of the ring, running up the ramp doing his YES!" routine.

Alicia Fox, Natalya & Great Khali defeated The Bella Twins and Drew McIntyre by pinfall.  Alicia Fox got the win after a suplex on one of the Bellas and a pinfall.  The post-match saw Mae Young arrive out and kick Khali in the knee, causing him to fall to one knee in the ring.  She then kissed him and everyone danced around the celebrate.

They had a segment with Cody Rhodes coming out to talk about Smackdown being a waste of time.  He said he's turning his attention to the future when he will become IC champ again and Big Show won't land a lucky KO punch.  Dusty Rhodes came out to confront Cody about how he came into WWE as a promising star, but now he's poking a grizzly bear.  Rhodes told him they'd go backstage to talk about this, but Big Show arrived out on stage.  Show rolled footage from Cody's "Dashing" days, showing his lip gloss promo.  Show told him that's embarassing, saluted the crowd, and went backstage.  Cody left the ring embarassed, and Dusty did a dance routine to his theme music in the ring.

Sheamus & Mean Gene Okerlund defeated Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio by pinfall.  Towards the end, Bryan and Del Rio cornered Mean Gene in the ring after Sheamus was taken out on the outside.  However, Roddy Piper's music hit and he came out with all of the legends.  They surrounded the ring.  Daniel Bryan started taunting Piper who told him to turn back around.  As Bryan turned around he ate a Brogue Kick from Sheamus, leading to the loss.

Post-match, the legends gave their finishers to Ricardo Rodriguez in the ring.  Michael Cole got in the ring to mock the legends saying it's time to head back to the retirement home.  They started giving him noogies, and Cole eventually got knocked down.  Sheamus then pushed Cole out of the ring to the floor to finish things off.

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