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WWE NXT Results 04/18/12

NXT Results from London, England:

NXT opened with a video package recap of what's been happening with the storylines on the show, narrated by Derrick Bateman.  The storylines involved Maxine and Curtis trying to kidnap Striker, but Striker being kidnapped by Hawkins and Reks instead.  The heel duo told Maxine to get Regal on her good side and off their back, then they'd release Striker.  However, Bateman and Kaitlyn found Striker before that could all happen and saved him, leading Reks and Hawkins to no longer have him in their possession.

Josh Matthews welcomed fans to the show, right before Percy Watson arrived out for the opening bout.  Regal was also on commentary with Matthews.

Percy Watson defeated Johnny Curtis by pinfall.  Curtis was accompanied to the ring by Maxine who went over to take a seat next to Regal for guest commentary.  Maxine blamed Johnny Curtis for the whole Striker kidnapping incident.  Matthews continued to grill Maxine about the whole kidnapping as a match was going on in the ring.

In the match finish, Percy got going hitting several of his big moves including the Showtime Splash for a near fall.  Curtis kicked out of a pinfall.  Watson went for the Percycution but Curtis escaped.  However, Percy shoved him into the corner and grabbed him as he came back to hit Percycution for the win.

Post-match, Regal got on the mic to congratulate Percy, and told Curtis to come back down and provide guest commentary as Maxine wrestled next.

Maxine defeated Kaitlyn by submission.  Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman both joined the commentators for the match.  Matthews started bringing up how Curtis and Bateman both dated Maxine, but Bateman commented on the match to interrupt.  Maxine slapped on a Dragon Sleeper with body scissors, drawing praise from Regal.  Maxine eventually fell to her knees and had to tap out against Maxine's arm.

Post-match, Regal shook Curtis' hand and kept him there.  He called Maxine over to address the Striker kidnapping incident.  Regal said from now on if they wish to stay on NXT, Maxine will need to become manager of Johnny Curtis.  Regal pulled out a contract and asked them to both sign on the deal.  Regal said they didn't have to sign it, but they don't have to work there either.  After both of them signed it, Regal pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Maxine to Curtis.  Regal said he doesn't know what happened to the key.  Maxine and Curtis were irate over it.

They covered highlights of the Jericho and Punk feud involving alcoholism and Jericho's constant taunting of Punk.  This all has resulted in the two having a match set for Extreme Rules 2012 Pay-Per-View.  The PPV will be at Chicago and the match will be a Chicago Street Fight.

Reks was backstage arguing with Hawkins saying there's film showing that they kidnapped Striker.  Just then, Maxine and Curtis came out yelling as they were cuffed together.  They started yelling at Hawkins and Reks.  Percy Watson, Bateman and Kaitlyn each came walking by and made their own attempts at jokes, then left.  Maxine and Curtis left, so Reks and Hawkins said "we're done."

Reks and Hawkins came to the ring after a break, dressed in Hart foundation gear.  They addressed the Striker kidnapping saying the footage of them taking him was doctored by Regal and others.

Just then, Matt Striker appeared from backstage carrying Curt's walking stick.  STriker started saying he's learned to never back down in his time with WWE.  Striker said WWE has fed him, clothed him and allowed him to take care of his family.  Striker said a month ago, someone took that away from him.  Striker said he was blindfolded and hit, almost like he was hit by a walking stick, which Curt left behind.

Hawkins taunted Striker, so he started swinging the stick at them.  Regal intervened saying he's had enough of Reks and Hawkins.  Regal said it's time to put an end to this thing, so it will be Curt Hawkins vs. Tyler Reks with the loser getting fired.  Regal said they need a referee, and Striker pulled off his jacket to show he already had the ref shirt on.

Tyler Reks defeated Curt Hawkins by pinfall in a "Loser is Fired" Match. The two friends pulled no punches as they went at each other.  Hawkins took a swing at Reks before the bell, right before NXT went to a quick commercial break to promote WM29.  At one point during the match, Reks jumped over the top rope and took out Hawkins on the floor.  Reks hit a huge series of clotheslines late, and then a face front slam to the mat for a near fall.

Reks charged at Hawkins in the corner but ate a boot, allowing Hawkins a near fall chance.  The close saw Reks kick Hawkins in the gut, and get him on one shoulder.  Hawkins escaped and went for a move of his own with Reks escaping that and rolling up Hawkins for the pinfall.

Post-match, Reks left the ring and walked over to point at Regal.  Hawkins started to shove Striker in the ring, so Striker punched him down and yelled "You're Fired!" then lead the crowd in the "Goodbye" song.

Regal got on the mic saying Curt Hawkins is now fired so he needs to leave.  He shook Reks' hand and said he changed his mind, because Reks is now fired as well.  Reks started pounding on the steel steps and other objects yelling at the refs who came to bring him backstage.  Regal put his arm on Striker and Reks and Hawkins contemplated their job loss.  NXT ended with Striker and Regal all smiles.

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